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If this is still open, I'll think I'll throw my interest in.
I have a character pre-made from an older RWBY roleplay that didn't quite take off, so I hope it's alright if I just edit her into your character sheet.
I want to apologize for my lack of posting. Caught the flu a couple days of ago, and I've been really sick since. I'm working on a post now, so I should have that up sometime tonight. Still really looking forward to seeing how things move along with this plot.

@Impy: Take care!
Sorry for the delay. Caught the flu a few days ago, and I've been bed ridden since then. I am working on my post though, so I should have that up sometime tonight!
Exactly! For risks, down the line I can imagine her father would become an issue. With her current attitude, her sudden interest in returning to the church would probably cause some suspicious from his end. 'Course that can all happen once we're further into the plot.
That all sounds good to me. If you're not satisfied with the meeting place being under the Water of Life, maybe once Sydney has grown comfortable with everyone else she could offer her fathers Church as a place of meeting? Since its only full/busy during service, which is usually during the mornings or early afternoons, they'd be able to talk in peace there.
Well, a role call never hurts, and it's nice to see this is still active.
Especially since the site's been offline for a few days, so it was bound to kill a few roleplays.

Darcs said
Ayyyyy Rinnee, just saw your characters. I see what you did there brah.

Hehe. c:
I was actually really hoping someone would catch that.~

10+ points for you, Darcs.
Still here as well! I went to make my post a few days ago but at the time I didn't check to see if the guild was down or not.
To sum it all up, I lost my post but I'll have something up soon. ; - ;
Kalani is posted! I hope she meets up to expectations. ; - ;
If there are any problems or anything you'd like me to fix -- or if you'd like me to just dump her in general -- just let me know!
Sorry to see you go, good luck with things, Obito!

Also, just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about my delay, and I'm still really interested in this plot. I'm just about finished with my post, so I should have that up within the next hour or so.
Fox said
That's fair. But she used firebending a good deal more than waterbending because it came more naturally to her. For the most part, waterbending characters were more reserved.

I see what you mean. Tonraq, and Unalaq were very level headed, along with Pakku and Hama. But I think a squad of feisty waterbenders sounds nice. c:

I'm just about finished with Kalani, by the way. I'll also be changing her from a Southerner to a Northerner as to add some 'diversity'.

EDIT: Also Corsair, I have a few questions that will probably help me with finishing my history section. What are the current states of the Nations? Are the Chieftains of the WaterTribes still in power, or being used as figure heads, or thrown out completely? I was also wondering just how tyrannical, and dangerous Future Industries really is? Do they have direct control over Police, and the media? Are they sending people away to camps if they don't cooperate much like Kuvira did? Are people safe to protest, or even allowed have their own opinions before FI steps in?
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