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Are there any D&D campaigns that are open for total newbies? I wanna earn, but none of my real life friends have room for me.
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Wow it’s been awhile since I was on here. Not awhile awhile but awhile.
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Hello! My name is Rhythmloid but you can just call me Rhythm! I'll make this short and sweet. I love to play video games (who doesn't?), draw, watch cartoons and the occasional anime, and play music! My favorite colors are purple, blue, and green. My favorite foods are pizza, burgers, and sweets. junky I know If you want to get to know me better, PM me! I don't bite! Or follow me here:

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The year is 2078. Robots walk along side people in harmony. Both work together, play together, and live lives together. (Maybe not so much eat together...) Life is pretty ok. Yet with all these technological advancements, people and robots still can’t understand their emotions like love and happiness. Humans are still humans and robots are still robots.

One robot, designed to protect civilians and work along side the police, has fallen in love with a human(a bit on the older side), who works as an engineer for prosthetics. Though their love isn’t forbidden, it’s very uncommon for humans and robots to be in a relationship. Love blossoms between the two as their quirky awkwardness leads to a cute relationship.

Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far. I am not the best at descriptions (or titles) but I hope it does a justice. I haven’t really been using the roleplay guild in awhile and I miss it. So what better way to do that to make a fluffy romantic roleplay?

I need someone to play the robot in this roleplay. Male, Female, Nonbinary, doesn’t really matter. Just gotta be a good futuristic robot. Again, thank you for reading this far! You are free to ask questions!
The year is 4582. Humans are sparse and robots have taken over. War after war after war has left earth in shambles. Only certain parts of the world are habitable due to radiation or the harsh treatment over the different dominant species that inhabits the earth.

Out of all the horrible things that have happened over the centuries, humanity has still managed to survive in secluded areas of the world. Large cities have been built from the rubble of the previous societies homes. They have developed their own society with their own rules, keeping all sentient robots and androids out and human in. Of course, devices such as toasters and holographs are allowed. Any robotic being will be terminated on site to preserve humanity’s fragile state.

Meanwhile, robots have taken over. 75% of the world's population is full of sentient robots, which isn’t saying much. Only about 100,000 sentient beings remain in the world. A silent war still rages earth as the two species fight over dominance. Robots have their own cities and towns. Mostly run down factories and power plants keep the robots running. They live off of energy the power plant provides and have taught themselves how to rebuild their broken parts. They even have more advanced technology then the humans do. These advancements threaten humanity.

While the silent war rages on, two adventures meet by chance and form an alliance, vowing to restore the balance between humans and robots and discovering the secrets as to what truly happened during the war between robots and humans, maybe even discovering more about themselves.

(Thank you for reading! I hope you consider!)
Corrine sat in her class, doodling in her notebook and making plans. She read in her little detective book that drawing out your ideas could help. Her child like doodles planned out her own version of an escape plan to save her sweetheart and his friends.

It started off with her sneaking into Charles house and ended with her sneaking her friends out of the house. She still had much to learn about what really went down at the Lancaster mansion, but was trying her best to help out. It was rather adorable to see her doodles and her planning, but without guidance, it was obvious her plan would fail. She could only wait until after school to meet at the beach.
Ralphie and Spoon sighed in relief as the bell rang while Corrine huffed. She didn’t even get to finish her lunch. She would just have to sneak it in class. Sneak it in class? That was something she never did. Or never even thought of. Normally, the other popular kids would eat in class in secret while the teacher sighed and gave them a detention. Though they didn’t seem to care too much. But why on earth would she think of being like them? She said her good byes and went to her next class.

Meanwhile, Ralphie and Spoon awkwardly looked at the Turbos. They knew what they did and the Turbos did too. They brushed them off. Not only did they brush the Turbos off but Ralphie and Spoon lied to them. The meetings have been important lately and they were needed now more than ever to gather as much information as they could in order to take down the Turbos. They were weaker than ever before, and needed to be dealt with.

Spoon stared at Corrine as she walked away. This was going to be harder than she thought. What would Corrine think about the downfall of the Turbos? Spoon hated to break her heart but it had to be done. The Turbos couldn’t stay in Salt Bay High anymore.
Ralphie and Spoon looked at eachother in surprise. They didn’t expect the Turbos to invite them. It would be useful, but they needed to get back to the junkyard for an early meeting. Spoon shook her head. Ralphie thought of a lie as fast as they could.

”S-sorry... we would love to come but.. I uh... have a date with Spoon after school. I’m taking her to the new diner on the boardwalk. Maybe next time?” Ralphie scratched the back of their head.

Corrine huffed and pouted more. As if she wasn’t kept waiting enough already.”Fine. I guess I can wait... I’ll meet you after school. But you better not keep me waiting any longer!”
Corrine was shocked that her whining worked on the two. It wasn’t like her to do that, but now wasnt the time to gloat in her newly found power in her voice.

”It’s fine, but now isnt the time for that! I gotta figure out how to save you guys! But I dont know how... so help me help you! Tell me everything!” Her lips pucker and she crossed her arms. She wasn't going to let a little arguing get in the way of her mission.

Ralphie nudged Spoon, shifting their eyes towards Corrine and the rest of the Turbos. This was something they needed to hear.
Still need one more character sheet... also I’m super sick.... so it may be awhile....
Yeah same, I’ve been getting busy and the one moment I felt that I had free time finals came up and screwed me over. I’m sorry
Sounds good!
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