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My name is Patricia, and I have this page, I guess!

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Oof, this might take a while then... I would hate for you to start an rp with me though if there was someone else who typed more to your tastes. Having them post a sample of their work will deter a lot of people, though I'm sure you already knew that. I wish the best of luck to you though, even if you don't end up choosing me.
From the east mountains the wind howled and moaned, tall grass bending in waves under the dismal, cloudy sky. A storm was coming to a head, the very trees swaying, their branches coming together as though to pray to their god; they begged not to be blown over, to fall victim to the harsh winds that this desolate place was so named by… Bellowing Heights. Should they tumble there would normally be no man to hear, most brave enough to venture forth to this place crashing to their own demise. The bones of past travelers littered the mountains bleak side, mangled amongst the cold, unforgiving stone. He who fell here was never to be retrieved, and he who attempted the journey was never expected to return. It was in question as to how the people of the town below came to be in this place; the great rock was all that to be seen for miles, and though it protected its inhabitants from intruders, it also trapped them. Perhaps it was this isolation from the outside world that drove countless to take the trek into the Bellowing Mountains, and this curiosity of what lie beyond was always the end of them. As the rain began to pour, however, there was a man on the horizon…. A man from the outside. A man named Layton Hillel. ((Please send me a PM if you're interested, I would not be rping with this theoretical character; thought the setting would be fun to describe though.))
anytime i have ever thread rp'd, and this is on the old site too, it has gone horribly wrong. I don't like my conversations being seen nor to I like my rp's being read by others. It's weird, like playing make believe cook while your older brother is reading and rolling his eyes and your younger brother runs in pretending he's spiderman. I don't like having to limit my language and graphic content should I choose to have in in an rp, and to be honest I just don't check my subscriptions enough to make it worth it for me.
I know that the guild was down but they managed to get it back up. I don't feel comfortable in threads do to a bad experience and so I would rather you attempt to post in pms again as there has been some updates that made the site more functional. I would be willing to switch to email or skype if you wanted, but i won't rp in a thread.
Like one slot available >> maybe two depending on who messages me with what.
Yawn, still looking
I'm interested, shoot me a pm.
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