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Jacob nodded in agreement. "It's only a matter of time before their parents find out too. I'm sure they'll be livid...I think my father would burn down Hogwarts before letting me be in any of the inferior houses. Let's hope the Montagues haven't gone all soft and 'noble' on us." He snickered at the thought of it. "I can't imagine how shameful that would be."

Maddie laughed alongside her friends. "They're one of the most respectable families too. I wouldn't even be able to face my family if that had happened to me..." she shook her head. "And where does it end? We're already overrun with Half-bloods. What's going to happen to the pureblood lines?" Though she was basically parroting her father, she knew that her friends would all agree with her, which is all she wanted.

The group of Slytherins all sat down at the table and began eating their breakfast. Talking, laughing, and making jokes at the expense of other houses made the meal enjoyable for all the students. Soon they had all finished, and were left to their own devices to decide how to spend their final day of freedom before classes started.


Min nodded along as Bryn explained, grateful to have some insight as to what was going on. "Okay, that makes a lot more sense. I was so confused yesterday, but I thought it best not to bring it up. Thanks for explaining, Bryn." She finished brushing her hair, and laid the brush down on her nightstand. "Alright, now let's go get you some breakfast before you fade into nothing," she said, laughing as she linked arms with her friend and headed to the Great Hall.

Normally, Archie hated being told what to do, but in this instance he was grateful for Ben's insistence on helping him. He allowed the other boy to guide him to the table, and for the first time showed some emotion as Ben put food onto his plate - he laughed. "Hey, I may be spacey, but my hands still work," he joked. He then half smiled at Ben. "Thanks man. I appreciate it a lot."

Archie scanned the Ravenclaw table for a few moments before spotting his twin, having breakfast with Nadia and two kids he wasn't familiar with. He decided to keep an eye on his twin and catch him before he left the Great Hall, so the two of them could talk.

The girls arrived at the Gryffindor table, and spotted Ben and Archie. They went over and sat across from the boys, exchanging good mornings and putting some delicious-smelling food onto their plates.


Carter smiled sympathetically to Gus, feeling badly for the boy. "I did, thanks for asking. How about you? I hope that you managed to get at least some rest after yesterday." Carter's mind was already whirring with writing ideas, but he stuffed them back down. He refused to be one of those soulless writers who'd take advantage of people for a story. Plus, Carter wanted to make friends.

He waved back to Olivia as she sat down next to Nadia. Nadia didn't look thrilled that the other girl had sat down next to her and disrupted her reading. She closed her book and stifled a scowl. "I'm actually reviewing, I've read everything before at least once." She sighed, annoyed that her peaceful breakfast had been disrupted. "I'm sure there's a reason for it." She figured she may as well eat some breakfast now, and try and get back to her reading again later.


Eli gasped at Ishbel's artwork. "Whoa, you drew that from memory? It's awesome! I could never draw anything even close to that good, you're really talented Ishbel!" He was very impressed by the girl's work, and felt very honoured that she would show him her art.

Saiorse followed the group into the Great Hall, pausing a few times for a second or two to stare at the paintings, before hurrying to catch up with the group. They made it to the Hufflepuff table, where Eli noticed the delicious looking food. "Oh my gosh, they have scones!" he exclaimed, before taking two for himself and smothering raspberry jam all over them. "Scones are my favourites. So good. You guys gotta try these!" Saiorse also took a scone, and mirrored Eli's jam ritual before taking a bite and nodding. "You're right, this is really good...I like it a lot."
Maddie had awoken feeling well-rested and eager to begin her day. Though she wasn't especially excited to begin classes, she was looking forward to the social aspects of Hogwarts, and to get to know some of the cute boys around school. She and Viv had approved of the other girls that shared their dorm; thankfully, the majority of those sorted into Slytherin belonged there.

Maddie finished applying a light coat of mascara to her lashes before flipping her wavy hair over her shoulder and nodding as she checked out her reflection in the mirror. "Yep. Honestly, it wouldn't be so bad, but there are some really weird people in our year. Like, really weird." She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. At least some purebloods seem normal. Ugh."

As Maddie and Viv entered the common room, Jacob was waiting for them, along with a few other Slytherin boys. He had obviously been crowned the undisputed leader of the group, which surprised no one. He nodded to the girls. "Morning ladies," he greeted them. "I think we ought to have some breakfast, and then have a chat with the Montagues. Something's going on, and I want to know what."


Min had slept fairly well, given that so much of this was new to her. The previous day has totally exhausted her, so she was relieved to be feeling more energized. "Good morning, Bryn!" she laughed at her friend's enthusiasm. "Just about, I need to finish brushing my hair first." She shrugged at Bryn's question. "I'm really not sure. We can probably just hang out and get to know each other." She paused, unsure about how to bring up the topic but figuring it was better to ask Bryn now. "Bryn, why was everyone acting so surprised about how those blonde boys were sorted? Isn't it pretty uncertain about how people will be sorted?"

Much like his brother, Archie had slept terribly. He had tossed and turned all night, and at one point had even gotten up and thought about going to find Gus, but realized he had no idea where his brother's dorm was.

When he awoke in the morning after what he assumed was far too few hours of sleep, Archie put on the same clothes that he had worn the previous day. He hadn't noticed that a huge cowlick was sticking up at the back of his head, nor would be probably care if he had noticed. His mind was buzzing with a million questions, and he was still reeling from the events of last night. He felt like he was in a trance, and mindlessly followed the other Gryffindor boys to the Great Hall for breakfast.


Nadia was already in the Great Hall, and was among the first students to arrive that morning. Her nose was already buried in A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration in preparation for classes starting tomorrow. She was a bit disappointed that not many of the kids she had met yesterday got sorted into Ravenclaw, but Nadia was there to study - so she needn't focus on distractions from her schoolwork.

Carter had followed Gus to the Great Hall, though he was sure the other boy hadn't noticed him. Although Carter was happy with the outcome of his sorting, he knew that not everyone would feel the same way; Gus being one of them. "Hey Gus," Carter said, quietly so as not to startle him. "Why don't we eat breakfast together? I could use the company." And so could you, he thought to himself.


Eli emerged shortly after Li, yawning but bright-eyed. "Morning everyone, how'd you all sleep?" He yawned again, before noticing Ishbel's drawing. "Hey, can I see? What are you drawing?"

Saiorse wandered down the stairs, lost in thought. She had been up part of the night for reasons she didn't fully understand herself, but felt well rested anyways. Twirling her curly red hair, she paused at the end of the staircase and stared at the other three already in the common room. After a second she blinked, and locked her gaze on Ishbel. "Are you all ready? We don't need to wait any longer."
Maddie snickered. "Honestly...this is almost as embarrassing for Hogwarts as it is for them. Like, it's obvious that they don't belong here. They're a freak."

Jacob nodded in agreement. "My father said that this was bound to happen unless the Ministry takes things more seriously. We're lucky that there are even purebloods around, the way things have been mishandled." He snorted at the absurdity of it all. "That's why it's so important to stick together, and so shameful for the Montagues to be sorted into a different house...their parents are going to be so disappointed."


Min nodded happily to Bryn, extremely thankful that they had been sorted into the same house. "It's going to be absolutely fantastic!" she said, beaming. She waved to Ben and Archie, saying a few friendly words of greeting before making a mental note to later ask Bryn why everyone was acting so shocked about how the twin boys had been sorted.

Archie felt like he was moving in a fog, his brain going 1000 kilometers a minute. He halfheartedly nodded to Ben and took the other boy's advice, eating a bit of food. Normally his appetite was outrageous, but he couldn't bring himself to eat much. What are mom and dad going to think? Grandma and grandpa? How am I going to be apart from Gus..? Though he and his brother argued, Gus was Archie's best friend. He couldn't imagine Hogwarts without him in the same house.


Nadia nodded understandingly. "Don't even worry about it. I get it. I'm sure if you're really concerned, you could talk to Headmistress McGonagall?" She pushed some food towards Gus. "Here, it will do you no good to starve. Try and eat something, at least." She felt really bad for Gus. Though she wanted to ask why he thought he had been sorted elsewhere, she figured this was not the best time. Pushing down her inquiries, she smiled at Olivia and introduced herself, silently praying the two of them would get along.

Carter shook Olivia's hand and introduced himself as well. He too was extremely curious about what factors had led to the Montague boys being sorted into two separate houses, and neither of them being Slytherin. Would make a great story once they both cool off, he thought to himself. He was slightly disappointed that Li had been sorted into a different house, but wouldn't let that get in his way. They'd really hit it off, and he intended to keep that friendship going.


Eli nodded in agreement with Ishbel. "Right? It's so awesome! I can tell we're already going to have an awesome time here, and we are so lucky to have Li to document our adventures!" He took some food and gestured to Li to do the same. "Come on Li, have some! Just like your camera needs film, you need food. The hard part is deciding what to have, it all looks amazing!"

Saiorse turned her wide eyes onto Ishbel and stared at her for a second, before blinking and smiling. "Sure, thank you for inviting me." She slid over to sit next to the group. "I like all of you," she announced out of the blue. "You have kind hearts." Saiorse then fell silent and began eating dinner, allowing her mind to wander.


The night drew on, and the chatter of students gradually faded as they grew tired. Headmistress McGonagall clapped her hands, and the dishes vanished. "Off to bed now, students. Prefects, please show the first years to their dormitories. You will all have tomorrow to yourselves, to unpack and acquaint yourselves with one another. In other words," her voice hardened slightly. "do not stay up half the night talking. You will need your rest for when classes begin."

The first years followed the Prefects up to their respective dormitories. They changed into their nightclothes, climbed into their beds, and fell asleep...some more quickly than others.
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Eli swallowed nervously as the first years entered the Great Hall. He was excited, sure, but also anxious about the outcome. Though he was looking forward to being sorted and making new friends, the uncertainty bubbling inside him was undeniable.

Carter patted Eli on the shoulder, sensing the other boy's nerves. "Relax," he whispered. "The Hat knows what it's doing, and you'll be sorted right. Just you wait." It took a lot to phase Carter - he felt very calm, though he was furiously taking notes about the sorting results, so he may have just been distracted.

"Carter Abbott."

Carter's head snapped up the second he heard his name called; even if he would never admit it, he was always half-listening for any mention of his own name. He hurried up the stairs and sat down, and the Hat was placed on his head. After a brief moment, the Hat confidently called out, "Ravenclaw!"

Carter grinned, and leaped up from his seat to join the cheering Ravenclaws. He made sure to sit next to Gus Montague - his being sorted into Ravenclaw was sure to be huge story, considering the family had historically been sorted into Slytherin for centuries.

"Elijah Davies-Munro."

Eli jolted and hurried up the stairs, trying his best not to trip in his nerves. The Hat was placed on his head and had barely settled on his head when it belted out "Hufflepuff!"

Eli smiled in relief, and hurried over to sit with Ishbel and Li, thrilled that they had all been sorted into the same house.

Min watched nervously as all her new friends were sorted into various houses. Her heart sank a little as Bryn was sorted into Gryffindor - No way am I Gryffindor material... She sighed shakily, terrified of now having to meet and try and befriend new people.

"Min-jung Choi."

Min rushed up the stairs, trembling slightly and fighting the compulsive urge to aggressively chew her nails. The hat was placed on her head and grumbled to itself for a moment or two, before announcing "Gryffindor!" A wave of both shock and relief rushed over Min, who wasn't sure she had heard that correctly. Dazed, she hurried over to the Gryffindor table and sat next to Bryn, feeling incredibly grateful to get to spend her Hogwarts years with her new friend.


Jacob and Maddie watched as Vivienne was sorted into Slytherin, and both exchanged a look that was half-disgust and half-mocking as Thanh was sorted into Slytherin. "What kind of freak is that?" Maddie snickered to Jacob, who could barely stifle his laughter.

"Madeline Burke."

Maddie rolled her eyes as her name was called, as if there was even a point in being sorted. She knew where she belonged. She pranced her way up the stairs and sat down gracefully on the stool, flipping her hair over her shoulder. As with so many others, the Hate barely had to touch her head before it called out, "Slytherin!"

Maddie flashed a brilliant smile at Jacob before sauntering over to the cheering Slytherin table, sitting next to Vivienne after glaring at the student next to her menacingly to move.

"Jacob Yaxley."

Jacob made his way, unbothered and seemingly without a care in the world up the stairs towards the stool. He sat down and smiled smugly as the Hat was lowered to his head, calling out "Slytherin!" before even touching his slicked back hair. Shrugging off the cheers and applause, he walked over to the Slytherin table, sitting across from Vivienne and Maddie and next to a bunch of other first year boys.


Archie's jaw went slack as Gus was sorted into Ravenclaw. He had never fathomed his brother and himself would be sorted into any house but Slytherin - not that he felt that that's where they really belonged, but no one in their family had ever been sorted into another house. He frowned, now realizing that everything they had planned together at Hogwarts was going to be completely different...

"Archibald Montague."

Archie gulped, now dreading his own sorting. No way did he want to go into Slytherin without his twin. Gus was the one who always helped Archie keep his cool, and around those Slytherin kids...He sat down nervously on the stool and the Hat was placed on his head. It pondered for a moment, before shouting out "Gryffindor!"

Archie blinked, confused. Gryffindor? How can that be right? He looked over at Gus, feeling a twinge of sadness at being sorted into a different house. He made his way over to the Gryffindor table, sitting next to Ben and across from Bryn, with a visibly confused look on his face.

Nadia blushed slightly as Ben leaned over close to her, before shaking her head slightly and pushing a rouge braid behind her ear. She watched as Gus, Ben, and Archie were sorted, and felt better about her own sorting. At least she now knew what to expect.

"Nadia Hornette."

Nadia took a deep breath and steadied herself, before making her way to the stool. The Sorting Hat was placed on her head and after murmuring something sounding very impressed, called out "Ravenclaw." Beaming, she rushed over to the Ravenclaw table and sat next to someone she never thought would be in the same house as her - Gus.


Saoirse waved Thanh and Olivia off, before becoming mesmerized with the enchanted ceiling. She seemed to become completely lost in thought, so much so that her name had already been called twice before she had realized it.

"Saoirse Strix."

Finally seeming to come back to reality, she walked up the stairs with a dreamy look on her face and a half-smile on her face. The Hat was placed on her head and the room went silent, apart from Saoirse's soft humming to herself. The Sorting Hat sat on her head for several minutes, seemingly having some difficulties with deciding. Even the professors began to look somewhat concerned, and Saoirse's older brother Conall had begun sweating slightly. Then, after what seemed to feel like an eternity for everyone but Saoirse (whose unconcerned attitude seemed slightly offputting to some), the Hat called out, with a note of hesitation, "Hufflepuff..!"

Saoirse smiled and whispered a thank you to the hat, before bounding over to the Hufflepuff table and sitting with the other first years, nearby Ishbel, Eli, and Li.
Eli waved goodbye to the girls before climbing inside the boat. "Come on guys, this is so exciting! I can't wait to get there..."

Carter smiled at Eli's obvious enthusiasm, before getting into the boat himself.

"I like your camera," Eli said, pointing to the one Li was holding. "Are you going to take pictures of the Sorting Ceremony? That would be so cool. I know my family would love to see them, they're all about capturing memories."

Min gratefully let Bryn pull her towards the boat, waving to the boys as they headed off. "Thanks," she smiled at her new friend. She climbed into the boat with the other girls and sat down, trying not to get too anxious about the upcoming Sorting. She really hoped that at least she and Bryn would be in the same house, though she doubted it. Bryn seemed so sure of herself and confident, and Min...well, she was herself. She bit her lip, trying not to worry too much at the moment.


Jacob fist-bumped the new boy as he got in the boat, before sighing and rolling his eyes at Vivienne's statement. "I know. It's so stupid, and takes way longer. Apparently it's 'ceremonial'," he said, making air quotes, "but I think it's just pointless."

Maddie wrinkled her nose. "If the boats were nicer, it wouldn't be so bad. They're so crammed, and the sides are covered in gross algae." She shuddered. "I hope we don't start to smell like them, that would ruin the whole ceremony! I spent a long time getting ready today..."


Archie looked as though he genuinely pondered Gus' question for about a second, before grinning mischievously. "Good idea, Gussie!" He stood up and cupped his hands to his mouth. "Hey! Everyone! The faster we're in the boats, the faster we get Sorted! C'mon!"

Archie sat back down, looking far too proud of himself. "Mission accomplished."

Nadia groaned. "Well, aside from stating the most obvious rule regarding the linear passage of time, you've likely annoyed at least half of the students here." She sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Hopefully we do get going soon, at least for your sake Archie."

Archie seemed to hear almost nothing that Nadia said, he just smiled. "That's the spirit! Let's gooooo!!"


Saoirse shrugged at Olivia's question about the boats. "I don't know, I don't know if anyone knows. I think the squid pulls us, but my brother says it's magic."


Hagrid looked around, and seeing that everyone was inside a boat, called out "Right e'eryone! Keep yer arms n legs inside te boat at all times! We're off!" He pointed his umbrella in front of him, and his boat smoothly glided out onto the lake. The rest of the boats followed, calmly making their way across the water, hardly bobbing at all.

Eventually, all the boats arrived at the opposite shore at the base of Hogwarts Castle. Hagrid clambered out of his boat, and checked that all the students had arrived safely. Once he was satisfied, he nodded to himself and shut his umbrella. "Right, right this way," he said gruffly as he walked over to a nearby set of stairs leading up to a door. "All of ye, go up these stairs, there's a room. Yer all gonna wait there for Headmistress McGonagall, she'll come get ye when it's time for the Sorting Ceremony. Good luck!"

Once all of the students made their way up the stairs and into the room, Hagrid himself took a different route up to the Great Hall, where he took his seat alongside the other Professors to wait for the Sorting Ceremony to begin.
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