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Frixion Prime — Outskirts — Canal Sector Twelve
@Antarctic Termite @Patches
"...You said that...we'd stick together..."

" abandoned me...back then..."

"And you've...abandoned, too...huh...?"

Mary stared forlornly up at the clouds. The same sky where she had stood and watched, while her с̶̨̛͡е͢͟͜͞с̸̡́̀т̢́́■͏͜҉а͏̴͘͠?̵̵ slowly float away from her, like a balloon that she had let go and couldn't get back.

What happened to balloons, when you lost them in the sky? Did they float out into space? Waaaay into space? Super far away into space where you had to chase after them through all the stars and suns?


"Dingy death factory...?" The little girl was noticeably forlorn, her mind wandering elsewhere and her ears not listening, perking up at least enough to pay attention to the phrase. "Yeah..." Her brain was scattered, and there were a lot of things that she didn't understand. But she at least understood a few feelings. "...I...lost something here." She said seemingly unprompted. "Someone I...loved? I think? I feel like she's like that..." Trying the best she could to vocalize her inner thoughts, she shifted uncomfortably next to Ayem. "But...even though that's true...every time I see her, she dies, and my arms keep stabbing her. It happened over and over and over. And then she just...floated away, like it was nothing..."

...Jealousy? Envy? Was that it?

"I wanna float away, too. It's not that I don't love Papa, I really do. But I wanna be able to just float away and go places and do things, like she she's doing right now." The girl frowned, with no proper measure to know how well she was articulating herself at all. "But, I'm too little, I guess. But if I'll always be too little anyway, why does it matter...?"

Frixion Prime — Main Road
@Antarctic Termite @Patches
Mary fidgeted uncomfortably, her arms swaying back and forth, but with a small element of stiffness to them. "I don't really get it, but okay..." They wanted to find her caretakers? She supposed some of them might still be alive...even then, calling Papa would be a better choice. But then she'd have to explain why she didn't call him right away instead of going off on her own. He might get mad. Well, he doesn't really get mad, but he might be all, like, displeased. So maybe it was better not to. But...if they wanted her to...but she didn't want to...then who's wants want to want when one wants want what another's wants don't want?

"So...Canally place, and then the ship?" She asked, trying to get a better sense of where they wanted to take her. "Okeydoke. I can take us there if you don't know the way."
@FrankenDaughter I wouldn't be opposed to it, but I honestly don't know if I'd be able to keep up with you two @_@ At most I can do once a day posts, and I'd probably drag you guys two have a pretty awesome cadence going and it'd be awful to throw a wrench in it.

Frixion Prime — Main Road
@Antarctic Termite @Patches
"Huh? You mean all the adults that were watching me...?" Mary asked inquisitively, her eyes gazing into the far-off distance as she tried to remember — and when that quickly failed, looked up the records in her neural implant, in which the location had thankfully been taken note of. " was outside of the walls, like on the outskirts...umm...near Canal Sector Twelve." She spoke the words aloud as though she were reading them from something, even though there was no such source in her hands. The girl was fidgeting a bit, swinging her arms left and right. "There was a lot of fighting going on, but then a dam opened up and everyone scattered, and..."

" I in trouble?" The little girl asked sheepishly, her fidgeting being replaced with quiet, but telegraphed worry. "I know I'm not supposed to go around on my own, but I wanted to keep looking for her, so, and, um..." Mary frowned, holding her hands behind her back. "...I thought it would be fine if it was just for a little bit, honest..."
=D Thanks so much! I love making templates with markup stuff on forums. Sometimes people end up using them, it's totally fine~

Also, that song is really cool o_o
No worries. Still around~
Aaagh sorry >_< things have been busy, I should have replied to this earlier.

Yee, it's a jump-in, so you don't have to ask permission or anything. Not everyone necessarily needs to be in the same scene, just all scenes are running parallel in the same thread, I think. But you can join any scene you like or make a new one, depending on what you want to do.

So, follow your hearts~

Stolen Frigate — Hallways
@HeroicSociopath @Antarctic Termite
"Looting shit sounds on-point." SIGINT agreed, fighting the cloying exhaustion that tugged at her limbs as she rose to follow "I should probably check on my bounty, too, now that you mention it. See if it's changed. Kinda fun to find out how high it can go, eh?"

In her sleep-deprived state, she was close to seeing short dreams when she closed her eyes. Always the same scene. Underground, dark. Bullets flying, and...

"It's a privately-owned company called NeoCortex. They have majority share of two publicly traded companies, Hyder Pharmaceuticals and the Esmail Media Conglomerate." She rattled off the information as though she were reading it from somewhere — which she was. Through her eyes, there was a small window overlayed in her vision, with text scrolling along. Data fetched from the neural implant and output directly to her visual cortex. "As far as the public knows, NC is a provider for medical solutions to neurological damage in humans. Nerve-bridging, neuromuscular-correctives, things like that."

The window disappeared. It wasn't useful anymore. The rest of what she knew was known by only her.

"Secretly, they're doing some shady research on the human brain, developing a device that can interface with the entire thing...maybe even take control of it. I couldn't even tell you what they're planning to use it for." The young woman's face slowly drifted into a scowl as she recounted what she'd found, on a day long ago. "But I know that they're using test subjects. And I know of them sister."

She'd never told anyone before. Up until now, she'd always worked alone, ran alone, did everything by herself. But her life was in the hands of these people, and theirs in hers. The time for secrets was over.

"I was able to get into their system, once. I had to be physically inside their headquarters, so it was too dangerous to do any extended digging. But...while I was there...I found something. A series of files, a few hundred long. All timestamped." SIGINT bit her lip, remembering the sheer horror she'd felt when she had first opened them. "They were videos — videos of dreams. Dreams about things that...only me and my sister would know. Things from our childhood. And...dreams of...the last time we ever saw each other." It was hard for her to swallow. But she couldn't stop now. After watching another person die in front of her, she had to ask herself how long she would let it all continue for. "A team just like the one down there...shot her in the back, right in front of me, and dragged her body away while I ran."

"I thought she was dead. But they must have kept her alive, somehow. They're...getting data from her. Monitoring her brain. I don't even...know what they've done with her. What they're doing to her." SIGINT rubbed her eyes beneath her glasses. "And I don't know what's up with it, but...well, you can believe it or not, but...her and I, we're always dreaming the same dream. I matched up the timestamps with what I remembered about my own dreams...they've always been really vivid ever since I saw her get shot...and, it's like...whatever she's dreaming about, I end up dreaming about it, too. Or maybe it's the other way around, I don't know. It's just that they always, always matched up that way. Too many times to be a coincidence."

"Maybe they're after me because I have one of their experimental devices in my head. That's what I always assumed. Or maybe they're after me because of the creepy dream thing? I honestly couldn't fucking tell you. They know more than I do, at this point." Adjusting her glasses after displacing them, her vision remained fogged, not from the lenses, but from the mind. "All I know is that...they have my sister. And I don't know where, or how, or why. But I want her back."

She'd never opened up to someone like that before. She assumed that Marco could hear it too, from the other room. Both of them, really — for people she'd just met, she was telling them more than she'd ever told anyone about who she was and what she was doing. But considering the circumstances in which they'd met, was it so unusual? They hadn't exactly run into each other at a park, after all. They were the ones who had made it through the flames, together.

And with any luck, when the fire returned, they'd make it through again and again. If she'd found people that she could accomplish that, with, at the end of her own rope...then, she was going all-in.

Trusting people is...a lot harder than they make it sound.

But, somehow, I managed it in the end, like I always do.

I guess I can do this after all, huh?

...Yeah. You did great, Anna.

Frixion Prime — Main Road
@Antarctic Termite @Patches
"Uh, this thingy...?" Mary held her hand out for the black card, seemingly not understanding what it really meant to hold one. "Papa gave it to me." She said simply, "He runs a buncha businesses and corparayshuns and stuff, and, and he's got, like, so much money. So if I wanna buy something, I just swipe this thingy and he pays for it." The girl blinked innocently, placing the card in her other back pocket, across from the balisong. "He let me have it so that I could get things like food and hotels n' stuff while I was out. He said there's a limit on it, but I forgot what it was...and there were a bunch of adults with me, too, but they all died or something. Seong was my favorite."

"GRAZIEEE~!" In the middle of her rambling, her face lit up like a christmas tree, and she charged across the sidewalk to give her a biiig hug. "The whirly soap tunnel was awesome!! It was all, like, whirl whirl whirl, and like, soap soap soap, and I was all like, aaaahhhhhh, and then I was clean!! It was the most fun ever!! I'm gonna keep getting my clothes dirty so I can do it again!" Looking up at her with a smile that looked like it was trying to escape from her face and fly away, Mary pressed on. "How was the cashbot? Was it a bot with cash? Or was it...something else!? Like, like a bot with...with...vegetables!!"

Frixion Prime — Main Road
@Antarctic Termite @Patches

Without a second thought, the little girl charged headlong into a car wash like it was a bouncy castle or a ball pit. Disappearing behind the gigantic brushes that were rotating at an honestly kind of frightening speed, she was probably never seen from again.

Except, she was!

One logistically over-complicated hygiene effort later, Mary was beaming with pride and standing before her new friends again, this time wearing new clothes — a plain white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, about as simple as simple got. Her hair was still dripping and frothing with soap bubbles, but she didn't seem to mind at all. She didn't really seem to mind anything.

Lacking her hoodie, though, one thing became incredibly apparent — this eight-year-old was armed to the teeth. Across her back, with the handle over her right shoulder, was a long bowie knife that was practically a sword for a person her size, the hilt and crossguard sporting obvious technological measures above and beyond a knife meant to cut anything normal. Accompanying it was a combat knife on her left hip — the same one that she had showed Ayem earlier — shorter, but with the same design. Alongside that, on her right hip, two ballistic knives, two replacement blades, and four vials of strangely-colored chemicals, all in a neat row on her belt. And as if that wasn't enough, in her right back pocket was a butterfly knife that looked out of place only in that it looked normal compared to the rest of her blades.

All total, this little girl had seven different ways to bifurcate things she didn't like.

"Hehehe~ Hahaha~" Still woozy from her trip through the whirly soap tunnel, Mary giggled innocently in her exhaustion. "Line-spacer~ Line-spacer~ We're gonna see the line-spa-GHHHHORK—"

...aaand promptly hocked up a good ounce of phlegm and blood out of nowhere. Shoes ruined in record time.

"...Whoopsie..." Dizzily, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve, so now her shirt was dirty, too. It was becoming increasingly obvious how her previous clothes had ended up the way they did. "Line-spacer~" If nothing else, her rate of mental recovery was astounding to the point of reaching outright denial. "Is Grazie coming with us to the line-spacer, A.M.?" She asked the talltall lady expectantly, not thinking that anything was out of the ordinary about what Ayem, and very likely Grazia, was seeing at this point. "...Where'd she go?"
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