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Aloha earthlings!

I find myself with a fair amount of free time to kill and a series of roleplays that have become dormant. So yes, you guessed it, I'm looking for something new and fresh! If you aren't looking for something modern and romance-based then you'd probably be best off to stop reading right here. That being said, I do like to focus on character and plot development so it won't be drenched in soppiness. I also like to keep things interesting - mature themes, drugs, violence and all the good stuff.

I feel most comfortable playing male characters but definitely enjoy doubling when necessary. I'm not the fussiest when it comes to grammar but please, for my sanity, give me something to work with? There's not much more that I need to cover here, apart from my list of current cravings. I'm also pretty easy going so feel free to suggest anything you have in mind?

Right. Here they are.

Athlete/celebrity x manager/publicist

Athlete/celebrity x hometown ex

Corporate CEO x assistant/lawyer

Reckless bachelor x single mother

Hit me up with a PM and we can get the ball rolling
So I have some time off in the next month and am looking for a new roleplaying partner.

At the moment I am specifically craving a certain modern pairing - [ good girl x rebellious boy ].
However I am also open to suggestions of any other interesting modern pairings.

A few things:
I am an active user, online daily - and I would expect the same from you, however I do understand that life happens.
I play male characters and am thus looking for a female character for my roleplays.
I do like to include mature content - drugs/violence/sex and the likes.
I unfortunately do not do any sci-fi/fantasy/fandom.

PM me if you are interested.
And I find myself here yet again. But that's okay, because starting new and exciting roleplays is fun. I am currently working, but I do have quite a lot of free time on my hands so I would really appreciate if you did too. As mentioned in the title, I am looking for a long term partner for a modern roleplay. I'd like to keep this as short as possible, so here are a few pairings that I am currently interested in: Criminal {M} x undercover officer {F} Criminal {M} x daughter of police officer {F} Celebrity {M} x manager/publicist {F} Athlete {M} x coach/trainer/publicist {F} However you have any pairings that you are particularly interested in at this time, feel free to suggest! Pop me a PM if you are interested.
I'm interested too. Message me?
Hi there, For some reason I am not able to PM you. Are you still looking for a long term roleplaying partner? I am very interested in your best friend x best friend roleplay or even a casual encounter one.
So I am on vacation for awhile. I thus have a lot of free time. A lot. I am looking to get a few roleplays going to keep me somewhat entertained. I am not awfully picky but I don't do anything involving fantasy. So that narrows things down nicely if you'd like to suggest anything. Some ideas that I am currently craving. 1. Best friend x best friend 2. Manager x athlete 3. Undercover cop x criminal 4. Celebrity x publicist Totally up to suggestions - as I mentioned before. Feel free to send me a PM.
Hi there. I am interested in woman x her boyfriends twin. Do you have a plot in mind?
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