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I have been actively roleplaying for just over 13 years now, since age 15. Which, as you might have guessed, makes me 28. I've done most of my rping on forums, averaging 2 to 4 paragraphs. Though I also LARP, and have played D&D for about 9 years. Real life has become a larger part of my life though, so my activity has lessened somewhat. Even so, I don't think I'll ever stop rping. :)

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Jacob ran a fairly warm bath while looking at what this bathroom had to offer. For one, He reached into his vest to take out a spall leather package. It contained some basic bathroom items. Then he checked inside the cabinet above the sink. It had some washcloths, some small towels, a small bottle of detergent to hand-wash your clothes

Once the bath was ready he turned his head towards the door, and let out a soft disappointed sigh. Maybe Rei really did mean to just sleep in the same bed. When she accepted he had hoped for maybe something more. But he wouldn't complain about it. If it wasn't meant to be it wasn't meant to be this evening.

Jacob had slowly started to relax, and thus forget about the time a little. So once Rei called he frowned a little. It felt like he hadn't been in the water all that long yet. But he couldn't argue with nature calling, so decided to get out right away. "Give me a few minutes to dry off." He called back, grabbing a towel from a small cabinet beside the bath.

A minute later the man exited again, though he had decided to only wrap a towel around his waist for the time being, holding his clothes over one arm. He wanted to wash them before putting them on again. However as he moved to the bed that idea quickly went out of the window. "But..." He muttered, though stopped himself. "Sure, since you're my employer I'll go, but I want to wash my clothes once I get back." It sucked that he had to put his dirty clothes on again. So he decided to take another short bath the next morning. He'd just have to wake up 15 minutes or so earlier.

After dressing himself Jacob went out. He first asked at the front desk, but they didn't have any for sale there. Instead he was directed to a small shop down the street that sold a bunch of hygiene supplies among other things. So off he went.

15 minutes later the man returned again. 2 dollars for a tube of toothpaste. And another 3 dollars for half a dozen pre-boiled eggs as snacks for Peanut. It was on the expensive side. Especially the eggs. But that was to be expected since this island had a lot of traffic going through it. Hoping he would get to wash his clothes right away the man was quick to head up the stairs and back to their room. After a quick knock he opened the door while starting to speak. "I'm back-"
Ugh, I forgot about Peanut the little Fennec Fox in my last post... Just imagine the little guy jumping on Jacob's shoulders again, and once in the hotel room jumping off and sniffing around to get familiar with it...

And just to be sure, you mean after he got toothpaste right?
Jacob was a little dumbfounded at first. Usually that little 'pick up line' of his, if you could even call it that, didn't work. He stared at her for a few second before realizing that she had indeed accepted his offer of staying in the same room for the night. His look of confusion quickly turned into an excited grin as he hopped from his bar stool and followed the woman. "So ah, where are we going? There's plenty of rooms in the inn we just left." He asked. Though instead of an answer all he got was a playful wink before she led him further down the street.

They stopped right in front of the most expensive hotel this island had. And without any hesitation Rei stepped inside. The man thought of protesting, as at least he didn't even have close to the funds to afford this place. But he decided to remain quiet for the moment and see where this was going. If worse came to worse he could just refuse and go back to the inn they had come from. As soon as they reached the counter though that hesitation quickly left his mind, as now he was getting what she was planning. With the best disappointed and sad expression he could muster he sighed and looked at her. "I'm sorry honey~ But I'll be making more money soon! So next time definitely..."

Clearly Rei's little scheme had worked, as the woman gave her the key what would definitely be a far better room than just the 'basic' ones in this place. This time he didn't have to fake his emotions, as he was genuinely excited to get such an expensive room, and for the money of a basic one no less. It would still be pretty expensive, but if this job paid out it wouldn't matter anyway.

Once in the room Jacob's grin only widened. The room was better than anything he had ever stayed at. Plus it had a huge bath! Normally he was stuck with a simple shower. Rei was quick to get back to business though. "Ship? Oh, it's a standard steam powered ferry model, but rebuilt on the inside to accommodate three people at most. The rest is now reserved for cargo. There's also a large gattling gun on the deck in case of trouble."

Jacob decided to check out the bathroom as well, and decided that that would be his first order of business. As he was half expecting that they would have to leave this room again before he could enjoy such luxury. The bath was indeed quite large. In fact, it was built into the room and large enough to fit two people, or three if you tugged in your legs. With that he grinned again. "I'm gonna take a bath. There's room for two so feel free to join." Without hesitation he started undressing as he walked into the bathroom. First his vest and shirt, revealing a not super muscular, but still well toned upper body. Having to do all the work on a ship that normally required at least two people to operate would do that to the body. After that he disappeared behind the bathroom's door.
Well that escalated quickly. xD He didn't think she'd actually go for it. Not that he minds though.
Jacob's eyes widened at the woman's sudden turn around. A moment later he let his head droop a little and sighed. Either this woman was far better than him at manipulating the other party when making a deal, or it was just luck and she easily changed her mind. Either way, he had clearly been outplayed. Nonetheless, the proposal she made was still a rather good one. Such a high chance to get a very good pay-out was rare. Once again he wondered just how dangerous or dubious this job would be if it paid that much. But the fact remained that he needed the money. Or he wouldn't be flying at all any more in a few months at most.

The man took her hand and shook it lightly, giving a bright smile. "Sure, deal. You look like you're in a hurry though. And I'd rather go tomorrow morning. If time is of the essence we can go right now, but the better rested I am, the less chance at mistakes later on." If they left now they most likely would have to fly through the night. And while he could do that just fine, come morning the problems would start. Sleep deprivation could be a dangerous thing.

He drank the last of his beer, putting down the mug as he looked at her once more, this time a mischievous glint in his eyes. "If you need a room I wouldn't mind sharing one. Would save on the costs and all that." He never slept in his ship while it was docked. Too much noise from the workers. Plus she was definitely above average in looks. Maybe even quite pretty. Though he would have to put his valuables in a safe spot while sleeping. There was no sense in completely trusting someone he'd just met after all.
"Woa woa there...what's the rush? Haven't you ever heard of bartering?" Jacob replied, frowning a little in annoyance. He looked the woman over with a serious look in his eyes before asking a new question. "At least tell me this, what are the chances of the cut being more than the 10,000? 50 percent? Less? More?" One of his ship's propellers had been having trouble starting for a week now and needed repairs. Plus he needed a new supply of lubricant to keep everything running smoothly. Add the regular supplies to that and he would need around 7000 dollars. He was also saving up for a chainblade. Basically a chainsaw in the form of a blade. They were highly advanced tech and very expensive, but also just about the strongest melee weapon you could get. As they could cut through even iron. Only steel was a match for it.

"Like I said I don't mind taking risks, but if I'm taking this job I want at least a decent chance at getting a nice pay-out." He took another swig from his beer before turning his gaze back to the woman. "Also, some advice. If you insist on staying vague on the details, yet won't budge on the price at all you won't find many people who are willing to work with you in this town." Even he probably wouldn't have gone for this job if he didn't need the cash to repair his ship. As, as great as the 10,000 sounded, his gut told him that there was more to this than a simple drop off and pick up of a woman.
Taking a bit longer for my next post. Been a bit sick the last few days since I had to take some antibiotics. ^^;;
Jacob raised a brow. At the very least this woman had done similar things in the past considering how she seemed experienced in dealing with possible employees. Which could certainly make the next part a bit of fun. "25% huh? That's too little. I don't mind taking risks from time to time, but I want 40%. Also I want a bit more details than just 'drop me off and pick me up again'." The man paused and took a long swig from his mug, glancing at the woman to see her reaction to his intentionally high demand for compensation.

Once he had swallowed he spoke more softly, not wanting the people around them to hear what he had to say next. "Also I reserve the right to quit the job at any time if it turns out whatever you plan on doing is blatantly illegal. I don't want to be banned from places like this." Law enforcement wasn't really a thing. They had a better system now. If you broke the rules, you'd get banned from one or even several islands. Which made it very hard to get by in the future. Most people wanted to avoid a fate like that, including him. Though with any law system there were grey areas of course. And those areas he didn't mind stepping in to if the job was profitable enough. And this one did sound like it could be just that.
Jacob noticed a rather peculiar woman walking in. She wasn't usually the type to come to a bar like this. And though he wasn't nearly always there, he certainly didn't recognize her. And so didn't Powell from the looks of it. Though what piqued his interest was whe nshe posted a note on the bulletin board. This bar was on the surface of the island, so no one would be stupid enough to post blatantly illegal jobs here. And the ones that were only just posted had a far higher chance to be good, or at least decent. So Jacob was quick to get up, beer still in hand, and walk over to the newly posted note.

"Captain needed...needs transport...percentage of the cut huh?" Jacob mumbled softly to himself. The man thought deeply for a few moments before turning to his furry pet. "What do you think Peanut?" The Fennec Fox chirped in response. Which was somehow enough to convince him. "All right~" He spoke, taking the notice off of the board and walking back over to the bar. As he took a large swig he sat down right next to the woman whom had just posted the note and glanced at her.

"Do give me an indication of how much I can earn with this. If I like what I hear you might have a captain for your job right away." He flashed a bright smile, though still didn't turn all the way towards the woman. Of course Jacob wanted to know at least a bit more about this job than just what was on the note. After all, there were still people who tried to sneak in dirty jobs along with the legal and grey area jobs in this place.
Ahh, yea, that can definitely keep you busy. ^^;; Well, hoping to see your post soon~
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