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There’s a difference between being a confident woman and being a bitter feminazi cuz’ daddy wasn’t there. Shut up and read a book. Chill and spread the love
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It was later in the day and Derrick had heard the announcement.
He snorted to himself,dance?Forget that.
All he cared about was the game that day against Fairview High.
He hated that school,and their team,most on the football squad did though.
They were dickheads.Conceited,trashy wannabes.
Derrick was tapping his pen on his desk when the girl in front of him turned around.
"Could you please stop I'd like to hear this."
Derrick looked her in the eyes,gave his pen one hard tap,them kept going to the girls annoyance.
"Mister Ames."
Derrick dropped his pen and looked up.
Mr.Sherman spoke,"You are not a drummer and this not a recital hall,unlike you others in here actually want to learn.So cool it."
The minute he turned Derrick flipped him the bird causing several students to gawk at him,but nothing was said and Mr.Sherman kept teaching.
Derrick Ames was in P.E class now,since he was an athlete he was permitted to do workouts instead of play Volleyball with the non-athletes in his class.
He was in the weight room in his gym clothes,he had his Beats hooked to his iPhone.
As he picked up a dumbbell to do some reps he looked through his play list on his phone.

Go Getta~Young Jeezy
Can't Stop Me~Andy Mineo
Pour It On~Dux Jones
Hate Me Now~Nas
Victory~P.Diddy feat. Bigg
Run Away~Donnie Bravo
No Mercy~T.I

He hit shuffle and started playing No Mercy and begin curling a dumbbell in both hands.
His arms worked as he lifted,revealing muscled arms riddled with veins.
Sweat poured down his face and arms as he lifted.
As he strained and increased pump speed he pictured a Blue Devils jersey followed by a Jets Jersey.
Those were his goals.
Alright my B.
It's fixed now though.
Alright my CS up.
NAME:Derrick Ames
RACE/ETHNICITY:African American
SPORTS:Football,Cross Country,Track
VEHICLE:Yellow Dirt Bike

APPEARANCE: My profile picture.

CLASSES:Financial math,Agriculture 3,P.E,English 4

SHORT BIO: From Brooklyn New York,his mother is a secretary at at the First National Bank,his father was killed in a gang shoot out.He loves football and wants to go pro someday.Though not as great as Tyrone he's a top pick in New York and has several smaller universities looking at him.
Not all that serious about school.
This looks cool,I'll have a character up sometime today.
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