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So I'm drawing a blank on further plot ideas. I would love to collaborate something together with someone and I'm actually having the itch to write a male character. I've never actually tried Male/Male pairing, though I wouldn't be entirely opposed to it. So either straight or homosexual is cool with me. I like fantasy, science fiction, science fantasy, medieval, and Victorian. Not a fan of modern, slice of life, mundane stuff. I write to escape reality, not live it in another scenario.
Another plot idea. Inquiries may be made via PM. This is not a Furry thing. The character is cursed, but she is not a full animal. I am not looking to make this a Furry thing.

The Tail of the Foxgirl FxF/Fantasy/Medieval

Laurel is the strange girl of her village, ever since she was a small girl. She was more attuned to the woodland creatures than she was to other people. Foxes in particular called to her. While others saw them as savage beasts who killed their rabbits and chickens, Laurel seemed to have an affinity for befriending the beautiful pups.

There was rumor of a witch who lived deep on the other side of the wood who would grant wishes to those who brought her worthy gifts. But to those who tried to win her favor and brought poor gifts, she bestowed terrible curses. Laurel wanted more than anything to join her fellow woodland creatures, to become one of the beautiful foxes, so she gathered all she had in offering to the witch.

The witch laughed in her face at the offering and instead granted Laurel only parts of the fox she wished to be: a bushy tail, long, furry ears, small black claws in place of her nails, and a thirst...a need to hunt.

Laurel fled and no longer accepted in her half beast form by her village, build herself a home in the forest, where she also found herself not quite accepted by her woodland friends. A being of half human work and half creature, she has lived a lonely life, fighting the urge to hunt, the primal instinct gnawing at her being.

One night, a terrible storm rolls in as a traveler (your character) is trying to find shelter and comes upon Laurel's cabin. Begging for shelter, Laurel allows the traveler in, keeping herself in the corner and the dark so the stranger might not see her monstrous appearance. In the light of the day, she disappears before the traveler awakens, but the traveler is curious about the mysterious stranger who saved them from the ravages of the storm.

Hello all!

It has been a minute since I've been on this site. I can't even recall my old screen name or who I wrote with, as that was two children and many moons ago. So here it is, new account, new start, old dog when it comes to role playing!

Just a few fun facts to get us started:
1. I have been doing written role play for nearly 14 years and tabletop for the past 6.
2. I'm 28, soon to be 29, and have a job, a husband, 2 small children, and a house to take care of. My posts will -most likely- be limited to once a day, maybe more when I have the time and am feeling inspired. But once a day is the goal. I ask for a partner who is equally as active.
3. I very much enjoy mature content, but I do have my limits. This will be discussed via private message as per the rules of mature content here on roleplayerguild
4. I enjoy longer, well written posts. I'm not asking for a novel, but mostly (because oops, we all make mistakes!) correct grammar and detail are a must.
5. I enjoy doing FxF or MxF, in which I actually prefer to write the male counterpart.

Alright, that being said, I do have a few plot ideas in mind. In the interest of keeping this thread brief and to the point so as not to bog this post down, these plots will be small summaries that can be discussed at length in private message.

The Princess's Secret FxF

Princess Josaphine has kept a secret with her handmaid for many years, since the awakening of her sexuality: her love of her fellow gender. The only other person to have ever discovered this "abomination" is her eldest brother, heir to the throne. The love of his only sister has kept him from revealing her secret and having her hung.

When the King, their father, is mysteriously murdered in his sleep and her brother ascends to the throne, he recognizes that their family is in danger. Someone is out for blood of the royal family and Jo's secret will most certainly be brought to light if her brother doesn't do something.

In the interest of keeping his sister safe, the new King betroths Princess Josaphine to a lord in the far south, deep in the kingdom and away from the Castle. In the same breath, Josaphine's handmaid and lover is sent away, another measure of keeping Josaphine safe.

Thrown into a new land and a new life, betrothed to a cold and distant feudal lord, Josaphine is assigned a new handmaid. At first giving her the cold shoulder out of fear of letting someone get close to her again, Josaphine slowly comes to find a confidant in her...and then much, much more.

.....And I have run out of time currently. I will update this thread when I have more time. If you find yourself interested in the plot I posted above, please PM me!
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