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Ooh, shmansy. Two is plenty. I'll get the sheet up in a while.
EDIT: CS up my guys.
Welcome! As the title suggests, this is going to be a Marine-centric story set in the world of One Piece. Whether it'll be carried out on the forums or Discord is something I'm still contemplating. I'm aware of the advantages of both, but meh, not in a rush to decide. This thread will mainly be for brainstorming, interest checking, and updates on any worthwhile progress.

Character Sheet Template:

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Will this be in an Alternative Universe (AU)?
Yes, this will be in an AU but I'll be taking bits and pieces from the canon lore throughout the story. Mostly locations and organizations, and at times, maybe certain individuals if need be. Timeline-wise, we'll be making use of when the actual canon story starts but previous events that took place will vary significantly in terms of detail.

2. Major changes would include the following:

3. Who is this RP for?
Of course its for those who are fans of One Piece and those who wanna get into it. But RPer-wise, its for those who have a One Piece itch that they need to scratch, but are willing to be patient enough to see this thing through. I'm saying this because I don't plan on making this a daily update or thrice weekly update thing. I'm not saying that those won't happen, but expect this RP to be a weekly thing. I'm aiming for longevity and to keep my goals attainable, the end I'm aiming for is reaching Reverse Mountains. This might raise some questions, but I'll try to address this later.

4. What would be the general plot?
You'll be playing as a new marine recruit who most likely has a questionable background or a strange quirk. But that's cool; we don't judge here. I mean, as long as you aren't a full blown criminal, sure. Whether you'll be on a crew with others like you or moving in ever-changing teams, is still being discussed by me and my associates (myself and I). The later I mentioned earlier, is now. Anyway, although confined within the seas outside of the Grand Line, in terms of power, it'll be more similar to, or at least closer to, early Grand Line.

5. What are the Marines like at this point?
They still have a similar vision with less of the authoritarian ideals. Since they're scattered all over without any real main base, the hierarchy that they currently have is slightly changed. More specifically the number of Admirals and the lack of Warlords. Without the World Government backing them, they get their resources from allied Kingdoms and independent benefactors who prefer the seas as pirateless as possible.

6. Got any idea on how the posting schedule will be like?
Like I said, major updates will be done weekly but once in a while, when I have the time, I can dish out shorter ones. Since I'm asking for patience from my future participants, I hope to give back consistency.

7. Can we start off with Devil Fruits?
Yeah, I'm cool with that. I don't really have a cap in mind for the number of participants, so I'll initially be cool with suggestions and requests. However, once the numbers start to pile up, I'll be more cautious with what I let in. Just don't go all out and we're good. Remember, we're just starting out.

8. Are you going to use a stat system?
Nah. Another thing I'm expecting from those who wish to join is that they'll know how to self-regulate their power. When in doubt, just ask and I'll help out. In the event of anyone deviating from this and going god mode, I'll surely step in.

I guess that's it for now. I'll update this thread in the next few hours or days.
Ooooh. My fancy has been caught. Will read up and get back to ya.
Quite the read but definitely interested. Mathlete incoming.
Ah, the ever elusive waiting game but in harder mode.
I know it says full, but hanging around the sidelines just in case a spot opens up.
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