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@Ra Ra Razputin No problem. You can either PM myself or Grijs, or you can come talk on our discord. I will send you a link in a PM.

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Righty, update on things:

-Grey and I have begun the preliminary stuff for our collab (Doc up, sorting out POV's, setting, line of events, etc)

-@DracoLunaris, @CollectorOfMyst, @Klomster: You three are all still here and accepted and so can begin working on laying out the Northern Campaign of the Sac War.

@Willy Vereb, when your sheet is finally finished, you, @Wernher, @CollectorOfMyst, @Drunken Conquistador can have your holy city meeting.

@Brithwyr Your claim has been put on the map (the island) when your sheet is done your leadership will likely want to have some representation at the Eastern holy city meeting.

@Publius I see you are slowly getting there... My offer still stands concerning your military section.

@Archetype Zero I am aware you are busy with the thesis, though I would like to remind you that you now have an actual avenue to RP in (The Oratorium in West Ouroborasia, as noted before).

@Everyone mentioned here: So that Drunk knows whats going on, do remember to post your response to this message here (or otherwise PM information to him), as he isn't on the Discord that often.

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Updated Map:

-NPCs added
-New players (Brithy in the north-east and Ghostmark in the far north-west)
-Inactive players removed (mentions of them will have to be modified)
-Oraculum's shrimps have some disputed no-mans land areas in the centre.
-Drunken Conquistador's Lamash and Emmtt's Fereumin have become major powers. Emmtt is updating his sheet to show this.

In other news, Grey and I will be working on a Collab soon, and I am also working on making some NPC sheets to fill in the spaces (New players can choose to hijack/take over NPCs if they wish)

I would like to ask what players are doing concerning either working on RP posts or their sheets. In particular, @Willy Vereb is Yllendthyr capable of having an OOC WIP sheet yet?
I have returned, as noted in Discord. We will try and clean up the map and get things rolling again.

Report to the Discord channel.
@Everyone: Updates are going on in the discord, including a large conversation about updating Yuwanism with more details for the faction as well as environmental information about the far-eastern subcontinent. Willy will probably mention this soon.

I am also updating information about the Ouroborasian Civil War as part of Gold and my own agreement concerning the "Moral Greying of Ouroborasia" (Essentially making the conflict more neutral/grey vs grey rather than the current escalating good vs evil we have going).

Current Map:

@CypherRahl This is indeed still going. We are currently searching for Justinians in the mid-west, Yuwanists in the east and north-east and Red-pantheonists in the far north).

In particular, we are searching for an expert NRPer who can play a Justinian border-state, a crusader-orientated nation with an international army built up of other (Justinian) nations forces. It would be medium-sized and inhabit a magical nuclear wasteland (to explain: essentially that region of the world is constantly bombarded by magical WMDs from various factions). Otherwise, we are looking for nations to fill in the spaces in general.

I will PM you the discord link.

@Anyone else: We are actively searching for more players!
And the Summary IC Post is done. Remember folks, Sheets and IC Posts!

@Wernher Remember to post your NS, even if it's not fully completed as you can just add stuff in stuff later.
@Willy Vereb the same
@Publius I figure due to how you have your sheet planned you will take longer, you should focus on the main 'fundamental' sheet information though and then post it in the OOC for review, then if accepted post in the sheet thread and update it as you go along.
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