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Current If anyone's looking for me, I'm moving houses tomorrow and won't have internet for about a week or so. TTYL!
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Question! If you want to do a 1x1 RP, can you create multiple threads if more than one person wants to RP with you? Or do you turn it into a small group RP thread?
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9 mos ago
Would anyone be interested in an Undertale Slumber Party RP? Anyone at all?
9 mos ago
@Uncertain Tea: Yeah, I obsess over special interests too. Right now my special interests are both roleplaying and religion.
9 mos ago
Sometimes it's nice to take a moment to just stop and smell the flowers, you know?
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A 21 year old University student who likes to nap a lot and also roleplay.

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That's okay! At least you ended up seeing my post, lol. :)
Still looking for anyone wanting to join an RP with me!
@Genni She could also be introduced to other religions, yes, but she'd probably only look at them as an outsider who is just curious about the other religions. In the end, however, she'd probably choose either Catholicism or Islam.
Lol well at least it gives you some practice with another genre and type of character! ^^

And by the way, just so you know, I'm moving houses tomorrow and I won't have internet connection for about a week or so, so if it takes me awhile to get to my reply, that's why.
Just so you know, I'm moving houses tomorrow and I won't have internet connection for about a week or so, so if it takes me awhile to get to my reply, that's why.
Usagi chuckled shyly and shook her head. "Oh, I wish I were this good of a cook, but no. Actually my mom makes my lunches for me. I guess I could try making food on my own as well, but my mom is just such a good cook so I let her do it for me." Besides, the last time Usagi tried cooking a dish like this, she nearly set the kitchen on fire, but she wasn't about to talk about that. That would just be embarrassing. That wasn't to say that she was a bad cook, though. She could make simple foods like eggs, rice balls, and cereal, but as for actually making a balanced meal... that would take some work and practice. "I hope that doesn't seem weird by the way; my mom making lunches for me, I mean," she added, wondering if perhaps that came off as lazy.
Usagi looked at Elise with slightly concerned eyes. Surely it couldn't have been her sandwich making skills that were causing her to pick at her food like that. Most people would just throw the whole sandwich away and get something else to eat. Then again, maybe this girl was telling the truth and simply didn't have any money to pay for something else to eat.

"Really? Well that's too bad... Want some of my lunch instead?" She offered, moving her tray over to Elise. "Today they're serving rice, beef curry, and steamed vegetables. I also brought some pork dumplings from home in case today's lunch wasn't going to be that good, so you can take your pick from any one of those." She flashed her a small smile just to appear that much more friendly. Hopefully she wasn't laying it on too thick. She just wanted to be nice.
Usagi smiled brightly and took her seat saying, "Thank you. Every place else was either taken or had someone there that I didn't want to disturb." The smile on her face lingered for a little bit as Usagi reflected on the fact that Nozomi knew her name. That was probably obvious since they were in the same class, but even still she couldn't help but feel noticed as she started to eat her lunch. Today she was eating rice, beef curry, and steamed vegetables and boy did it taste delicious! She was certainly thankful for her mother's cooking skills and hoped to be just as good at it one day herself... though that would take a lot of practice.

Usagi was on this train of thought for a little bit before realizing that she should probably try talking to Nozomi a bit if she wanted to be noticed at all. So, after thinking of something to say, she asked, "So... did you make your lunch yourself or did your mom make it for you?"
"Ah, okay then. I'll just sit here then. You know, cuz there's nowhere else to sit." Usagi said, knowing full well that there were other places to sit, but choosing to use that as an excuse anyways to try and not seem like some sort of weirdo.

She quietly took her seat and started to eat her lunch slowly. She was thinking of something else to say so as to not seem boring or uninteresting. That's when she noticed that Elisabeth was picking at her food rather than eating it. Thinking this would be appropriate lunchtime conversation, she asked curiously, "Are you not feeling very hungry today?"
Just saw your response and I'm about to reply to it, but just so you know, you don't need to match my length all the time. Sometimes I can get carried away, so don't worry if yours ends up being shorter than mine. I don't really mind, lol. :)
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