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Hello hello hello

I used to roleplay on this site a LONG time ago, to an extent where this wasn't even my original username (gasp).

I've gotten back into my writing over the years and miss collaborating with others with the creative nonsense, so I'm back because I'm never able to let go of anything - it's a bad habit.

Be mean all you want, I'm a glutton for punishment.
Interest has been caught - curious to see how this could go.
I posted my characters!

Elliot Washington
Elliot's not at peace of the world, though he's not angry at it either. He holds onto his loyalty to friends quite closely, and his rage is only shown when his friends or himself are treat with injustice - he's very defensive. People are definitely made aware of Elliot's presence quickly, though, as he's usually always voicing his opinion, if it's offensive or not. He does like to gossip, but quite hypocritically he doesn't appreciate other people gossiping. The contradiction this creates he tries to justify by saying that he "only bitches when he's got a reason to", and, technically he's correct. He only talks negatively about someone if they somehow annoy him, which is quite easily avoidable if they don't have a strong personality of arrogance. His favourite colour is Navy Blue.

There'd be various reasons shared between him and his sister for their departure from home, though they'd both mutually agree that their parents were assholes. This wasn't because they were abusive, alcoholic, or addicted to any narcotics. They were just terrible parents, and lacked any nurturing virtues within themselves. Their father was a lawyer, who rarely paid them any attention when they got home unless they had an issue with their grades at school. Their mother was very similar, though had seemed to think her children were a substitute of servants and maids. A further reason was the fact that their parents were very religious, and were so blinded by this that they were both extremely homophobic. This was a problem for Elliot, who was homosexual. So, because their mother and father treat them like shit they took their own initiative and abandoned the nest to settle elsewhere.


Lily Washington
Though similar to her brother with her outlook on world, she's also quite outspoken. The way she behaves can be misinterpreted as rude, but she and her brother describe her as "blunt" and "honest". She participates in her brother's gossip, though she'll make sure to let the person they're speaking about know how she feels about them. Alongside this, however, she's quite artistic and adventurous. She often escapes the watchful gaze of her brother to sketch horizons, landscapes, environments. She wants to see everything, and hates the restraints of "houses". She wants to always be on the move, and seeing something new every day. Her favourite colour is Red.

Her reasons of running away from home are the same as her brother's.

Room for anymore? (I can do males) If we want more substance I could make people that only just arrive, or something along those lines?
Did I scare everyone off with my post? :P D:
Ashley had fallen asleep on her sofa, again. It'd become a habit ever since the incident outside her night club, and she'd genuinely forgotten what her apartment looked like before she'd potentially murdered someone. Comics, newspapers, print-outs, and books were scattered across the whole studio, and Ashley had read only a third of them completely. The latest items of interest for Ashley were newspapers, she'd made sure to get a newspaper every single day, and had read each one thoroughly until there was not a single word that she was not aware of. She was always hunting two words in big capital lettering, nightclub and murder. She never had a day where she wasn't waiting for a police officer to knock on her door, or her phone to ring from an unknown number. Honestly, it was surprising that she'd yet to receive or find any information regarding investigation into the murder and she wouldn't dare to try and communicate with any of her colleagues, in case somehow that dead man's body vanished from that alleyway before it could be found. Of course, that idea was impractical, but Ashley couldn't help these irrational thoughts that had flooded her mind for the days after the incident.

What came under the newspapers were books and comics, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Ever since a knife had put itself into its own user's back, Ashley couldn't help but feel responsible. Research didn't provide her with much revelation, though it did suggest that she attempt to recreate what had occurred. Another murder wasn't something Ashley was entirely comfortable with committing, if she was even the culprit, so instead she'd merely attempted to move a cup at one end of the bar to another end. For a few days, she spent hours staring at glass. Her perseverance finally paid off though, when suddenly the cup was shattered glass at the foot of the fridge instead of resting happily, preserved, on the counter. She searched the internet afterwards, desperate to find a specific name for what she was doing - but all she could really label it as was "Teleportation", which still sounded unusual, to say that she possessed the ability to teleport and also that that was what she could do. The day after she'd found this name for her "power", she attempted to teleport herself, as she could recollect that she did something similar that night also. It was quite successful, though she nearly ended up head butting a wall in the process.

Due to her investigations into the incident at the nightclub, and her newly discovered power she'd not spent much time socialising, or paying attention to the developing city that surrounded her abode. She was sure that a couple had moved in across the hall from her, though they'd never bumped into each other and Ashley was too on edge to really welcome them without looking suspicious. Therefore, Ashley had become her own personal superhero, exploiting her own power in privacy to benefit herself. Why walk to the fridge to get food when you can just suddenly be there? Why then walk back to the sofa with that food when you can just be sat back down in a matter of one movement? Her overexertion of her power did result in her feeling nauseous frequently, and so she'd started to take a lot of medication but she had decided her power left her susceptible to some variant of motion sickness. Her life had suddenly changed from a bartending socialite to a hermit, and strangely it hadn't phased her. She hadn't been bothered, no one had really tried to ring her, besides the conversations with her parents where she'd tried her best to sound calm and busy. But there had been no real interruption in her life, but this morning when she had woken up on the couch in her living room, it took her a few minutes to really process what had actually woken her up, and it was a very loud impatient banging on the door.

Assignment Tracker Profile: AW894

Name: Ashley Washington

Nicknames: "Ash"

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Place of Origin: Chicago, Illinois

Occupation: Bartender

Known EVO Abilities (If Applicable): Teleportation -
Ashley has the ability to teleport objects and herself from one location to another. However, due to the manifestation of the power being fairly recent and thus she has a lack of control, she can only move herself and other things in sight to a new location. For example, she'd be able to teleport a kettle out of the room if she was in a kitchen, but she couldn't teleport a kettle into the bedroom if it wasn't in sight. Frequent abuse of her power, as she has discovered, results in nausea and dizziness and she could possibly pass out if she persists after these symptoms arise. Teleportation is silent and the distances she can transport herself and objects is still reasonably short.

Psychological Profile & History:
Ashley's life is nothing to be talked about for centuries to come. She has no "sob story", or a dark childhood. Her parents were her parents, and she was their daughter. She was a very good daughter, at that. There were arguments, sure, as should there be in any family. If you were to ask Ashley's parents they'd struggle to find any really severe issue with their beloved daughter, and Ashley would struggle to find any real issue with her parents.

Her social life was very typical also, she got along with most people at school and slipped into a clique that suited her interests. By no means was she the most popular girl in school, and she received the occasional verbal abuse by bullies, but once again, nothing truly happened to her that could be defined as traumatic or severe. Ashley was quite an ordinary girl, leading an ordinary life. Once she finished High School she went to College, and studied English. She received her degree, escaped her parents, and was set free into the world of adulthood.

She spent a year or so struggling to get employed, and scraping by with just amount money to pay the rent and bills. It was only the perverted eye of a club owner that finally landed her with the job behind a bar serving drinks that she possesses. Nothing dark happened between her and her boss, he just enjoyed having eye candy that he could occasionally inspect whilst he mingled in his club every night. Ashley was fully aware of her boss' sexist and perverted outlook on life, but the job was well paid - and so she remained until her power was manifested.

First Known Manifestation (If applicable):
The night behind the bar had been a slow one. The music had been annoyingly loud throughout the whole night and Ashley had a throbbing headache. Some of the club-goers had also been major pains in the asses, complaining about the "service" despite their being over a dozen other people herding around the bar expecting their drink as soon as they demand it. Ashley had persevered the bullshit however, reluctantly smiling apologetically whenever a customer wasn't satisfied as she handed them their drink. Something that was easy to identify for her however was that her boss had befriended someone that she could only describe as "shady", he wore a tracksuit, had messy facial hair and looked generally unclean.

Throughout the night Ashley's boss had kept nodding to her and prodding a finger whilst speaking to this shady individual, and Ashley had tried her best to ignore it and act like she was completely unaware of how she was being judged like a caged animal at a zoo. She sighed out of relief when the night ended with no fights, and no repercussions from the strange looks her boss' new friend had been giving her every other minute of the evening. Once she was finally finished with work she quickly escaped out of the backdoor of the club and into the alleyway, the weight of the loud and agitating music had been lifted off of her senses and she no longer felt suffocated. Ashley embraced the fresh air, breathing in and out of her nose before she felt something or someone quite forcefully push up behind her. "Hi." She heard a rough, husky voice breathe into her ear from behind.

The grasp on her arms was quite tight and she had no chance of defence against the presumed threat that was now behind her. She was spun around quite quickly and her worries were confirmed. The man that had been talking to her boss all night had her in his hands, and she had no idea what was about to happen to her. He shoved her backwards towards one of the alleyway walls, but she fell backwards against the concrete below before she could reach it. Her head was spinning, the loud music, the fall, and the shock of what had unfolded so quickly had thrown her into a state of bewilderment. Luckily she was able to allow herself to cry out but she was silenced abruptly when the man fell on top of her and dug his knee into her stomach, cutting her off. She pushed up in desperation, trying to haul the bulky individual off of herself. That was when the glint of metal caught her eye. He had a knife. She panicked, desperately shoving and punching at the physically superior body, hoping somehow that her attempts of survival were fruitless. The man brought the knife up and backwards, ready to punish Ashley for her resistance - and Ashley knew now that she didn't have long left.

There was the sound of skin being separated by the sharp blade, but the sound of agony escaped the man's lips instead of hers. Ashley opened her eyes, hardly realising that she had shut them out of fear. The man's mouth and eyes were wide open, as if he'd just been told the most shocking news of all, but he was also noticeably limp. Ashley had little time to react before the man fell clumsily on top of her, and because of this she was able to identify a brown handle sticking out of the man's back. A knife. She diverted her gaze to the man's hands, and saw that he no longer had his weapon of choice in his grasp either. She felt her stomach churn and the vomit rising up to her throat then suddenly she was stood upright on both feet, staring at the limp body that was only moments before on top of her. Ashley swallowed, trying to prevent herself from vomiting, and she turned and ran - abandoning the scene. At the time she wasn't able to truly process what'd happened that night, but she couldn't fight away the thoughts that insisted that perhaps she had killed that man that night.
This has also caught my interest.
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