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10 days ago
Current When you find the perfect writing partner... life is goooood!
11 days ago
Even darkness must pass...
2 mos ago
Missing my writing partner...
2 mos ago
Even if my collar bones crush and crumble, I will never slip or stumble
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2 mos ago
There are some great people on here!


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Hey, I'm from the UK too Maybe we should join forces and take over the world do an RP!
Thanks for the ideas but I think we've got it from here!
Hmm... I see you're trying to dictate what character I should be! As much as I'd love being a fairy, I'll take a slightly more masculine role and be a warlock/loremaster Depends on the rules regarding magic...
It's quite late here so maybe everyone else is asleep I'd imagine the group was formed themselves out of necessity
I'm happy with high fantasy too!
I suppose it would be a good idea if you could always expand on your idea a bit more
If you're too nervous to post in public then don't worry about it
Ok. Now it all makes sense. I wondered why you both randomly messaged me.
@RockStar86 You can do any rp you want! ^.^

I thought we could do it together
May be interested but I'll have to check with my wife! @Alluring Dhark
I'm interested
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