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- Im semi-literate to literate roleplayer, id prefer to roleplay on discord as im new to this site -

This is a roleplay involving the beginning being a very cat and mouse.

The world has been taken over by monsters, Vampires, demon's, werewolves and the like. Human's are low-class citizens if not slaves to these creatures. Many of their blood is used as meals for their masters or head of house. In this world witches were the last defense and a real threat to these monster to the point that they were hunted almost to being extinct. Witches, of course, are born randomly although very weak as the witch bloodlines left are rare. Witches are used as status symbols for royalty and nobles. My character is a young powerful witch who was born free and taught how to blend in among lower classes of demons. He/She goes unnoticed until a rumor reaches the ears of your character. Your character wanders into the slums where mine has taken up a home in.

The roleplay leads to your character chasing mine and eventually catching them.
Hello, I'm new to this site. You can call Me Siren, S, Sleepless, or whatever really you'd like.

I've been roleplaying probably since I was about, 15, I'm currently 19 year old female. I prefer roleplaying 1 on 1 as I'm more of a romance roleplayer, but that doesn't mean I have bland ideas. I love mixing it up in genre. I prefer dark romantic fantasy, horror romance, and overall darker more realistic themes to an unrealistic world. Although I'm not used to all the super in-depth terms to roleplay I typically go off the basic ones of Freeform, semi-literate, literate, and advanced literate. I personally like to call myself lazy literate as I can type up a paragraph or so but I do get lazy which means the quality of my posts can drop from time to time. Usually, if a roleplay isn't clicking I try to jump into a new one since sometimes its hard to really get into a roleplay and you just need a different idea.

My hobbies are gaming, drawing, digitally and sketching physically I roleplay (duh) and I enjoy chatting with people. I also prefer roleplaying among PM's and Discords DM's then in public spaces so I doubt you will see me doing a group roleplay. I roleplay both male and female but prefer roleplaying as female.
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