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Just want to apologise for the absence, I’m back now :)


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Yep... so as the tittle stated, just looking for some slice of life with mature themes&scenes intended.

I can write up to 1-4 paragraphs and will try to match partners but I do prefer quality over quantity.

I do prefer over PM although I could do thread with the understanding that the naughty parts will be played out in PM or fade to black if we're not feeling it.

Just give me a PM, I have lots of pairings & remember this is slice of life only so please state in your tittle, slice of life :)
Added an IDEA'S ALERT :) but if they don't tickle your fancy then I hope we could work something else out.
Boo :)
So as of lately I’ve found my muse back for roleplaying :)

Without hesitation;

# be 18+
# be able to OOC chat with me I enjoy it ;)
# write at least a good chunk of a paragraph, I can write up to three but not all the time. I prefer detail over length
# PM only
# I am a female & would prefer my main character to be a female but I can play males as extra and I can play at least 3 characters at a time or just one, totally up to you.
# I can’t post every day, I try but I don’t guarantee it, we can talk about this more in PM


What I am craving right now is for some gritty mature stories, for example

; mob boss daughter x mob member
; criminal x police officer
; prisoner x prisoner
; mental patient x doctor
; outlaw x sheriffs daughter
; mob son x enemie mob’s daughter

I can do lovey dovey stuff too...

; college friends
; rich boy x poor girl / can be switched
; work
; slice of life
; relationship/married life

I don’t do fandoms and fantasy so please don’t ask me about them.


Country girl x Recently broke rich kid OR it can be switched around

But the main idea of it would be, they've been cut off from their money one way or another or they need to escape the demands and people who are only after their money instead their feelings. They go to this farm and soon learn how the other side lives...

- Can be dark and twisted?
- Can be a romance/comedy story but never love at first sight, I want to build their relationship up


Is intended to be dark & twisted.

Gang member x Innocent witness

Well, the Innocent witness is actually mourning the loss of her brother who was actually apart of a gang when he was shot down, she'd witnessed it but they never saw her but she saw them.

This would follow her leaving her good girl life behind and turning to the streets to become apart of that gang, to finally get revenge, her brother had been the only family member to be around and now she was all alone.

We can discuss this more in PM.

-x-x- That is all for now, I'll make sure to add more :)

I’d love to hear your ideas/input!

PM me for faster replies.
Looking for any other ideas, or we can think of something fresh!
I am Interested :)
Just looking for one more. PM me only.
It’s been updated! :D
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