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Current It is with a heavy heart I must confirm I will no longer be posting on here...
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When you find the perfect writing partner... life is goooood!
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Even darkness must pass...
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Missing my writing partner...
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Even if my collar bones crush and crumble, I will never slip or stumble
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Name: Holkulg
Age: 84
Place of Birth: Khod Karkrard
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Orc
Social Class/Community Status: Battle Mage (imprisoned)
Language: Limited English, Orcish
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Parents have disowned him to his magical affliction

Physical Description

Height: 7"5
Weight: 20st
Hair: No hair
Eyes: Glowing blue/green eyes
Limb Dexterity: Carries staff in right hand. Uses staff as bo staff, using both hands for close quarter combat
Detailed Physical Description: Like most of his kind, he looks like a brute, big and strong. Despite is size, he is surprisingly light on his feet. His is one of the best Orcish mages to be trained today
Typical Clothing/Equipment: See appearance, Soulshard Staff


Personality/Attitude: Impatient, frustrated, misunderstood
Skills/Talents: Magic, mostly elemental and combat training with his staff
Likes: Freedom, the breeze on his face, the sun on his skin, the sound of a forge
Dislikes: Walls, cages, small spaces
Goals/Ambitions: Live his life the way he wants, for a change
Strengths: Casting magic, assisting allies
Weaknesses: Doesn't wear armour so his vulnerable to nearly all attacks
Fears: Traps
Hobbies/Interests: Doesn't have many as he has been in prison all of his life, he does like to draw when he's allowed
Philosophy of Life: Live free, if you can
Attitude Toward Death: Sometime, he wishes death to claim him to end his suffering
Beliefs: That he should not be in prison and used as a weapon because he can cast magic
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Daily torture as a child fro being able to control magic
Education/Special Training: Trained as a battle mage
Place/Type of Residence: Mage Prison, Rozrerrag
Occupation: Prisoner, Battle Mage
Memberships: Guardian Corps

Additional Notes
Hey, I'm from the UK too Maybe we should join forces and take over the world do an RP!
Thanks for the ideas but I think we've got it from here!
Hmm... I see you're trying to dictate what character I should be! As much as I'd love being a fairy, I'll take a slightly more masculine role and be a warlock/loremaster Depends on the rules regarding magic...
It's quite late here so maybe everyone else is asleep I'd imagine the group was formed themselves out of necessity
I'm happy with high fantasy too!
I suppose it would be a good idea if you could always expand on your idea a bit more
If you're too nervous to post in public then don't worry about it
Ok. Now it all makes sense. I wondered why you both randomly messaged me.
@RockStar86 You can do any rp you want! ^.^

I thought we could do it together
May be interested but I'll have to check with my wife! @Alluring Dhark
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