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2 days ago
Current Pray everyone is holding up well during these tough times! Stay safe, be well and remain positive!!
4 mos ago
Hey everyone so sorry for the delay's with holidays coming things have been a bit hectic! I will be responding to all stories very shortly!
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11 mos ago
A bit under the weather, will reply to everyone tomorrow. Sorry!


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Hello All!!!!

First off I want to wish everyone good health in these trying times! I hope you are all safe and doing great! Now! This is my newest RP that I've been thinking of for the last few days whilst cooped up in my home haha. I really do hope you all enjoy and please, PLEASE read through everything thoroughly as it is on the lengthy side of things. I really hope this catches someone's interest and we can have an amazing RP experience! Now onto the thing everyone dreads the most, RULES!!!

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