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21 May 2017 23:14
Current It's been AGES since I've put out an interest check for something. I remember why I don't do that stuff anymore. I hate my writing...
21 May 2017 6:20
Abzug is a really pretty game.... I wanna swim in the ocean too
17 May 2017 17:25
Home made cookies are the best! ❤️❤️❤️
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16 May 2017 3:49
Dude, do they still sell rice crispy treats... that was the shit....
14 May 2017 23:35
@Buddha is a nerd
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I am trash

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@Jerkchicken@CollectorOfMyst@ZeroCuero Should I make the topic now?
@Jerkchicken Yes! I will add more too from other games. Or just find classes in general
@Jerkchicken you make a character like you normally do. Give them a profile and a backstory (and a class!). You will roleplay like you normally do, but your choices will determine what happens next.

Don't worry you'll see what I mean when we start
@Jerkchicken Well, it's a tabletop rp. You make a character and follow the story I lay out for you. The rp will end after the very bottom of the labyrinth has been reached. You and your band of warriors (all of you) will explore and discover everything about the labyrinth. Make sure not to die! :) if you are still wanting more info on this roleplay, you can look up what Etrian Odyssey 3 is about.
@CollectorOfMyst Great! I want to try and wait for one more person
@ZeroCuero Well that's great! Let's wait for a few more people, maybe one or two Marie before we start! K?
WANTED: Warriors are needed to explore the labyrinth in the center of town. Fame and fortune await for discovering and recording anything and everything you find in this hellish maze. Apply at the Warriors guild.

Welcome to Silvercove; a small, but busy town located on an island in the middle of the sea. The citizens are nice, and the view of the ocean if even nicer. But if it weren't for the giant tree full of monsters and mysterious secrets, no one would even dream of coming here!

Warriors from around the world risk their lives for fame and glory. But many have failed to get passed the first level of the maze. Monsters litter the ancient tree, killing anything that goes near their home. The deeper inside the labyrinth you go, the more dangerous it becomes.

Inside the labyrinth is supposed to be a lost city from thousands of years ago. People would kill to discover this ancient city. Legends tell of an ancient beast that lurks at the bottom of the labyrinth. If the beast rises up to the surface, a curse will be unleashed and all will be destroyed. But those are just rumors, right? Even if they are, the town is on edge.

Even after everything I told you, are you still up to the task, brave warrior? Will you discover the hidden secrets of Silvercove?

This is a tabletop RP similar to Etrian Odyssey 3 (an old video game for the DS). I will be the GM of course. A maximum of no more than 3 or 4 people to this RP. If only a couple are willing, I might have to play someone myself. No dice is required. Just people who are willing to dungeon crawl through a oceanic labyrinth and discover ancient secrets.
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