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Current I just finished writing a love letter to my boyfriend. Hopefully, I get a nice kiss on the cheek for all my hard work!
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Chests are nice. The bigger the better.
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Great now I’m sick... how do I get better faster?
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Im still in my mood and my mood got worse so Im going to be awhile. Dont worry, I know you replied and all, just need a bit is all.
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But where are thise good ol’ fashion values...


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Corrine looked up to hear a familiar voice. It was Switch!

”Switch! I havent seen you in forever! How have you been? You know, since after you know what...” Corrine sighed and began organizing her sheet music.

”Rolo told me everything about Charles. How have you been hanging? Actually, I havent really seen any of the Turbos lately...” It was true. The only person she had seen was Rolo and they would sit together during lunch. She was curious as to what happened to the rest of them.
Season 3

Corrine awoke to the sounds of rain pitter-pattering against her window. She yawned and slipped on her otter slippers, walking to her window and openning her curtains. Her face lit up as the window and ground below were soaked from the rain. Rainy days were Corrine’s favorite. She scrambled to get her uniform and rain coat on. She ran down the stairs and to the dinner table to be greeted with ‘good mornings’ from her brothers and oancakes on the table.

”Well, aren’t you happy today?” Charlie said. ”You must have looked out your window, didn’t you? Well, I’m sure you’ll have fun today. Rain is always good luck.”

”Luck, huh? Don’t you know that luck isn’t real? Its just hydrogen and oxygen mashed together and thrown to the ground.” Oliver commented.

”Oliver can we go one day without you giving anyone a snarky comment!? Its just a nice thing to say!” Charlie scolded Oliver.

”Then how about tell her to have a nice day? Corrine clearly doesn’t need luck anyway. She’s too cute to be unlucky.” Oliver rolled his eyes. Corrine giggled and finished her breakfast. She kissed Oliver, Charlie, and the rest of her brothers at the table, and left for school.

Umbrella in hand, rainboots on her feet, and raincoat around her, Corrine skipped happily to school. She jumped in puddles and picked up snails from their leafy, wet homes. Rainy days were always her favorite. It reminded her of Caramel Cove and how it would rain almost everyday after October. She loved getting wet and playing in the mud. Maybe she could convince Rolo and his friends to play with her after school!

As she finally reached campus, a few girls were giggling and gossiping near the girls bathroom. Corrine snuck over to the bathroom and by the water fountain to eavesdrop. She couldn’t help but drop in on any gossip, no matter how untrue or mean the story was. She took a drink and listened in.

“Did you hear? There’s a foreign exchange student here!” The blonde girl with the rack giggled.

“Really? Who is she?” The brunette asked.

“Apparently, she’s from somewhere in Asia. I don’t remember where, but apparently she’s super rich and super cute~! She may even surpass us in popularity!” A dark haired girl with a scarf said.

“She better not. I’ll make sure of it.” The blonde with the rack said.

Corrine stopped drinking and left to walk to her locker. She pondered the information she hsd heard. A new girl? Maybe she could make friends with her! Rich and cute and not from the area? Sounded like Corrine herself! But from Asia? Not her. She hoped she would have a few classes with her. As she gathered her band music and her books, she shut her locked and bumped into someone, dropping everything.

”Omigosh! I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to bump into you! Are you ok?” Corrine gathered her books and sheet music and looked up.
High above the lighthouse, where the big should have gone, Spoon and Ralphie were having a date. It was more so to calm their nerves after what happened at the mountain pass. They had never seen their leader so fired up. It was truly scary. Not only that but he was sobbing once they were done. He was speaking incoherently so no one understood what he was saying. Something about loosing something or someone.

”Hey spoon, what do you think is going to happen to the slicks? People are talking about leaving. What do you think?” Ralphie asked. Spoon thought for a moment and shrugged. Ralphie sighed.

”If it gets too dangerous, I think I wanna leave. Will you join me?” Ralphie asked. Spoon sighed. As much as she loved the danger and the rush of being in the slicks, she knew she couldn’t leave her Ralphie behind. She nodded and Ralphie kissed her on the cheek.

”Thank you. Now here’s a big question. Are we going to tell the boss what we saw and what we know about the Turbos?” Ralphie asked one more time. Spoon knew that they had to report the information, but she didn’t want to lose her new friends. Spoon remained silent.

”Spoon, please answer.” They begged. Spoon hugged her knees.

”Spoon, answer.” Ralphie’s voice became more stern, But shaky. Spoon still didn’t answer.

”Yukina, please! I can’t make this decision on my own! I dont want to lose Corrine or Rolo but we have a job to do! So do we do it at the cost of them, or not at the cost of our reputation? No, our lives!” Tears streamed down Raphie’s face. Spoon was shocked Ralphie used her real name. He never used her real name. No body did. Not even her parents or teachers. Ralphie must have been extremely torn. Spoon gave Ralphie a hug and made her decision.
Corrine had gone to the bookstore with Oliver to pick out something that she wanted. Every few weeks, Corrine would run out of stuff to read in her personal library, and re reading books wasnt her favorite thing to do. She had her eyes on a certain book since her discussion with Rolo.

The moment the two got home, she dashed to her room and locked the door. She jumped onto her bed, landing on her stomach and turned to the first page. “How to Be a Good Detective! For adolescents!” If Corrine was going to save her boyfriend and his friends, she needed to know how! What better way to learn how to look for clues than from a book?

As she read more and more of the book, she began writing notes in her notebook. Not only could she use this for saving her friends, she could use this for anything! Corrine felt more independent the more she read on. She could do more for herself now. Something she wasnt really allowed to do growing up. Such a small thing made Corrine so happy and powerful.

Once she was done reading, she hugged to book tightly. She kissed it and placed it on her shelf. A few moments later, Charlie had called Corrine down to eat. She happily ran down the grand stairs to the dining hall to tell her brothers what she had learned.
“I never went up stairs either...” Charlie gulped, looking at the stirs leading up to the dark hallway. Charlie didnt want to imagine what horrors would lie upstairs. The woman could easily be hiding something gruesome that would probide evidence as to why she murdered her husband.

She grabbed Julian’s hand and walked towards the stair case. Charlie took a deep breath and went up the stairs. Each step made poor Charlie’s heart pound more. Finally, she had made it to the top. There were three more rooms upstairs. The door looked damaged on one side while the other two rooms were perfectly clean, like they were just made.
Charlie chuckled nervously and went jnside the house with Julian. A majority of the place was outlined or covered in police tape. Some was covered in a plastic wrap. The doors to the rest of the rooms were locked. The police must have been investigating inside.

Charlie looked around and took a left into the kitchen. Markers marking blood and cake were all over the table.

“Julian, you remembered what happened right? Do you remember seeing what she looked like?” Before Julian could answer, the police brought out a stretcher with a not so human lump underneath. It must have been her husband. Charlie turned away in disgust.

“L-like I was saying...” she gagged.
“I... guess we ask around. Um...” Charlie tapped on the shoulder of the cop, nervously. He turned around and she nearly jumped. She had a secret fear of cops. It wasnt very rational but she certainly had one. She ran behind Julian and tugged on his shirt.

“H-H-How about you talk to him? Youre words... you uh, you can speak better to them.” She said. Her voice was shakey.
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The black queen stared at her work. She marveled at the robot-shaped pawn in her laboratory. All those hard work days had finally paid off. The black kingdom could have an immortal army!

”My lady, are you ready? The ceremony is about to begin.” Ah, right, the ceremony. Every year there was a party for the black kingdom and its scientists. They would all show off their creations. Whom ever had the most liked or useful would win money and fame. The queen herself decided to join this year. If her robots were perfect, their army would be indestructible! Her round ears twitched with excitement! She was sure to win.

Just as long as there were no party crashers from the white kingdom, she would be good. There were always a few who cam eto destroy the scientific progress of the black kingdom. It truly disgusted Katrielle.
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Two households; both alike in dignity. Both powerful, regal, and refined. But both hate eachother terribly. They bicker and fight at any chance they get. But once you get passed all of the argueing, violence, and hatred, Love is blossoming. Two people from opposite kingdoms have fallen in love with one another. They keep it a secret to hide their romance, but if anyone finds out it could be catastrophic. What will happen?
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Heres the roleplay @LordofthePies
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