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Tsukada Yuzuki swaggered on through the mercantile district with her hands clasped behind her head. She let out a loud and piercing whistle while her eyes followed the scenery. There were quite the variety of stands, shops and restaurants to take a look at. However this whistling disturbed the nasty and pest bug like fairy that was currently in her overall pocket. Buzzing upwards Sayaka rubbed at right eye and stared annoyed at Tsukada.

"What was that?"

"Shucks, I'd reckon you dun heard t'whistlan."

The fairy yawned as she stretched both of her arms upwards, "Well stop it. Look kid, I need my beauty sleep. It helps me concentrate." At this Tsukada let out a guffaw. A single eyebrow of Sayaka's twitched as she placed her hands on her hips, "How come you're laughing?"

"Ain'tcha more concence- con- focused when yer waken?" The fairy slapped her right palm against her face as she flew up right in front of Tsukada Yuzuki's nose. Tsukada's eyes took a moment to focus on her fairy as Sayaka began to poke her on the nose. "Look, okay, okay, I will explain this again. I've got the brains you've got the looks, and we're gonna make lots of money. You've got the brawn I've got the brains, we're gonna make lots of money. We've got opportunities kid. But in order for me to make the most of your opportunities and properly manage you I need my me time for resting and scheming. Understand?"

Tsukada Yuzuki removed her hands from behind her head and rubbed at her nose. "Guessin I do." The fairy nodded in approval before returning back to the pocket. Tsukada turned her head from side to side and stretched her back. She blinked at her surroundings before hearing the rumblings of her stomach.

"Shoot. Oughta start fixin' ta get some manner of grub."
So what are the general actions happening in character at the moment?
Name: Tsukada Yuzuki
Magical Girl Title: Miko Harvest
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Magical Girl Appearance: As Miko Harvest, Tsukada Yuzuki wears a white kimono jacket, a single large red hair ribbon, a red long-skirt with pink stockings underneath and a pair of golden and glittering waraji. Around her neck are a series of purple prayer beads and her face is painted with a sun painted over her eyes and nose just above her mouth alongside a rice paddy painted across her jawline.
Personality: Tsukada Yuzuki is a girl from the salt of the earth, incredibly naive to the ways of city life, popular culture and other matters revolving around that subject. Hardworking and stubborn to a fault she will eagerly accept the challenges life throws at her and attempt to solve them in an old fashioned way like her dad would do. Incredibly superstitious, she practices a medley of odd folk practices with an intense earnest to encourage certain beneficial things to happen alongside stopping malevolent things from happening. For the most part she is a tomboy with an intense bravado that can easily get shattered and cause her to fluster, such as in situations where she has to be overtly girly.
Skills: Due to being born on a farm, Yuzuki is pretty strong due to completing laborious tasks. She knows her way around many farm vehicles, understands the various factors impacting crop yield, knows how to tend to farm animals and how to maintain and harvest plant crops. She is also skilled in various outdoorsy/rural activities, such as camping, fishing, hunting, preparing animals for consumption and taxidermy.
Abilities: Miko Harvest utilizes what she refers to as 'The Dances of Kuebiko' in order to use her magical girl abilities. Depending on the performance and style of the dance, Miko Harvest can unleash the following abilities.
Pirouette of Prevented Plagues - Through intensive spinning motions, Miko Harvest conjures mass swarms of locusts, hornets and cicadas to strike at and devour the targets as if they were the crops these pests wanted to initially devour.
Serpentine Sways of Ugajin - When swaying sensuously Miko Harvest takes on snake like aspects and as such she becomes more evasive and her limbs become rubbery and are able to stretch out long distances.
Frolicking Fields - Through jumping Miko Harvest is able to flicker illusions of large rice fields into existence which flood the senses in order to deceive those around her.
Kuebiko's Purification - This is the most curious dance as for most of the dance it involves Miko Harvest kneeling down on both knees in prayer. If this prayer is not interrupted by strikes or losing focus, she charges up with large amounts of magical energy. Once fully charged, Miko Harvest leaps up and begins swinging her kamas rapidly, releasing large curved arcs of white energy that hone towards evil, and after engulfing the source of evil and then purifies all the evil stored within. This serves as a finishing maneuver.
Weapon(s): A pair of Kamas with prayer-beads hanging from the handles.
Brief History: For the most part Tsukada Yuzuki had a fairly dull and uneventful life. She was born in the rice paddy farmlands like her four younger sisters were, her parents were before them, their grandparents before that, and their great grandparents before them and so on. Yuzuki did not mind doing laborious farm-work day in and day out as she did enjoy it. For the most part the most exciting things she ever experienced besides a couple of minor incidents at the farm were going to the local shrine to give offerings. However that changed when her Aunt living in Umitori became sickly. Tsukada's parents knew they needed to take care of her, but she did not want to leave Umitori for farm life. As the oldest child Yuzuki was sent to move in with her Aunt to help take care of her and make sure she was alright. It was there in the big city, she met the fairy Sayaka who utilized her city-slicker tongue to convince Tsukada Yuzuki to become a Magical Girl.
Fairy Name: Sayaka

Fairy Personality: In short Sayaka is a sleazy city-slicker who acts like a talent manager. She's a vapid individual who is lazy when it comes to work that doesn't involve 'showing off the talent' and more importantly 'making oodles of money for the talent' so that she can skim more off the top alongside taking large cuts of profit. However when it comes to her avarice desires she is incredibly hardworking.
Theme Song:A Theme Song
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