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Current I'd like to yet again apologize for my disappearances but unfortunately I return with not so good news. Said news will be in my bio.
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Okay so I lied a little. I'm so sorry everyone. I got busy with personal things over the last few days and would come home and crash. But i'm not busy today so I'll get out responses promise
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Sorry I haven't replied to anyone today was out most of the day and on the road for a while so I'm pretty exhausted. I'll be sure to reply to everyone tomorrow promise
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I've been here 10 hours and I already love it


I only joined the community recently and while I've met several lovely people and am very happy here I will be unfortunately unable to RP for a while. I have personal things going on currently that while I was hoping I could solve quickly will take a while. I will come back at some point but I cannot give an exact time frame so please forgive me.

My name is Shy, I'm 23, and I've been roleplaying for about 11 years.

I started off roleplaying anime characters over various chat rooms but before long delved into a 3D avatar chat room where I started making my first OCs and became a little more serious in my writing. Eventually I turned to a twitter RP community where I could really show off my OCs to people until it unfortunately died. After that I kinda kept to myself until I met my friend through another shared interest and we eventually started RPing together.

When it comes to roleplays I'm interested in I'm fine with just about everything, the only genre I can't ever see myself writing is Sci-fi due to my lack of interest personally. Other than that I enjoy a lot of different genres especially if I have a good partner to bounce ideas off of. While I tend to mainly do OC roleplays these days I'm definitely not against doing character roleplays from (or roleplays based on) different anime/manga/tv shows/movies/video games/books.

To name a few that I'd be comfortable with:
Hunter x Hunter
Hetalia (it's been a very long time but I have a soft spot)
Fairy Tail
Kingdom Hearts
Lore Olympus
House of Night

I'm not all that picky when it comes to roleplay partners I just want people who love roleplaying just as much as I do and love portraying characters or showing off their own. Heck even if we don't roleplay I'm always interested in hearing about other people's OCs! I enjoy 1 on 1 roleplay and small group roleplay though it's been quite a while since I've done group RP so I may be a bit rusty. I like to have my replies be 1-2 paragraphs minimum but I know I sometimes can't get my brain to cooperate and they can be shorter. At the same time I have moments where I write way more than I intended so don't be intimidated when that happens, write as much as you feel you can never feel the need to match length though I do like having 1-2 paragraphs to go off of just to keep the flow going smoothly. I'm neither here nor there about having fast-paced back-and-forth replies or long complex detailed replies. Both are amazing in their own way and are fine by me depending on the type of RP we're trying to do. So for me it's all a matter of discussion between us.

If I'm not on here the best way to contact me is my twitter @FlurryIsQueen I can be a bit forgetful so feel free to remind me of things. Another way to try and get ahold of me is my discord which is: ShyMoon19#9891 Other than that I like to think I'm nice and approachable so feel free to talk to me any time!

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I'm highly interested if you're still looking for a partner
@CamLi Devine Any of those would be lovely! Feel free to PM me or even message me on discord (my usernames in my bio) and we can discuss different ideas!

I'm new to this lovely forum and I came here in search of new RP partners who could help me better my characters and my writing. I want to find partners who I can not only roleplay with but also exchange ideas with, share characters with, and build beautiful worlds with. I want to find partners who genuinely enjoy writing and character creation as much as I do. So this is my way of reaching out to anyone who is interested in possibly being my partner.

So before I get into possible ideas I have or anything like that, I do have a few rules:
  • I do want my partner to be 18+ not only because my writing tends to include a lot of mature content but seeing as I am 23 I would just feel more comfortable if my partner was at least 18.
  • I'm not too harsh about reply length usually but I would prefer a minimum of 1-2 paragraphs just to keep the flow of the RP going. Of course more than that is perfectly fine and again I'm not horribly strict about it, it's just a preference.
  • Just as I'm not harsh about reply length I'm not strict about grammar either but keeping grammar mistakes minimal would be a huge plus. Of course I understand mistakes as I am not perfect and have made many myself over the years but again, minimal is preferred.

Now with that out of the way I'd like to cover a few questions that may be asked or things that I feel I need to address just so people are aware of what they're getting into.

I have 0 issue with smut of any kind so long as it's consensual. Non-con is where I draw the line as it makes me extremely uncomfortable and while I know very few people probably write it I figured I'd note it just in case. Other than that, completely free game. I am fine to write it, I'm fine to fade to black. It can be vanilla, it can be kinky. Whatever you are comfortable with and whatever fits the scene/characters I will be more than fine doing. As a warning I do have periods where I will not feel up to writing smut but I will of course communicate as such so you are aware and I hope you do the same.

Due to the fact that I have no solidified ideas for what I want to RP exactly, I'd like to note that I have multiple characters both male and female. I am comfortable playing multiple characters if necessary but I'm also more than fine with just one as well so it is all up to you on what happens there. And even if I do multiple characters for the sake of plot devices do not feel obligated to do so yourself unless your comfortable. Also, I love making new characters, so if you ever feel like you want a specific type of character made for a story you had in mind feel free to pitch me the idea and we can discuss from there! Oh and please no overpowered/broken/perfect characters. I hate the term they're given but you know what I'm talking about /those/ characters.

As I stated at the beginning of this post I am looking for someone to create beautiful worlds with me so please never hesitate to give input on the story we would be making. I love hearing different opinions and angles on things to keep my mind fresh and keep my thoughts going. Bouncing ideas off of someone is how I thrive so I hope you do the same.

One last thing I'd like to say before I /finally/ get into what you've probably been wanting to read: communicate with me. I'm not someone who demands constant consistent quick replies nor am I someone who expects replies every day. I understand that people have lives to live and that sometimes you just don't feel up to replying and that is a'okay with me so do not feel bad. All I ask is that if it's going to be for an extended period that you inform me even if you don't know when you'll be back. Also please inform me at any point if you wish to stop rping with me all together for one reason or another so I am aware of the situation. There's no need to ghost me as I will not be upset for whatever reason you may have. If I ever do/say anything that makes you uncomfortable in any way please let me know and I will do my best to fix it. My intention is never to make anyone feel awful but I am not perfect just know that I am open to criticism.

Now then plots~

Those are basically all the ideas I had in mind. They're all really loose and don't have much to them but I'm hoping to fluff them up and make them into something with your help! And of course if none of these suit your fancy you can still tell me your interested in RPing! I am more than happy to discuss other ideas and things you may have. If I'm not on here you can contact me through my twitter (easiest way to get ahold of me) or my discord which are both on my profile. Oh and for the most part I'd prefer to keep these in PMs rather than in a thread.
Hello everyone~ I'm ShyMoon19 though I tend to just go by Shy.

I'm 23 and I've been roleplaying/writing on and off for about 11 years. My love of RP started shortly after my friend introduced me to it through anime character RP over various chat rooms. I branched off after a while into a 3D avatar social app where I started making OCs and got more serious which lead me to pick up writing. After that my passion died down but then I found a community on twitter where I could show off my OCs again and RPed there for several years until the community unfortunately died. I stuck to myself after that happened until I met my friend through another shared interest and we found out we both enjoyed writing and RPing. Since then we've done various RPs together. However I'm looking to branch out and make more friends/RP partners so I can learn and grow more as a writer. I like to think that the several years I have under my belt have helped me become at least a somewhat decent writer but I know I definitely have my moments where I struggle.

When it comes to my preferences in terms of Roleplay I tend to heavily favor Fantasy settings but I do enjoy my fair share of modern, slice of life, high school, dystopian, apocalypse, and many other genres. The main genre I don't dabble in is Sci-fi due to my lack of knowledge and interest personally. Everything else though is free game if we can come up with an interesting plot. I'm accustomed to both 1 on 1 RP and small group RP as well so I am fine with either though it may take me a bit to get readjusted to a group after such a long time doing only 1 on 1 but I'm definitely not against it. As for pacing I enjoy both fast-paced back-and-forth and large complex stories with longer posts so it really is up to my partner(s) to set the pace that's right for them and the RP. I myself try to do at least 1-2 paragraphs when I reply but I have my moments where I struggle to do so. And sometimes the complete opposite also happens where I write waaaay more than I intended.

While I've mostly stuck to OC Roleplay in the past few years I do still enjoy anime/manga/tv show/movie character roleplay as well. I have a wide variety of interests and muses when it comes to those various forms of media so if you're interested in knowing which ones/which characters feel free to ask me!

Other than roleplay and writing I am a huge gaming nerd. I play a lot of mmorpgs, sim games (the sims, stardew valley, etc), 1 player story driven games, and rogue likes. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, watching anime, and singing.

But yeah, that's basically the gist of me, at least on a basic level. I really hope I can make some lasting connections while I'm here.
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