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Looking to do a dark 18+ plot, I have a lot of ideas and I am happy to drive the plot and story. I usually write 3-5 paragraphs depending on what I am working with.

Very open to all kinks so please be open.

Star Wars/Other Sci Fi world.
Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter x Target
Slaver x Slave
Jedi x Padawan.

Warlord x
Survivor x Survivor
Whatever, really.


Monster Hunter x Monster
Adventurer x Monster Girls
Knight x Servant

Come to me with almost any idea and I am willing to work with you on it.
Looking to do an RP set in the Battletech/Mechwarrior universe exploring the plight and danger of a life living from battle to battle in a world full of betrayals, great fortune and ancient tech. I also want to explore the dynamics of Mechwarriors in their off time, whether that be aboard their ship or while they are in shore leave. I would also like to include a heavy dose of smut in the roleplay, though that is not essential. Kinks are very negotiable.

So send me a PM and lets work out something that works for both of us!
Hi there I am looking for some long term writing partners, I like dark gritty plots full of character and intense situations. But I am pretty open to most things as long as it is not fluffy slice of life. Full disclosure I would prefer MXF roleplays with a fair amount of Smut and Adult situations as well as a wide variety of kink. But That is not the only thing I am looking for, so if you have a good idea PM me and lets see if we can work something out. Otherwise have a look below, but don't be afraid to ask for things outside the Box.

Mechwarrior RP- I would love to do a plot revolving around the running of a free Mercenary company in the Mech Warrior world. Doesn't truly matter who your character would be, could be a fellow Pilot, Mechanic, Civilian on the field, enemy pilot, whatever you can think of and that we can make work.

Star Wars-Star Wars is a universe where I can more or less get into any sort of character. You want to play smuggler or pirates I am game, Slaver/Slave I'm interested, Jedi/Padawan, Clone/Civilian it is all good and I am happy to build a plot around any of them.

Western-Want to play a Murderous band of outlaws, an innocent caught up in the mix, bounty hunters? Let me know and I'll work things out.

Apocalypse-This could be Zombie, virus, nuclear or just about any other apocalypse scenario that you could dream up. I am a pretty huge fan of this genre can also include fantasy or supernatural elements if that is your thing.

Other Interests-Most things Medieval, Fantasy, Supernatural, Bike Club, Cyberpunk.

If any of this interests you, please send me a PM!
I am definitely interested, chuck me a PM if you are still looking at all
G'day all,

I am looking to do a Star Wars RP preferably with OC's however I am willing to listen to ideas with feature characters. I am very open to just about any plot that takes place in the Star Wars universe however I will say that I usually prefer to focus on the darker side of Star Wars. The bounty hunters, the smugglers, the soldiers. If I am playing a Jedi I usually prefer it to be in one of the darker eras for the Jedi.

I have many different ideas for possible plots, but I usually like to build them out fully together so we can all get as much out of it as possible. So these are some of the pairings that interest me. Send me a PM and lets see what we can build.

Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter x Prey
Jedi x Padawan
Jedi x Sith
Clone Trooper x Padawan
Slaver x Slave
Soldier x Soldier
Smuggler x Crewmember

Or just about anything else, I am flexible. Hit me up and lets play.

I am just about done. I will be doing some editing of army structure and obviously adding in my legions 'identity' members, but most of the core is there.
@Nightlocke Done!
I will be updating my legion tonight once work gets quiet.
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