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I have been actively roleplaying for just over 13 years now, since age 15. Which, as you might have guessed, makes me 28. I've done most of my rping on forums, averaging 2 to 4 paragraphs. Though I also LARP, and have played D&D for about 9 years. Real life has become a larger part of my life though, so my activity has lessened somewhat. Even so, I don't think I'll ever stop rping. :)

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Jacob was surprised at Rei's rather desperate looking dash towards him, followed by her grabbing his arm. She wanted to tell him in the kitchen, which odd place to say the least. Clearly something was up. Her excuse of the food not burning didn't hold much ground. Food didn't burn that fast, and he needed the information up in the bridge no matter where she told him. But the man decided to leave the matter for another time. Clearly she didn't want to talk about it, or she wouldn't have come up with such an excuse.

"Bookshire's hollow huh...I've heard about it. Never been there though. So I'll at the very least I'll need some coordinates to follow." If Jacob had been somewhere a few times before it wasn't hard to find it again even without coordinates. But this location was unknown to him. "Not sure what you want to do there, but somehow I doubt the locals will like you for it." He grinned widely, getting a bit more comfortable by sitting on the stairs while leaning his elbows on his knees. "Not that I fact, I'd quite like sticking it to stuck-up rich people like that. You sound like you have a plan, so let's here it. Because I want in." Since this job involved upsetting some rich folks, there was no way he would just stay by his ship while she got to have all the fun.

Peanut decided to join in as well. The fox came down the stairs until he was standing just above Jacob's head, hanging his head to one side and chirping softly as if to ask what was going on. "No Peanut, you'll have to stay at the ship." The man spoke as if he could understand the little creature. He petted his friend gently on his head while continuing. "Stuff like this is too dangerous for someone as small as you."
Yea I'm okay. Not exactly happy of course, but okay. :)
Well I broke up with my girlfriend, so that sucks... It was my choice, but still.

Other than that things are going like usual really.
You still okay hun? It's been 2 weeks now. ^^;;
Soon the airship was out in the open. Some white clouds could be seen here and there a hundred or so meters below, but overall it looked like the weather would be peaceful for the time being. Which meant Jacob could just lock the rudder and let the winds carry them for the time being. So he did just that and was about to turn around when he heard a voice start to sing. He thought on whether to interrupt Rei or not, and after a few moments decided against it. Listening to her was rather pleasant after all. So instead the man opened a door to the deck and stepped just outside the door. Behind the ship he could slowly see the island they had set sail from grow smaller, which put a smile on his lips.

When the song ended Jacob turned around again and headed back inside. This time he did descend the stairs, to be greeted by a cooking woman in his kitchen. And by the looks of it, a decently skilled one at that. Or at least a better cook than he was. He usually settled for fried eggs, or a simple stew, and rarely pancakes. The last one being the only thing he was very good at making. "Lunch already? Well fine by me as long as I can have some as well." He winked at Rei and stepped down the last few steps. "Anyway, I'm gonna need a map or some coordinates, as right now I'm still flying blind. So come up to the bridge once you're done, 'kay?" With that he turned to head back up again. He quite enjoyed the view when flying, and it looked like Rei would still be busy with her meal for another half hour or so.
Oh god...already been 11 days... Will make a post today after work.
Jacob first got into contact with the control tower of the docks. His engines required some time to start up, and at the very least it would take 5 minutes before they gave the all clear to take off. "Control tower this is the Rusty Shadow at dock 7a, requesting permission for take-off." He spoke, walking to a large panel full of levers and buttons and knobs as he did. He pulled several knobs out a few centimeters, causing a few dull clangs to come from the bottom of the ship. Those were some valves opening which would let steam pass through to power the propellers of the ship. "Roger that Rusty Shadow, stand by for further instructions." He heard from the radio as he worked on the rest of the console. He pulled several levers one at a time, which caused a lighting mechanism to light the fire around the sy crystal. This in turn made the ship's pipes creak a little because of the heat. Then after waiting a minute or two he slowly started to adjust a dial next to the levers, listening closely for what sound his ship made as he did. This one was for adjusting the fire's intensity. Once he was satisfied he finally nodded to his little friend. "Your turn Peanut." He spoke, at which the little creature squeaked, jumped on the desk next to the console, and jumped on one of the buttons. Jacob could see the ship's two propellers start to turn slowly, so he quickly moved to a large lever next to the steering wheel. He slowly adjusted it until the propellers were turning at a good idling speed.

After waiting for another half a minute or so the same operator as before spoke over the radio again. "Rusty Shadow, you're clear for take-off in one minute. Be ready by then." "Roger." Jacob replied. He wondered if Rei was done settling in yet, so he called downstairs. "Hey Rei, you done yet? You should come up here, it's always a great sight to see islands from a small distance!" All the floating islands had always looked best to him when they were a decent distance away. They'd look peaceful, sometimes even tranquil. Contrary to what you'd usually find on them, like this city filled with thugs, outlaws, and plenty of other shady types. Not to mention the steam and smoke rising up from buildings everywhere.

As the man walked back to the steering wheel he reached into some drawers in the desk to his right and took out some dog treats for his pet, before putting them on the ground. "Here you go Peanut. No hiccups with the start up so another job well done~" He spoke with a slight chuckle.

Once the minute was up, and Jacob saw two dock workers untie the ropes that held his ship in place, he pulled the lever all the way back. The propellers roared to life with powerful streams of steam coming out of the exhausts, and slowly but surely the ship started moving backwards. Luckily this ship had a reverse at all, otherwise he would have had to pay extra to have his ship towed out of the docks, and he really didn't have the money to spare most of the time.
Ohh so that's what was going on. :P Glad you're back. :)
Hey there, I've been as patient as I can be pretty much, so now I really have to ask, any chance for a post some time soon? :)
Took me more than a week to get over a girlfriend I was only with for 4 months...And I'm someone who gets over such things rather quickly, I've noticed. I understand it's not easy. Take your time. ^^;;
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