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I have been actively roleplaying for just over 13 years now, since age 15. Which, as you might have guessed, makes me 28. I've done most of my rping on forums, averaging 2 to 4 paragraphs. Though I also LARP, and have played D&D for about 9 years. Real life has become a larger part of my life though, so my activity has lessened somewhat. Even so, I don't think I'll ever stop rping. :)

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Jacob chuckled softly as Rei stormed out of the room. She was definitely fun to tease as while her talk was big, the embarrassment was still clear to see. Though he did make a mental note to not go overboard. He still wanted to get paid, and if this job turned out all right he didn't want to have a potential future employer be pissed off at him. "Peanut, come. We're heading out." He called. His little friend chirped and ran towards him, climbing on his shoulders with what appeared like a happy smile on it's face.

After a large cup of coffee and breakfast the two headed to the markets. They mostly consisted of scum trying to scam you out of your money. Be it by selling forgeries or asking way too much for their wares. But there were fairly legit merchants among them as well. Two of which Jacob was friendly with. Mostly because he was a regular customer. So while Rei was shopping for what she needed, Jacob visited his regular shops to get what he needed as well. Part of which was of course food for the trip.

Finally they headed to the docks. And he grinned at her question. He wondered what her reaction would be. His ship was quite old and rusty. But apart from a few 'hickups' every now and then it had stood the test of time. After all, it had only crashed once in the past 7 years. It was also just about the largest ship a one person crew could still handle. As it was technically meant for a crew of 2 or 3. "The one over there to your right. Not the newest ship, but a lot more reliable than the newer models." He spoke, starting to walk towards it to lead the way.

After boarding, Jacob opened the door that headed below deck for Rei. The inside actually looked a bit better than the outside. The main area had a couch, table, a stair that headed further down to the cargo hold and engine room, and a fairly modern looking radio. The kitchen was visible through a door frame on the right. The door itself was missing. Another door further along the wall on the right had a small hallway with two bedrooms on either side of it behind it. On the left, past the living area, there was a large area with glass walls and a mostly glass roof which had a table, a pinball machine, a chair with next to it a cabinet with some books and papers in it, some basic fitness equipment, and a few lockers. "Welcome to my humble residence." He started. "The door in the back there leads to the bedrooms. I have the one on the left, so you can use the one on the right." The left one had a small window, and he liked looking out over the sky before going to sleep. It was also a bit bigger and had a two person bed since it used to belong to his parents. So he had always used that one. "Kitchen slash dining room to your immediate right as you can see. There's also a deck up top you can access if you go up the stairs and through the captain's cabin." With that short explanation Jacob headed into the kitchen and up the stairs. He needed to start preparing to set sail, which required getting the engines started and getting the all-clear from the docks through the radio in the captain's cabin.
Oh yea, everything's fine...just had a busy week. LARP event, changes in my work schedule, stuff like that. Sorry it's taking so long to post. ^^;;
It's fine, I'm a patient man. And at this time in my life I prefer rps that go more slowly anyway. :) 10 days or so between posts is fine by me, a bit sooner is fine too, and having to wait longer just happens from time to time. With real life and such as you mentioned.
Haven't heard from you in over 2 still okay?
Jacob smirked and only watched as Rei panicked. Though he was mentally preparing for a torrent of verbal assault or something along those lines. As clearly her eyes were blaming him at first. Luckily that quickly changed, and moment later she disappeared into the bathroom. "Well, she's awake at least..." He muttered to himself, still smirking in amusement. After a few seconds the man decided he should get ready too. So he got up and started dressing himself.

When Rei came out again she was fully dressed. She once again apologized and quickly went to the door, apparently wanting to forget what had just happened as soon as possible. But he wasn't about to let her go with just that. "You sure you don't want to cuddle a little longer? What was it again that you muttered in your sleep...I smell of oil and that's relaxing, and I'm cute so that makes things hard?" He questioningly raised a brow at her as if to ask 'what was up with that, hm?' Of course he wasn't sure she was talking about him, but he could still tease her a little bit.

Then as if he hadn't even asked the question he got up from the bed and headed for the door as well. He wanted his cup of coffee, or he wouldn't be properly awake for another hour at least.
Jacob was too surprised to even cry out as he was pulled back to the bed again. And before he knew it, Rei had already latched on to him like a baby chimp to a mother. He took a few seconds to let the current situation sink in, then shook his head slightly. "Really getting mixed signals here, Rei..." He spoke softly. Though more as a joke than being serious. As it was quite obvious that she was still mostly asleep. "Even so, we need to get going if you want to get there in time." To him it didn't matter all that much. But she wanted to be there quickly, from what he had gathered. So this was for her sake.

Deciding to go with a more drastic solution, Jacob twisted around a little in Rei's arms until he could reach one of her ears with his fingers. Then he pushed his index finger behind his thumb and flicked the woman's ear. "Time to wake up. Or at least let go of your improvised body pillow so I can go and get some coffee." He tried to play it cool, but this was one hell of an awkward situation for him. His employer was clinging to him like crazy, and she was refusing to wake up. How the hell did you deal with something like that?
Taking a while, sorry. Life's been hectic. And I wanted to post today, but feeling pretty crappy. I should have time tomorrow and not feel crappy any more though. ^^;
As soon as Jacob saw the scene before him he sighed. "I should have known." He thought. "Making me run errands while she comfortably stays in the room and tucks herself in." He decided to just take things for what they were, figuring it wasn't worth the effort to cause problems over this. After all, there was likely a hefty paycheck waiting for him at the end of all this. And if this kept up, he could just keep it at the one contract. With any luck it would be enough to pay for repairs for his ship, and to keep him going for a month or two.

After undressing, Jacob grabbed his pillow and stuffed his most important items, like his revolver and wallet, inside of it at the underside. The items that were too big, he put under the blankets. And once he himself got under them, he wrapped them around him as best as he could. At the very least he would wake up if anyone, like his current employer, tried to steal it.


The next morning Jacob woke up as soon as the sunlight shined through the curtains. A quick look at the clock on the wall told him it was 7 am. Though he was laying in quite the different position by now. He had rolled onto his back and spread out his arms and legs a little, taking up about half the bed by now. Even though it was a very big bed. It was normal for him to wake up even earlier, being a ship's captain. But the bed was so comfortable that he had slept in a little.

With a slight groan he sat up and looked under his sheets. His grappling hook and personal logbook were still there. And a quick check under in his pillow revealed that his gun and pillow were still there as well. "At least she doesn't appear to be a common thief..." He thought to himself as he lazily swung his legs over the side. "Hey Rei, wake up. We've got to leave in about an hour if we want to make decent time." He spoke, figuring it'd wake her up at least. In truth they had about one and a half hours at most, but his experience was that employers tended to run a little late most of the time.
You okay hun? Been almost 2 weeks now. ^^;;
Jacob ran a fairly warm bath while looking at what this bathroom had to offer. For one, He reached into his vest to take out a spall leather package. It contained some basic bathroom items. Then he checked inside the cabinet above the sink. It had some washcloths, some small towels, a small bottle of detergent to hand-wash your clothes

Once the bath was ready he turned his head towards the door, and let out a soft disappointed sigh. Maybe Rei really did mean to just sleep in the same bed. When she accepted he had hoped for maybe something more. But he wouldn't complain about it. If it wasn't meant to be it wasn't meant to be this evening.

Jacob had slowly started to relax, and thus forget about the time a little. So once Rei called he frowned a little. It felt like he hadn't been in the water all that long yet. But he couldn't argue with nature calling, so decided to get out right away. "Give me a few minutes to dry off." He called back, grabbing a towel from a small cabinet beside the bath.

A minute later the man exited again, though he had decided to only wrap a towel around his waist for the time being, holding his clothes over one arm. He wanted to wash them before putting them on again. However as he moved to the bed that idea quickly went out of the window. "But..." He muttered, though stopped himself. "Sure, since you're my employer I'll go, but I want to wash my clothes once I get back." It sucked that he had to put his dirty clothes on again. So he decided to take another short bath the next morning. He'd just have to wake up 15 minutes or so earlier.

After dressing himself Jacob went out. He first asked at the front desk, but they didn't have any for sale there. Instead he was directed to a small shop down the street that sold a bunch of hygiene supplies among other things. So off he went.

15 minutes later the man returned again. 2 dollars for a tube of toothpaste. And another 3 dollars for half a dozen pre-boiled eggs as snacks for Peanut. It was on the expensive side. Especially the eggs. But that was to be expected since this island had a lot of traffic going through it. Hoping he would get to wash his clothes right away the man was quick to head up the stairs and back to their room. After a quick knock he opened the door while starting to speak. "I'm back-"
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