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Current This site and everyone on it is a joke. And pretty much all the ideas are pathetic. No wonder I've never spotted this one when I was originally looking for a new home to role play at.
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No wonder no one wants to role play. I forgot to put in the boring Pokemon or that Game of Thrones crap. Well the people on here to me are all newbies. Honestly the ideas are crap that I've seen.


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I'm happily quitting this site in general. So good luck to your group. I'm looking for a more skilled role playing area with people that are actually fun. :)
Dang 8-10? Well then you might want to mass message people in recruiting or this could take a while.
How many are you trying to get?
I'm interested. What are the limits and rules of the role play? Do you have a character sheet or format that you'd like for us to follow?
Easily the best role player here. Period!
I'm already too good for any of you newbish role players on here. lol. Especially Candlelitsoul. Jokes on you fool. Any quaker that laughs at someone else's ideas just shows the immature individual that they really are.
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