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Current Pray everyone is holding up well during these tough times! Stay safe, be well and remain positive!!
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Hey everyone so sorry for the delay's with holidays coming things have been a bit hectic! I will be responding to all stories very shortly!
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A bit under the weather, will reply to everyone tomorrow. Sorry!


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"There was once a prophecy that foretold the coming of a powerfully Force-sensitive being who would restore balance to the Force! The prophecy of the Chosen One was an ancient Jedi legend that was passed through generation after generation........But, what if the legend was told wrong?"

For years the Jedi had believed in that damned prophecy, due to their insaitable lust for peace the Jedi made mistake after mistake. They watched as a new emperor rose from within, the rise and fall of one of the most powerful Darth's in history. For their mistakes, the Jedi paid dearly and soon enough the order itself fell to darkness.

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Hey Guys/Gals

So I've been watching a lot of MasakoX and Geeks For Fun on Youtube on What if and Crossover and it had me itching for one of my own. So inspired by them this is my current craving! I hope I tickle someones nerdy fancy out there I can't wait to write this story! Please feel free to PM me once you've read through everything! Thanks for your time!

P.S. Oh I didn't state in the rules but if you are interested please pm me a CS of your character and just include, Name, age, power, a picture and brief origin. Please use this opportunity to show me your writing style! I’m looking for a partner that can do 3-5 paragraphs per post.

Hey guys!

I'm back with another story! I hope this interest some of you. Please read all rules before applying! I can't wait to write with you guys! Keep being awesome!


  • No one liners! As my previous IC stated I cannot stress this enough. I understand writers block but please don't respond with only a single line of text. Absolutely non-negotiable.
  • I need frequent responses. I'm not asking for 10+ replies in a day but at least one would be great. I understand life has complications so feel free to shoot me an OOC if you are unable respond. I'll give the same courtesy.
  • With that being said, please don't ghost me. I'm a friendly person and will understand if something comes up that requires your full attention. I'll wait and pick up where we left off no problem. Ghosting will quickly ensure that we never RP again in the future.
  • Give me your ideas! I absolutely love when my partner decides to throw a twist in the story! I will not snap at anyone expressing their ideas/plans to make the RP better! I encourage it, this is a two person story don't let me just run the show!
  • This is a MATURE themed RP as is all of my RPs so I would prefer my partner to be over the age of 18. There will be sexual themes, strong language, blood and gore and drug use. Player discretion is advised.
  • This is a pm RP, please do not respond on this thread!
  • I love you all! Keep writing and being great!

Hey all so for now I've reached the maximum amount of people I am willing to roleplay with for this particular story. Thank you all for your interest and I will re-open it should a position open up!

Hi all!

This is my current craving, hoping someone will be able to fill it for me. Please send me a PM if you are interested in this!


  • Please, I cannot stress this enough no ONE LINERS! I understand having writers block but responding with a single line in inexcusable I'm sorry but no exceptions here. If I do receive one liners the RP will be dropped immediately.
  • Please be at least 18 years of age. I'm into dark and romance themes and my Roleplay will have them meaning at the very least there will be violence, drug use, sexual content and some may have gore.
  • Now I mentioned sex, This RP IS NOT SMUT! Sorry, now I do not fade to black but that doesn't mean I won't if my partner prefers it. Also if we decide to not fade to black then do not expect to linger on the scene for an extended period of time. If the story does involve sex it will be tastefully and appropriately done so that we may get back to the main plot.
  • Speaking of plot, please do not allow me to be the only one running the show! You have an idea shoot it in OOC, a plot twist that you think would be good? Go for it! This is a story created by two individuals let the work reflect that.
  • Please do not ghost on me, now I understand life gets in the way but please give me notice if you will be gone for an extended period of time if you are able as I will TRY to do the same.
  • With that being said I'm planning on moving across the country in the coming months and will be forced to continue this RP via phone. If that does not sit well with you I am sorry.

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