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Hello all. I am RPL. I am newish to the guild but have been role-playing for a long time. Both forums and tabletop. I typically write about 2 to 3 paragraphs per post. I am usually on to reply a few nights a week. I am okay to write any gender pairing and am comfortable playing any gender.

So, that being said let's move on to why you clicked on this post. I am looking to do a Stardew Valley roleplay. This will include adult, smutty goodness so you will need to be 18+ to role-play with me.

I am open to discussing characters and up for whatever.

We can both me OCs who moved into Stardew. We can play as two Canon's who already live there.

However, I am most interested in the idea of one of us playing as the OC who moved onto their grandfather's farm and the other playing as the women or men (possibly both?) around town. Could result in a fun Harem situation. Again, I am open to play either of those roles.

Please PM me so we can discuss plots, ideas and kinks. Thank you.
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