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It's so strange to me, as someone who used to be an active member on this site so many years ago, to see how inactive spam has become. I doubt any of you will know me, but I thought I'd say my piece and then peace out.

I'm staggered by the fact that I can scroll down the first page and find threads which haven't been posted in for months. I remember a time when spam was, at least in my memory, the most active part of this site. Now, this is where the title of this thread becomes relevant. While it may seem weird to me, at the same time it's appropriate. This site, after all, was first and foremost a place for people to come and roleplay. Spam may well have been a hotbed for people shooting the shit, but the guild was never meant to be a predominantly off-topic zone.

Spam was responsible for some of the most memorable moments for me in my life. At the same time, it was also home to incredibly toxic behaviour as well. Ultimately, it's for the best that it has become what it is now: a graveyard.

Hi to both those who remember me, as well as those who likely don't.
i'm sorry that not all content is designed with you in mind.

however, i'm glad you find value in your membership in a community. it's valid and i hope you have fun and continue to have fun for as long as you're here.

I'm surprised by how wholesome that was, assuming you were being sincere.
Hey, I thought you look cute so I want to introduce myself
The following user is advertising the sale of fake university of Queensland diplomas.

In Chinese.

Nevermind, seems like they've already been banned.
The following user appears to be advertising a Korean Gambling Website. I'm as confused as you likely are as to why they'd be advertising in Korean...
Had to look up phylactery as I wasn't sure what it was. Personally, I'd have the phylactery be a specified amount of ink. I'd then have that ink used for a sweet tattoo. Can't misplace it if it's inserted into my skin.

Would you rather set an orphanage on fire or vote for Trump.

Think carefully on this one.
Another one where I wish I knew more. What kind of job do I have? Is the job itself making me unhappy? Is the happiness/unhappiness transient?

I'll have to go with unhappy but gainfully employed. Happiness is easy enough to come by for me. A stable career isn't.

Would you rather be an explorer during the time of space travel, or a colonial explorer of the past?
This is the kind of situation where I'd like to know more about the butt in question. There's a pretty wide selection to choose from. Also matters where on the butt as well.

Still, I'd rather kiss a butt despite knowing nothing about it.

Would you rather watch your parents make love for a year, or participate in said love making once.
Two scenarios are presented. You have to choose one of the two.

Once you have answered, you then present your own two scenarios for the next poster to answer.

Would you rather eat a egg salad sandwich that has been left out in the hot sun for the entire day, or punch a baby in the face.
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