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I am Sub Zero and I will do anything to do a rp of Mortal Kombat.

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Looking for:
Hanzo Hasashi/ Scorpion:
Sonya Blade:
Kung Lao:
Sorcerer Shang Tsung:
Sub Zero was looking for Earth Realms champions. Sub Zero is from the Outworld and works with the Sorcerer Shang Tsung. Sub Zero makes it snow in the middle of July and he stands in the streets. He makes the ice rise and makes the snow turn to ice and throws it to the ground and at Cole Young and his family.
Sub Zero was walking around in the town of earth looking for someone. as he does this snow falls in the middle of July. He was looking for someone by the name of Cole Young. Sub Zero works for the OutWorld Sorcerer Shang Tsung. He is able to control, manipulate, shape ice. He is suppose to kill the earth realm champions.
Hi I am Sub Zero and if you would like please jump in and start roleplaying. The characters we need are:
Scorpion Sub Zero's brother-
Johnny Cage-
Liu Kang-
please let me know in the OOC thank you
* she rubs the back of her neck and she tries to get back up and notices him*
* she was sitting in a tree and was reading while listening to music*
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