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One of the slicks was trembling in his shoes. He didn’t sign up for this! These people were crazy! He gave his pole to his boyfriend, kissed him on the cheek and ran as fast as he could away from the mountain.

As he was running he almost slammed head first into the Turbos. He apologized perfusly.

“Oh my god what are you doing!? Get out of here as soon as you can! These guys are crazy! Oh, I hope Jeremy is ok...” He continued running down the mountain.
The sound became louder and louder as the Salt Bay Turbos grew closer and closer to the Slicks. All of them were yelling and screaming. They were banging pots and pans, metal poles, and clashing rocks together. They were furious, and hungry for revenge. They wanted to take back what was rightfully theirs.
The slicks were climbing up the mountain chanting about the upcoming war. All of them were in a line, carrying cigarette lighters. Their faces were covered in red and white face paint. Some were carrying metal poles. The Slicks seemed very aggravated.

Xavier was at the head of the line. He climbed on top of Ghost Rock. Xavier screamed out ”Defeat the Turbos!” The rest joined in. The mountain boomed with the words, “Defeat the Turbos!”
The junkyard was full that night. Members were banging pots and pans and old scraps of metal to make noise. A fire was burning in the center of the lot. The members’ faces were painted with red and white. The leader of the Slicks stood in front of the fire. The crowd went silent.

”Thank you all for coming. As you all know, my name is Xavier. I shall be hosting tonight’s meeting. Becuase tonight is no ordinary night for us. For we have a new member! And an important announcement towards the end!” Everyone yelled and cheered. A new member was very rare for the Slicks to gain a new member. Since the town had completely erased them from their memory, the Slicks had almost vanished.

”Antonio, please step forward! Your first step in initiation begins now!” Xavier shouted. Antonio walked to the center of the crowd. He was wearing nothing but his black pants and socks. His shirt was draped around his neck. He gave a small wave, knowing full well what was about to happen.

Two larger members knocked Antonio down on his hands and knees. One kept his arms tied behind his back while the other picked up a hot piece of coal and traced an ‘S’ on Antonio’s back. He screamed in pain. The crowd roared. The was taken away by the two as poor Antonio passed out.

Xavier walked back into the center.

”This is our time! Our greatest enemies are now weakened! The Turbos are falling apart! If we atack them now, they will be done for! We will finally take back what is ours! Our right! We shall ambush them at their weakest! THIS IS WAR!” the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs. They were ready to take down the Salt Bay Turbos.

Ralphie and Spoon looked at eachother. They knew they had to warn Rolo and Corrine about this.
Klaus sat in his hotel room. It was the most expensive and the highest room there was in the city. A rich kid had to travel and stay in style. The suite was covered in paintings of the beach and lighthouses. Some had descriptions of the artist underneath the frame while others had a piece of history of Sea Salt Bay on the side.

Klaus liked staying in America. Life was much more different and interesting than boring old Germany. Not only that, but his beloved Corrine lived here! More like cousin Corrine. The two were betrothed at birth. There were no other suitors fit for Corrine and her family's status other than her younger cousin, Klaus. Although they were related by blood, they were the only two suitable for marriage.

The two got along rather well when they were younger. Always playing with each others toys, sharing candy, causing mischief and much more. The two were practically best friends. It was a good sign since they were to be married when they were both 18. As the years went on, Klaus grew more and more in love with Corrine while she became more distant towards him.

Of course Corrine still loved her cousin and always will, but she didn't quite love him the way he loved her. It broke Klaus' heart, so he decided to be more lovable, more forceful with Corrine. That just made her grow more distant. The more distant she became, the more forceful he would be. He only now just realized it didn't work.

She didn't know, but Klaus had fallen inlove with another. He didn't have the heart to tell her that the engagement was off. She would have been over joyed to know that they weren't getting married. But she would have to face her father's wrath. He was more than determined to bring the two together. The longer Klaus waited to tell her the angrier her father would be.

He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. But he knew he had to tell her that another man was waiting for him at home. For now, Klaus would have to make it up to Corrine.
"Rolo, I always believe on you! Just keep trying your best! You can get through this!" Corrine smiled. She kissed Rolo on the cheek before heading off to her next class. She had a slight skip in her step. Her cheeks were rosy and her heart was pounding. She couldn't help but smile all the way until the end of the day.

Corrine sighed as she remembered what day it was. She was sitting on her bed in her princess style room, next to the person she disliked almost more than Charles himself. It was Klaus. Becuase he was staying in vacation for a few months, he decided to smother poor Corrine in affection. She hated how clingy Klaus was and how he loved to talk about their future. But she didn't dare tell him about her and Rolo. That would be scandalous.

The couple sat in Mawi's garden, as the bugs and birds chirped their little hearts out. The garden was full of exotic plants front where Corrines mother was born. Some poisonous if eaten and some rather gross looking. But her mother loved every creature, no matter how gross or disgusting. Everything had a beating heart.

Klaus took a small sip of his tea. "Corrine, my dear, why don't we go on a date soon? Let me take you somewhere nice instead of this stuffy mansion, hm? I'm sure you'd like to have a bit of fun!" he offered.

"A date, hm? Where would you take me?" Corrine cocked her head and asked.

"I don't know this town very well still, but how about I take you dancing? Or maybe go to a nice restaurant? Oh! How about the beach?" he suggested.

"N-no thank you... I-I don't like any of those..." said Corrine, slumping in her iron garden chair.

"You're such a timid girl~! I'm sure you'll have a great time! There must be something you want to do!" Klaus finished his tea and set his cup aside.

Corrine sighed. "I mean, I don't think there's anything we could do. This town doesn't have too much to do besides go to the beach. There has to be something. Father will get mad at me if we aren't spending time together." Corrine pouted. Her mind was too busy thinking about breaking the Turbos free than going on dates. Her eyes began to grow heavy. It was getting late.

"Tired, darling? Let me take you to your room." Klaus graciously offered to carry Corrine to her room. She reluctantly said yes, and had him literally carry her to her room like a princess. She did not mind being carried. She just didn't like the one carrying her.

He placed her gently on her bed and smiled. "Guten Nacht, Leibling." Klaus kissed Corrine on the cheek and before he knew it, she was fast asleep.

He gave her a worried look. "Oh, how am I going to tell you...?"
Corrine hugged Rolo again. It broke her heart to see him so stressed. There had to be some way to beat Charles at his own game. Taking control of a group of people and threatening them was beyond infuriating. Corrine could feel her blood boil. If steam could come out of her nose it would. While Rolo was crying, Corrine was steaming.
"The slicks... they hang out in the junkyard, yeah? So they were part of the sharks too? Why did they split up? Why can't everyone just get along?!" Corrine pleaded. It wasn't fair that only a few were allowed to be one or the other. Everyone was equal right?

"You said there were two main groups right? Who else was there?! Maybe we can get them to help you!" She thought out loud. Oh, how she wanted to save her Rolo. How she wanted him and his friends to get along and finally be free from Charles.

"There's gotta be something..."
Corrine sprang up out of Rolo's arms. "I wanna be a rebel shark too! I wanna beat that nasty Charles!" Corrine gasped and squished her cheeks.

"We should bring them back! Under a different name! This could be a way to save you! If we get a group of people to make Charles scared, he'll have to let you guys go! But we need a tough name... oh! And maybe something to identify them too!" Corrines head was buzzing with ideas. She may have just found a way to save her Rolo! And his friends!
"Rebel... sharks?" She began to imagine a gang similar to The Dragons, Antonio's old gang. She shuddered. The dragons were such a scary gang. Hopefully, these guys weren't, Corrine thought.

"What did they do? Were they big and scary?!" Corrine gripped onto Rolo's arm.
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