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hey there! i'm a returning member from a long time ago, on the search for some roleplays. i'm big on world building, but more of on-the-go 'improvisation' rather than plotting everything up front. i'm on the slower side when it comes to post speed, and i'd like someone who respects that or is the same way themselves. because i'm a slow poster i'll probably be

  • i'd prefer characters & yourself to be 21+ years
  • i have discord available for ooc
  • on post-size: write at least enough to carry the plot forward & represent your character
  • open to all genders and gender pairings
  • be able to contribute ideas; i don't want to feel that i'm the only one driving the story forward
  • open to using character images, but won't use real life images

feel free to expand or branch off on these plot snippets

In test 4 mos ago Forum: Test Forum
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