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Still trying to get over the fact we've met again! It's great to find an old friend!!
*Throws cookies everywhere and starts dancing*
G'day guys and gals, Sir Patch here!

Some of you may have known me as "DemonicSoul", but I decided to go for a name change. Anyway, down to business. I started on the old site in early 2013, although I had had roleplaying experience beforehand. During December, the site went down and after trying to google why, I thought it was temporary and would be back soon. But it wasn't, so eventually I gave up trying.

When I found the site was back, I soon realised everything had been lost. I told myself I would never come back as I had lost all my best RPs and friends. I really wasn't up to starting all over again. However, recently I've been very bored and have found myself missing my roleplays and my online friends. So, after much consideration and after browsing other RP sites, I decided to return.
And here I am.

So now I guess I tell you a bit about myself...
Well, my name is Maclen (Mac for short), I am 18 and have been roleplaying for around 3-4 years now. I prefer advanced RP to casual and I'm a massive sucker for RPs with romance in... Most of my old RPs contained some sort of romance. Not pure smut, though. I like to have a good plot, either based around the romance or a well thought out plot with romance in places. I can only play male characters. Now, I know a lot of people say you are not a true writer if you cannot write the role of both genders, which I can understand. However, after trying many times to write the role of a female, I have found it extremely difficult and in some places unable to act how a female would. I guess I'll have to practice some more...
Anyway, that's it I guess. If you are interested in RPing with me (I'll RP just about anything) go ahead and PM me.
Any questions? ^-^

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