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I have been actively roleplaying for just over 13 years now, since age 15. Which, as you might have guessed, makes me 28. I've done most of my rping on forums, averaging 2 to 4 paragraphs. Though I also LARP, and have played D&D for about 9 years. Real life has become a larger part of my life though, so my activity has lessened somewhat. Even so, I don't think I'll ever stop rping. :)

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Just like many before it, another airship entered the port of the small outlaw town of Aersummit. This town was divided up into two areas. First there was the area on top of the sky island, about a kilometre in length and half a kilometre in width. Small houses made of wood, scrap metal and rope littered the area, creating a maze of alleys and small open areas where people met. Both ends of the island were instead occupied by larger buildings made of mostly stone and some metal. These were the most important areas as this was where trade happened. A hotel, some shops, a tavern or two, and of course the docks were found in these areas. Bounty hunters, scavengers and traders met up here to do their business. And then there was the literal underbelly. A few spots had wooden walkways going down to below the surface of the sky island. There, houses were build against and into the cliffs. Most people stayed away from this area. And it wasn't because there was nothing but the clouds below them. This was the area where the true outlaws were found. Thieves, pirates, treasure hunters, slavers, and traders that operated in the black market.

The airship that had just arrived looked rather old. It still seemed to work just fine, but it had certainly been in use for more than one generation. Most people would have probably tried to buy a new ship by now, but not the owner of this ship. After it's mooring lines had been secured by the dock workers, out stepped a younger looking man with a bright smile on his lips. A moment later a small Fennec Fox ran out as well, before quickly jumping onto the man's back and moving kind of curl around his neck. The man approached one of the dock's managers that was waiting for him at the bottom of his boarding plank. Still with the same bright smile he greeted the worker before the worker could even ask for his name. "Good afternoon sir! Jacob Welsh's the name. And this little guy is Peanut." The manager raised a brow, but only nodded in response. After writing down Jacob's name the manager finally spoke. "Welcome to Aersummit, Jacob. State your business and intended length of stay please." "Mhh..." Jacob muttered as he thought. "Well, I plan to find some work to do, and I'll probably stay until tomorrow morning, though it depends on if I can indeed find work." The manager nodded. "Very well, it's 75 dollars for the first day, and 100 dollars for each extra day." Jacob didn't even wait for the man to explain. He already reached into his pocket and took out a 50, 20 and 5 dollar bill and handed it to the man. The manager nodded, taking the money. "I see you've been here before." Jacob nodded in return. "I'm a regular, actually. But I'm used to no one remembering my face at the docks. Anyway, time's short so I'm off to find work!" The manager nodded disinterestedly as he put the money away, turning his attention back to his work again.

Jacob knew this town like the back of his pocket. It was his main base of operations outside of his airship, you could say. So he had no problem finding the tavern closest to where he was. His plan was to stay in the upper area for now since if possible he wanted to keep his work legal. But he still needed to bring food to his and his pet's plate, so if things didn't work out he would head to the lower area in the evening.

Soon he found himself stepping into a building; The trumpet bar. Apparently the name came from the previous owner's love for playing the trumpet. Though that man had passed away a few years ago. "Powell! Pour me a Brutal black will ya~" Jacob spoke as he sat down at the bar. It was basically just a strong dark beer. People in this place just liked giving drinks though sounding names to make themselves look though when ordering. "Jacob, ya sly bastard! Came to make trouble again have ya?" The barkeep replied, moving to pour the man his drink. "Hey, I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble looks for me!" Both laughed heartily. Jacob was a regular at this place. And while it was indeed true that he tended to get himself into trouble, for Powell it was just a way of greeting a friend.
My character:
Name: Jacob Walsh
Gender: Male
Age: 25~30
It has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room, an engine/atlas crystal room of course, a recreation deck with a round and mostly glass roof and walls at the front, and a cargo hold at the bottom back. There is also a deck to walk outside above the recreation room. Steering can be done both from inside the recreation room and on the roof in the centre of the ship. Also, this ship's crystal works on coal or other such materials instead of the ones working on electricity in more expensive ships. As in, the crystal just sits in a large furnace and as long as you have something you can burn in there the ship can keep flying.

My guy will be a treasure hunter/scavenger from a family of treasure hunters. Both his parents used to own the ship he has now. But they managed to get enough money to buy a new one, and he got this one as a gift on his 18th birthday. At first he flew together with his parents, but eventually he started going out on his own. And now he flies on his own entirely, though he still visits his parents every now and then. Or sees them at treasure hunter/scavenger/bounty hunter hangouts at times.

-6 shot revolver, going more for destructive power than accuracy or range.
-Goggles to protect against the wind.
-Mechanical grappling hook that can attach and detach itself on command.
-A lead pipe for use as melee weapon - he plans to save up for a proper melee weapon.
-Gatling gun mounted on top of the deck which uses armour-shredding rounds for anti-air defence.
Will see to a post after work today. ^^ (I hate working on Saturdays. >.>)
My inspiration isn't back yet, but I'm starting to get a bit interested in rping again. So that's a good sign. ^^; Hopefully I'll start posting again soon.
Aww man, that sucks...the not together any more part I mean. Good that you're doing 'okay' though I guess. ^^;;
Sorry to say, but I've lost inspiration for rping lately... That doesn't mean I want to stop. I just need some time to get my muse back. :)
So, just're you doing now? Girlfriend okay?
Anzel landed, on the ground again, the fist quickly crumbling into normal rocks. He looked up to see that his attack had been enough, maybe even a bit too much to destroy the cannon. He grinned, though there was no time for celebration. The whole place was shaking now. So he had probably pulled rock towards him from load-bearing spots or something. "Shit...this is bad..." He grumbled, turning towards Taunie. "I know! I have an idea! We can leave through the hole the barrel of the cannon left. You pull us up with a chain, I'll worry about the landing okay?" Valier was still outside. So with any luck he could pick up Taunie as they fell and bring her to the back of the fight. She was bleeding after all, so needed to be bandaged at the very least. And he could just land in the water, get himself out and right into the fight with his magic.

He rushed over, picking up Taunie off the ground, putting her in front of him, and wrapping his arms around her waist. Once she did her thing it was a bit hard to hold on. Her chains had quite a bit of force behind them to say the least. But it was only for a few seconds before he could let go again. "Valier!" He shouted once they were catapulted out of the hole in the wall. "Grab Taunie and get her treated!" There was no answer. But a quick look down towards where they had entered showed that Valier was already on his way. He couldn't fly for long, but bringing one person a hundred of two meters was no problem. And for that short time he could fly, he was pretty damn fast. "Taunie, get yourself bandaged! I'm gonna mess up some bad guys in the mean time!" He called to the woman with a wide grin on his lips. Smashing structures just wasn't any fun, even if it happened a lot just by accident. Fighting actual people was far more interesting, so he was looking forward to having a bit of fun now.
Well, I'm also starting work today. So there's that. xD I haven't worked in the past 10 years or so. So my mind has been pre-occupied with that a lot. I'll try re-reading some stuff later today and see if that helps.
I have no real excuse for why I haven't posted yet. I think I kind of lost my muse a little. :< I promise I'll try to keep on posting, but I think It'll be a bit more irregular for a while until I can find my inspiration for roleplaying again. ^^;;
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