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Hello~ If you haven't already guessed, I'm a pretty shy person. I'm not normally comfortable with interacting with new people. It's mainly why I've gotten into roleplaying, thinking I'd be able to build confidence interacting with others through rps, then taking it a step further and dealing with it irl. Once I do get an rp started, however, I tend to like lots and lots of OOC chat and messaging.

The other reason I started roleplaying was for something to take up my spare time. As it has become a hobby, I won't always be able to reply several times a day, either due to my finicky muse or irl stuff. Unfortunately, I know some prefer that sort of availability, but I am an erratic poster. I may be able to type up three or four in one day, then take a week and a half to get one down. If I feel like the rp is going nowhere and should be dropped before it dies a spectacularly painful death, I'll explicitly state it; it's not the same if I've just disappeared for a while. Generally, I look for partners that are patient and are willing to go with my posting times, or that has a similar type of schedule so they're not constantly waiting for me. If you're still willing to rp with me, I will love you forever~

Now, enough about my fickle roleplaying skills! I love watching anime and am looking forward to the airing of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus. I live on the eastern coast of the US, and as such, grew up with the beach nearly in my backyard. I was born in South Korea but adopted when I was five months old. I have absolutely no idea about Korean culture, but am extremely interested in Asian culture, particularly Japan while I'm trying to get into Korean culture. Ah... I'm not sure what else to add. Oh! I know this really limits me, but I'm only into yaoi (mxm, m/m, whatever you want to call it) rping. I'm not really comfortable with anything else, so my plots will have male on male pairings only.

And look at me, rambling about my rping style again. Sorry! I'll leave it at that... Hope to have fun here~
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