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Doing all the proper learning.


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Hi, Everyone!
I'm new to this site, and I'm spending a good bit of time lurking around trying to pick up things. I've been RP'ing on and off for years now, spending the majority of my time RP'ing on sites like Nexxuschat The Keep, and CyberChat. Those sites were live RP's, and I haven't really done much forum-based RP'ing, so it might take me a bit to learn the ropes.

I think it might be the best decision for me to start out in more casual RP's on this site at first, and then delve into more advanced ones. I'm used to long-posting, (multi-para posting) but I don't want to go to an advanced RP and slow everyone down while I figure things out.

So, I'm going to lurk some more and take notes of things as I go along. I hope to RP with some of you once I feel more comfortable!
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