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So, first of all hello everyone.

For about a year I've been desperately craving an ACOTAR rp and have had no luck finding any partners, so maybe this place can help me quench my thirst.

I'm not picky about plots, all I ask is that we have a pairing. I mostly stick to canon pairings but I'm willing to dabble on something different, everything can be discussed and I'm v chill. I've been especially wanting to play Elain against a Lucien or a Feyre against Rhysand, but Morrigan x Emerie also sounds v interesting (I can play either of those lovely ladies). Perhaps playing Vassa against a Jurian could be interesting too? Possibilities are endless, really.

Due to the nature of the books, I will not rp with minors, even if the rp involves no smut (which can also be discussed)

I prefer rping on discord but lmk and we can have a chat and meet each other halfway if necessary. Honestly as I said I'm v chill, I just really really really want to play SJM's characters and build them a little better than her lmao
Heya. Would love to rp ACOTAR if you're still up for it, I've been absolutely craving it!
I'm pretty sure I've been rping for like..........13 years? Have rped through email, on tumblr, on discord, hell even on omegle. Surprisingly I've never heard of this site before but while searching for rp partners for a specific fandom I stumbled upon it and hey, being an avid rper, might as well join amirite?

Anyways I can do everything from casual to advanced (depends on my mood) but grammar errors may occur since English is not my first language - although I do think 13 years of experience have taught me a lot of things. My favorite fandoms to rp are mostly cartoons/anime such as ATLA, Yuri on Ice and others, but really I'm looking to find partners who like some of the obscure stuff I am into. When I say obscure I don't mean movies that have been watched by .5 people on letterboxd, I just mean the silly YA novels I read during quarantine and I can't find partners to rp them with, haha.

Hope I can find some nice rp partners and friends here <3
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