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Current I don't know... What I am doing..
1 yr ago
I return after a pretty nasty accident! Hello lovelies!
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1 yr ago
I am finally somewhat alive and well. It's been hectic as fuck but I should be able to start getting back to it in the next few days :)
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I apologize to all who I have RPs with, I need to put a hold on most of them. Life has turned one insanity to another, and then compounded it with clusterfucks. I will try to get back ASAP. <3
1 yr ago
Went out of town for New Years, what crazy time. I think I may still be drunk three days later.


Call Me Ryka, when we are close I'll give ya a better name to call me.

I am a twenty-five year old, and I'm a nerd. I like lots of RP. Yes.

I am also a pretty neat Pathfinder Dungeon Master. Speak at me.

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Name: Kaylee Hart

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Species: Human


Personality: Outgoing, easily excitable, not easily frightened, easily adaptable, free spirit

Bio: Kaylee graduated from high school then moved on to doing part time work while trying to get her name out in the art world. She found her niche within the community that enjoyed the mythological creatures and fantasy objects. They were the 'nerds' when she was in high school, but the fact that they bought her art and commissioned tattoos as well as the other things she turned out being good at making, made it where she was able to afford an apartment on her own, where she didn't have to worry about living under the oppressive thumb of her father.

Likes: Anything that has to deal with art, as well as sweet foods.

Dislikes: Spicy foods, and strict rules

Family: Father: Gavin Hart Mother: Deceased
"This is a call for help... to anyone that is alive... We are outnumbered..." The sounds of groans pierce the airwaves, followed by gunshots and screams. "Dear god no! Please don't come any closer! I still wan--" The voice suddenly raised to a shriek of pain, then the crunch of bone, shortly followed by a gurgle.

Everyone has heard this broadcast... everyone panicked... The world went dark... This broadcast haunted the hearts and minds of every human that still breathed, to every person that hadn't been infected with the genetic super virus that brought the dead back to life. The military presence that existed in every country that was a super power, dwindled in the face of the wave of decaying flesh that hunted, killed, revived, and continued the viscous cycle. The groups of survivors that still continue to fight back, trying to establish a place of safety within the world that has turned upon them. There is talks of a cure existing in a secret US military testing site... It is also said that the same place the cure was created is where the original undead surfaced. There may be enough of a cure left to carve a safe haven, or it could be a lie that was made to maintain someones hope which others latched upon for mental stability.

We are two survivors in this undead apocalypse... Two different groups who rivaled each other for supplies suddenly forced together for survival as our groups are decimated by the hordes of unliving flesh.

This is a darker RP so will be kept to PMs, romance is totally cool with me. It would definitely be a coping mechanism within these trying times. (18+ is fine, but so is a fade to black) When it comes to pairings I prefer a MxF, but don't mind going with FxF. (Not into MxM for a romantic setting. Apologies.) Other than that it would be a fight for survival, where we go is up in the air. It's open world.

A little about me: I am a twenty-five year old male, who is now returning to RPG after having an accident at work that... let's just put it as... hindered me completely for a bit... but now I have returned! Right now I trust myself to do casual/mid casual level. (one to five paragraphs depending on the scene.)

Feel free to send me a PM
Le Bump
I recently watched the anime movie Kimi no Na wa (Your Name), and was instantly fascinated by it, and before that an anime called Yamada and the Seven Witches. So now I'm craving something to that effect but with a spin.

It would be a slice of life/romance role play. Our characters start off as their genders (I have no issue playing either or), some large effect happens (We discuss), we swap. During the swap we are able to stay in contact and get to see how the the person lives. We can try to adapt to the way of life the other person has, or attempt to enhance/mess with the other person's life in our own characters way. Then after *Effect* happens again, we swap back and try to fix/explain/live with what the other person had done with the body.

This will be PM based, since I would assume that since romance would happen there is the possibility of Mature themes(Which I have no issue of playing out or letting fade) and I notice when I have a PM notification more often lets be honest..

So PM me and we can see about getting something going!
I unfortunately need to pull away due to the influx of RL things throwing themselves at me like a hail of gunfire.
In Time's up. 2 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
No worries.
And Bumpin
In Time's up. 2 yrs ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
@Ryoko I look forward to how your character will respond to the beginning of the crisis.

Name: Tyron Baskin

Age (16+): 26

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Upbeat and calculating. He makes sure to see all the facts on the table before taking any sort of action. He tends to try to make things better without resorting to violence.

Bio: Tyron grew up as a hunter from birth. Though he tended to take the more pacifism path, if he could stay away from violence he did. Through the teachings he found what witches were safe to allow to stay alive, and then the ones who had to be removed from society. Tyron made sure to keep the peace when it could, he was called a failure as a hunter, and a friend to witches. But as long as everyone got along together, what would be the harm?

Weapon Specialty: Punching daggers.
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