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Just want to apologise for the absence, I’m back now :)


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B U M P this I WILL
Yep... so as the tittle stated, just looking for some slice of life with mature themes&scenes intended.

I can write up to 1-4 paragraphs and will try to match partners but I do prefer quality over quantity.

I do prefer over PM although I could do thread with the understanding that the naughty parts will be played out in PM or fade to black if we're not feeling it.

Just give me a PM, I have lots of pairings & remember this is slice of life only so please state in your tittle, slice of life :)
Added an IDEA'S ALERT :) but if they don't tickle your fancy then I hope we could work something else out.
Boo :)
So as of lately I’ve found my muse back for roleplaying :) I've had my muse back for a while but not had the time to re-visit this until today! I'm alive and ready to roleplay!

Without hesitation;

# be 18+
# be able to OOC chat with me I enjoy it ;)
# write at least a good chunk of a paragraph, I can write up to three but not all the time. I prefer detail over length
# PM only
# I am a female & would prefer my main character to be a female but I can play males as extra and I can play at least 3 characters at a time or just one, totally up to you.
# I can’t post every day, I try but I don’t guarantee it, we can talk about this more in PM.
# Please check spelling and grammar - I'm not perfect but I try my hardest to double check before sending.

I don’t do fandoms/fantasy/sci-fi etc.. so please don’t ask me about them.

All I am looking for is SOL/romance/comedy/mature/18+/dark&gritty/drama!/dominance


That is all for now, I'll make sure to add more :)

I’d love to hear your ideas/input!

PM me for faster replies.

This was edited on 21/2/2019 at 11:11am :)
Looking for any other ideas, or we can think of something fresh!
I am Interested :)
Just looking for one more. PM me only.
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