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I see this already has high interest, but if there's room when the time comes I'd love to be apart of this plot. The idea seems fantastic!
Woo! Supply run! I think I'll finally drop Salem and Taula into the story. Working on a post now, so I should hopefully have that up by tonight. Sorry to hear about Panda though, sending good thoughts and vibes her way. Hope she gets better soon. :(
I was out of town for a week and a half due to family business/issues, I meant to post here but I'm guessing it didn't go through. :/ Working on a post now, which I should have up by tonight.
Still here, too. I'll be replying soon as well!
Still seeking others! We're not too far along, so it'd be super easy for anyone to jump in. c:
I could give the interest check another bump? Try to get some activity going. o: EDIT: Bumped.
I finally went to the doctor Friday, so I was able to get some medicine this weekend. I am _so_ sorry it's taken me this long, this is probably the sickest I've been in a long time. I do hope my delay hasn't spoiled this for anyone. ; - ;
In all her years, Sydney couldn't place another time she had ever been so indecisive. Unsuccessfully attempting to build up her confidence and walk into the Water of Life bar, she had been sitting in her car for the past hour watching everyone go in an out the small building from across the street. This was where she was supposed to meet Emelina, and soon the other Emergents of Haye. It was comforting to think that there were others in town like her, but that still didn't shake the idea that this could all be a trap. Emelina was ultimately a stranger, a girl she had never met or spoken to before. She could be anyone really, and putting this amount of trust into stranger just didn't sit well with Sydney. Of course, she didn't think the government would send a _spy_ to work at a bookstore, but it didn't hurt to be cautious. However since returning to Haye that's all she had been doing. Staying cautious around her family. Cautious around her friends, and everyone from church or town. She had successfully hidden her deformities away from her community, only to have that sense of safety crushed by a person she had never met. It was terrifying, and unsettling, and if she recalled right she just about had a panic attack in the middle of the store when she had been outed. Secrets make you sick, as her mother had always said, but nothing had ever made her more nauseous and scared then that day. Before anything escalated past hyperventilating, Emelina had explained that she too was an Emergent, and that she was searching for others in town who were facing through the same changes. Calming her down at the time, this unfortunately lead to the anxiety Sydney was struggling with now. Turning her gaze from the bar to the sidewalk beside her, the red head cringed as she awkwardly made eye contact with a random person. '_I probably look like a creep sitting here.._' Shrinking into her seat at the thought, the large frown on her lips soon shifted into pout. It was time to get out of the car, and face Emelina and the other Emergents--that or get arrested. Nothing would reassure her anxiety more then the truth, so with a small sigh the red head kicked open the car door and scurried across the street to the bar door. Truthfully all she wanted to do was go back home and return to her room, but even she understood her isolation was getting out of control. "Come on Syd, you got this." She said to herself. In such dangerous times there was safety in numbers, not to mention she hadn't spoken to another person--besides her parents--in weeks. This was a good thing, Sydney reminded herself. She _needed_ this. So with a deep breath in to settle her nerves, she finally stepped through the door. The calming silence of the bar forced Sydney to fidget in her spot as she stood before the door. Hazel eyes flickered from person to person, desperately seeking out Emelina until she found her sitting at a table with a man. Swallowing nervously, and forcing herself to walk towards the two, Sydney hesitantly raised a gloved hand and waved. "S-sorry I'm late."
I really was planning on joining but after losing my post, getting sick, the site going out, and the roleplay already being 50 posts in I'm not sure I can throw Salem and T in. The Hospital lights turning on and then off was a good time to introduce them but now that a day or so has passed roleplay-wise, I'm not sure if I can throw them in without it sounding awkward. Maybe, if you'll all still have me, I can throw Salem and T into the fray during the next climatic moment or opening? If not then I completely understand! I should have wrote my post a long time, so I have no one to blame but myself.
**Name**: Sydney ’Syd’ Marshall **Age**: 21 **Gender**: Female **Physical Description**: Standing at an average 5 foot 5 inches, Sydney is a small framed and mousy looking girl. Over the past few months she’s lost a severe amount of weight, dropping over thirty pounds and weighing in at an unhealthy 108. Anoretic and gaunt, Sydney is exceedingly tiny in person. Covered in freckles with a natural blush, her cheekbones are soft and round while her chin is sharp and angular. Born with natural wavy ginger hair she’s recently cut it short into an a-line. Short and wild in the back, the sides of her hair reach just past her chin while her bangs lay straight above her eyebrows. Lack of sleep has left concerning dark circles beneath her wide eyes. Born with green eyes, flecks and splotches of gold have begun to appear around the rim of her pupil and outer edges of her eyes since the Equinox, giving them an almost hazel like appearance. Sydney's skin is a ghostly porcelain color while her face is smooth and unblemished. However, hidden beneath the many layers of her clothes her arms and hands are littered with scars and scabs. Mostly due to her picking, she keeps her arms and hands covered at all times, often by wearing overlarge sweatshirts, gloves, and form-fitting clothes. **Mundane Skills**: - Studying Art History, along with Painting and Ceramics for four years in college, Sydney has always had a natural talent in art. Drawing, and sculpting was one of her favorite past times, but since her physical changes she can no longer indulge in these hobbies. So she doesn't consider this much of a skill any longer. Much like her interests in art, Sydney also had a passion for music. Learning how to play the piano at a young age, the growth and sensitivity of her nails have caused her to toss this hobby as well, seeing as she can no longer play without experiencing pain. - Volunteering many hours with her family at the soup kitchens in town, as well as helping her mother with dinner most nights, Sydney can comfortably say she's a good cook. While it's not much of a passion, it's a hobby that helps her clear her mind and calm her down. Certain foods, and spices can be too powerful for her senses at times, and thus makes cooking more of a struggle then it should be. - Constantly on the move, be it for errands, or just on a typical night drive, it's almost impossible for Sydney to get lost. Great with directions thanks to a photographic memory, she know's the streets inside and outside of town like the back of her hand. **Supernatural**: After the Equinox, Syd began to notice subtle changes in herself. Day by day her senses grew stronger, her hearing became sensitive, her sense of smell became overpowering, and her eyesight was overall inhuman. The lightest whispers could not escape her hearing range while shrill noises, and crowded places became to overwhelming for her to stand. Her sense of smell became sharp causing certain foods and scents such as onions, perfume, or smog to be to harsh for her nose. Despite these changes her eyes and sight experienced major alterations above all. Her eyes have lost their spherical shape and become flat and large, increasing her field of vision exponentially through means of binocular vision. The lens has pushed forward and can be altered with an easy flex of her newly developed muscles allowing her to control the intake of light received by her retina, while a second set of muscles allow her to control the size of her cornea granting her the ability to concentrate and discern objects or movement from afar. Daylight and other sources of bright light can be too sensitive for Sydney, giving her headaches and more then often throwing her into a bad mood. At night however her eyes are at their strongest. Containing a reflective layer on her retina that gives her eyes an eerie golden glow at night, this increases the amount of light her eyes receive in the dark giving her better vision, or in other words, night vision. Sydney showed no physical sign of abilities up until the Solstice. Over the course of two weeks she began to notice changes in her finger nails. Her cuticles began to grow excessively over her nails, hardening them and grow long and thick. They've discolored over time, turning a dull black despite all the product and care she's poured over her hands. The tips of her fingers are sensitive and are very subtly growing which causes Sydney an awful lot of pain when cutting, or filing her nails. Growing faster over time, her nails have began to merge with the skin along her fingers, giving them an almost claw-like appearance when unkept. In recent months, thick black quills have begun to painfully grow out of the skin on her arms, chest, neck, and hands. When plucked, they appear to be bird feathers. **Character History**: Life for Sydney Marshall was made up by expectations, rules, and religion. She was to act proper and modest in front of others, and to do no wrong under the eyes of 'God'. Her parents views and own opinions drove her goals and decisions, and ultimately she was not allowed to grow as person on her own. Her adolescent years was made up of studying. School, and church consumed her life and it wasn't until her teenage years that she was finally able to find some freedom through work. Attaining a job at a popular Diner in town, Sydney had not only found a place outside of her parents reach, but she was finally able to socialize with others in her town outside of church, as well as earning her own income all on her own. As graduation came around and her solid grades provided her a full scholarship for any field she was interested in, her parents pushed her towards Medical school while her own interest had lead her to pick Art behind her parents back. Despite giving her a lecture and refusing to help her through any means with arts school, her parents remained cordial for the remained of the year until graduation. Moving out of her parents house and finally heading off to College, life was beginning to move in the direction Sydney had always dreamed of. Her parents may not have approved much, but this wasn't their choice, or their life--It was hers. Staying on campus and living in the dorms she quickly fell in love with her new lifestyle, and town. Overprotected all her life, she began to learn and experiencing new things from her own experiences, and through people her parents would have never permitted her to hang out with. Her maturity grew, along with her acceptance and understanding with others, and this was no different after the Equinox. Much like the other students at her University she protested for the rights, and acceptance of emergents despite her parents, and most of the school faculty opposing views against these unfortunate beings. But after the renewal of National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 and Winter Solstice, her life quickly spiraled out of control. Her body began to experience changes, transforming before her very eyes day by day. Avoiding class, and interacting with anyone outside of her dorm room, Sydney began to experience manic episodes of depression, compulsive picking, and self-hatred. Her mental, and physical health plunged, and by the time she received her expulsion letter, she had become a shell of the person she used to be. Kicked out of college with a debt larger then any paycheck she had ever received, she soon returned home to Pennsylvania to live with her parents. **Psychological Profile**: There was once a time Sydney had been an active, and healthy member of her community. Kind, and intelligent, she was a friendly girl who couldn't quite get past being simply seen as 'The Pastors Daughter'. Quiet, and passive from the very get go, she carried around a pure and innocent facade under the eyes of her parents and before most of the church. Their strict, and conservative views controlling just about every aspect of her social life, Sydney never truly felt like herself until she started College. Growing into the person she had always dreamed of becoming, she matured with age and became more confident and assertive. Upon the Equinox she harbored no fear, or hatred for Emergents, their abilities, or the magic that was now manifesting in the modern world. She accepted these changes with open arms, unlike her parents, but when her own transformations became more obvious and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 went into action, everything went down hill mentally and physically for her. With the demonization of emergents being spread through the media tensions began to rise within her own group of friends. Views began to change, and soon Sydney found that she could to turn to no one in such a frightening time. Fully aware of what was being done to emergents, paranoia and anxiety began to take its roots in her mind, forcing her to take up gloves and bulky clothing to hide her hands, and arms when outside. Terrified of her parents and their prejudice views of emergents, as well as others in town seeing her in such a state, Sydney now spends hours filing her nails and picking at her skin. Unfortunately, no matter how many times she plucks at her arms, the dark quills continue to sprout by the hour. Because of this her arms are almost always covered in scabs, welts, and scars from her picking. Unsure of how to take all of these changes herself Sydney has become anxious, and drawn from others. With no one to reach out to she's become untrusting and reclusive, locking herself in her room for hours or driving out to the woods to sit with herself. While she'd never admit it, suicidal thoughts have come to her mind more then once, but she's never had the guts to act on them. In person Sydney is now a quiet, and reserved. Never speaking unless spoken too, she avoids eye contact at all costs and never raises her voice higher then she has too. No longer assertive it's hard for get her to do anything really, but thanks to her parents pity for and lack of understanding her struggle they don't object to her lack of communication, activity, or appetite. Solitude has never appealed to her, but as her 'deformities' become worse and worse by the day, Sydney feels that she has no choice but to isolate herself--be it because of fear of judgement from others, or punishment from the higher authority. **Possessions**: - _2001 Toyota Corolla_: Given to her as a graduation present, the old car has been in her family since she was little. Despite it's age it has a good mileage and gets her from point A to be B with little to no trouble. She spends a considerable amount of time in her car, from driving her mother around town to help with errands, to simply cruising by herself in town or along the backroads near her house. Typically kept clean, Syd's car has been unusually messy for the past few weeks. Spending more time away and hanging out in her car outside of town, trash, clothes, and junk food litter the floor. - Hidden beneath the drivers seat of her car is a four inch spring assisted knife. Always kept folded as to avoid anyone, including herself, from getting she has yet to use the knife for any real means other then playing with it or carving into armrest. - Unable to afford a place by herself Sydney currently lives at home with her parents. With her room cut out two years ago to widen the kitchen, she currently resides in the attic-turned-bedroom. The walls are high and covered in worn floral wallpaper, while the tall ceiling extends to a point. A considerably large but empty room, a futon sits in the furthest right corner of her room while a large computer desk sits opposite of her bed in the corner beside her dresser. A large six foot bookshelf is placed neatly between her bed and the closet, while a second bookshelf stands on the opposite side. Old paintings from college, and high school decorate her walls and cover up the worn areas of her wallpaper. Sculptures and pottery are neatly placed in specific spots with the books along her bookshelf, while candles decorate the top of her dresser and desk. While she may not be all that comfortable being at home, Sydney does find some sanctuary within her own room. **Occupation**: Currently _unemployed_, but before leaving to College she was previously employed at Earl's Diner, a local restaurant located in town. Offered the job upon her return, Sydney's turned down the offer many times, as her parents like to bring it up daily. **Relationships**: - | Wayne Marshall | 56 | Father | Pastor of The Holy Trinity Church | A respected man amongst the community, Wayne Marshall is the definition of right wing conservative. His views are highly skewed as religion often mixes in with most of his life decisions and reasonings. Despite his intentions being good, he comes off aggressive both in a friendly, and intimidating manner. A stern man, with a stubborn outlook on life, he's highly prejudice against emergents and remains undeterred with his opinions. - | Louise 'Henderson' Marshall | 54 | Mother | Head Nurse at Haye General Hospital | Like her husband, Louise Marshall is highly respected and liked within Haye. Strict in her earlier years, time has softened her and made her more understanding. Still holding conservative views she's open to listening, and hearing others out before placing judgement. Despite this she still holds some prejudice against Emergents. Mostly afraid of the changes happening in the world, she's chosen to stay out of any conversations relating to magic, or emergents with her husband.
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