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Josè the Mexican Skeleton

Buenos dìas, fuckboy

It was rather quiet in the halls, Josè thought to himself as he strummed on his guitar. Watching Miss. Snailstrike angrily pick up trash, he turned to face the monitor on his desk. There wern't many people around the campus, and pretty much nobody in the halls. He could only spot one student, a young sorceress heading to class. Wow, it really was early

"Hey Linda, you don't think any of the staff would mind if I played some music on the loudspeaker? Ya know, to lighten the mood an' all that jazz until more students arrive?" He asked, strumming a little riff on his guitar. Responding to the man, she sarcastically stated "Suuure, I'm betting everyone'd just loooooove to hear your music."

"Great!" he said, and flipped on the loudspeaker. Moaning out in annoyance, Miss. Snailstrike dumped the rest of the trash she was holding into the bin, and all but leaped out of the room. He began to strum away at his guitar, and slowly but surly started to sing

"My birth I can hardly remember
But I remember from the start
My midwifes looking at eachother
'Wow, this boy is born with singing heart'"

(The song Josè is singing)
7:00 in the morning was a dreary time to wake up. The sun was only starting to rise into the cloudy skies, and it was safe to assume no student wanted to be awake. Thank god school didn't start for another 30 minutes.
"Morning already?" The man said, getting up from his spot under the desk. Groggily shuffling through the heaps of assorted garbage on the floor, he fumbled over to the doorway.
"GAH, MY EYES" shrieked the skeletal figure as he flipped the light switch, slamming back onto the floor while he shoved the sombrero on his head over his face. Mumbling to himself about afros and skull jokes on the floor, he turned his head to the side while muttering "I need a drink"
This, ladies and gentlemen, was the esteemed headmaster of True Love Academy. While the school was a known common ground for humankind and supernaturals alike, both sides could agree Headmaster Josè was just plain weird. Dressed more like a member of a mariachi band then a principle, the undead skeleton even chose to lug around a guitar everywhere. It was damned demeaning to so members of the staff, and just plain wrong to many of the people in the city. Josè P. Escobar was not a man who should be in charge of a school, and the city counsel knew that from day one. Of course they would say that, considering he only got the job due to luck. Headmistress Snailstrike just had put her job on the line in a round of strip poker, and now they've got a madman in charge. At least the guy had the decency to let her stay at school. As his secretary!
Walking over to his desk, Josè took a seat in the throne that fit surprisingly well with the room. Pressing a button on the PA system, he said "Linda, could you come in here and clean my room. I'd do it myself, but I've got a killer headache from last night. Barely remember what I did that's got me so F***ed up."
Hearing the shout from outside his office, he smiled to himself and leaned back in his throne. Crossing his boney hands behind his head, he muttered "It's good to be king"
May I Join?

Not what I was going for, but I guess I got a baseline now. Do we wait for others or just start, as I'm fairly knew to this sort of thing (roleplaying on this site)
Headmaster Josè

Title: Josè the Mexican Skeleton

Name: Josè P. Escobar

Age: Around 15 thousand years old

Species: Undead Skeleton

Previous Occupation: Entertainer; Musician

Catch phrase: Buenos Dias, fuckboy

Appearence: He looked as if he were in a mariachi band. He wears a black blazer, and a red cravat around his neck. On his legs were black pants and black shoes. Besides that he wore his sombrero and holds a guitar, nothing special really. Besides the fact that his guitar was unbreakable.

(image ain't mine, it's just funny and what the character looks like)

Powers/Abitlies: He's an undead skeleton, so he can't be killed again, only obliterated. But being dead has it's perks, such as infinite stamina and no need to eat. He has super speed because he's only bone, and he's very light. He also won the souls of both Osama bin ladin and Benito Mussolini in a round of poker with the devil, and can now summon both of them to do what he pleases with. After fighting the superdevil, he won an army of undead crusaders and Swiss soldiers. He can summon their undead souls and bodies to fight for him, weapons and all. Yet they are not normal undead, but demonic warriors of blood and death. They do not tire nor fade, and are able to morph into blood at will.

Bio: A few hundred years after his original death, a Columbia drug lord went insane. After an attempted slaughter (It didn't work, everyone was already dead), his friends were able to calm him down with an extreme amount of Weed.

After this event, he began to leap around the planes of the afterlife going by the name 'Bob'. Soon enough he ended up in the Mexican afterlife, began causing chaos like only a Columbia drug lord could. He stirred up so much trouble, that the Mexican border patrol was called in to deal with him. He would be rather easy to hunt down considering he had skin and everyone in the Mexican afterlife hand were skeletons, so he shed his skin with a razorblade. After stealing some clothes, he escaped to the planes of the afterlife traveling by his knew and final name; José.

With his new name, he began his crusade of chaos. In this time he made many including, but not limited to, the Spanish Inquisition, the Catholic church, the Irish mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, the Triads, the church of Scientology, the Norse god of death, both the Greek and roman pantheon of gods, Russia, the Mayans, the original Buddha, William Shakespeare, the German 13th panzer infantry(previously 13th infantry division, 13th motorized infantry division; later Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2), The Nazis, Valhalla, the Egyptian sun god, Elvis Presley, James Brown, the Nueva Mexicanidad, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Crapper, the mile high club, the original Pittsburgh pirates, Taiwan, Vlad Tepes, Jeb Foris of the south Carolina baptist convention, the salvation army, the swiss army, the creator of the walkman, the Westboro Baptist Church, the devil, the 10th catholic pope, the YTF Ranch, the IRS, and the aristocrats

Equipment: With him, this undead madman carries many, many thing with him. His sombrero has was enchanted by a combined effort of Merlin and Einstein, allowing a near infinite amount of space. He has the legendary blade Excalibur, given to him by king Arthur himself. He has the Holy Hand grenade, stolen from the Vatican itself. He 'appropriated' one of the nails that pierced Christ's body from the Don't Fuck with this armory, one of the reasons Jesus hates him. He stole Poseidon's Trident giving the wielder control over water, as well as the original flame that Prometheus gave to man. For some reason Sun Wukong gave him his Phoenix feather cap, who's wear gains the ability to be reborn as well as reincarnate others. José also found one of Babe Ruth's baseball bats, which can launch anything miles away. He also has a table made by Jesus, for some reason. He stole the little boy atomic bomb from the Japanese yakuza of the afterlife. He was able to convince Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison to work together to create a gun, which was more like a mad scientist's death ray, compact into a gun. One of the weapons in his arsenal was an old musket, enchanted to explode. He also has a German panzer tank and an airplane from the mile high club that he modded to hell with the help of a stoned Odin, as well as the holy grail filled with with water from the fountain of youth. Willian Wallace gave him a bagpipe as a joke, and he took it with stride. He also got Elvis Presley and James Brown to enchant it, giving it the ability to summon tangible sound waves. José also stole the original Communist Manifesto from Karl Marx himself.

Personality: From his back story, you can probably guess that Josè isn't the most stable. He is extremely spastic in nature, flip flopping at a moments notice. He can be kind one minute and wrathful the next. Yet when something or someone ganders his attention, he gains an odd focus; though almost unnoticeable to all. Besides that, he loves to screw with people, practical jokes and pranks galore. Though his definition of a 'joke' can be rather skewed, the undead skeleton doesn't exactly know or care about when one of his 'jokes' Is taken too far. Some people think he knows this, and thinks it better if it's taken too far. It's the sort of vibe he gives off, if any at all.

Other: Strangely enough, the skeleton is very talented when it comes to interior decorating, an unknown passion of his. He is very good, and takes pride in his work
So dangerous but not actively hurting others then?
May I ask, what is the limit on how cohenrently insane our characters are allowed to be?
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