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Thanks for the reply Vatonage, i'll go the "change password route"

Maybe till years later haha
I guess the title says it all.

Thanks for the help in advance, because i cant seem to find either option anywhere!
Azathoth said
Is no one else noticing these weird horse avatars?Mahz...


I like them
Kaell made his way into Merryspring, still raining like the last couple of days. A bit of rain didnt do any harm, he just hoped his herbs didnt get wet. Altough Maith loved the rain, maybe because he didnt have to smell the stench as much.

On his search to the inn he found a small boy lying on the ground, not older than maybe 10 years. He saw fear in the eyes of the young lad, asking what was wrong he already saw it. He had seen it before in the eyes of his dear mother. Kaell muttered "Not here too" Although he hadnt seen many people with this illness. It was way to close too him. And this only meant he was travelling towards the origin. Kaell said "Here, grab something to eat while you can" while handing hime some coins. Whillst Kaell gave him a grim look.

Thaddeus was right. He made the right decision to come. I might find my answers if i travel together.

The boy at the horse stables looked like he had seen the love of his life, or made a fortune. He looked up hastily and gave me a questioning look when i said to grab some meat for my dog Maith, and to treat him good. While i gave him a couple of coins. Bringing a dog to a stable must been a first for the boy.

Kaell entered the tavern, making way to the bar. "Give me some apple cider" said Kaell while flicking a coin towards the good man. When he turned around with his cider he saw a sight you won't see often. A couple of dwarves, elves and people of the fields together. Having never met a Dwarf or Elf. This was a sight to behold. In the middle of them he saw the man he was looking for, Thaddeus. Kaell walked towards the man with a striking appearance, and greeted him with a smile. Its been a long time.

"I am Kaell, a man of the lands. And I am honered to have this company" He said with a firm voice.
Okay, first roleplay post ever: Check

Lets do this
Name: Keall
Gender: Male
Age: 36 years young
Race: Man of the Fields

Appearance: Keall is a small man of stature. Until he grew a beard he was often seen as a child because of his length. To this day he still has a sliver of youth in his face. He was told to be proud of his hands, capable of perfect precision. Altough they were very small. Being around the sick, and not being outside often made his skin look gray compared to the average man.

Being able to make his own clothing, he wore nothing but comfortable clothes with a lot of hidden pockets. Some for herbs and medicine, others for hidden daggers.

History: Born in the small town of Ergour he helped at his mothers clothing store from an early age. He acquired some handy skills with thread and needle. Though his interest was often piqued by the infirmary. Around the age of 16 he often helped there if he wasnt needed at home. Years later he left searching for the reason his mother died. She had fallen for some sort of illness unknown to him or the apothecary. Because of this reason he left for the lands, together with a stray dog he saved in the town. He named him Maith. Through the hardships of the land he learned to handle himself with a sword. Altough more often saved by his loyal dog than his ability to wield the sword.

Personality: Stubborn, Optimistic. He was often told he is good company, being easy to talk too. And having many stories to tell he heard from sick and wounded travellers.

Skills: Coming from a clothing store hes good with thread and needle, able to repair most of the clothing, if not damaged too much.
Having worked for many years in a infirmary he knows how to treat the wounded, and sick.

- Tailor tools (thread and needle)
- Bandages, healing herbs
- Longsword
- Small dagger
- A ring from his deceased mother
- Dog?

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