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2 yrs ago
Told myself, "No more DoorDash!!!!" yet here I am. Ordering more DoorDash. :|
2 yrs ago
FINALLY getting back into Skyrim... haven't played it since I was 14 and accidentally saved a new character over my leveled character. It feels so good to be back.
3 yrs ago
Meeting with a military recruiter today! I am so excited!
3 yrs ago
That proud moment when your starting weights at the gym are getting too easy to lift. Time to add more weight <3


Currently... at wit's end with my crippling addiction to hard-boiled eggs.
Last updated on 01/26/2022.

21 y/o female. Happily taken. Mother to 1 boy cat.

I'm a memer.
I only get triggered by humans who have no muscle in their legs.

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Welcome back!
I am madly in love.
(no longer looking!)
Dead by Daylight
I like telling dirty jokes,
and I like smoking crystal meth,
but darling I love you.

And I like laughing at retards,
And I like throwing rocks at dogs,
but darling I love you.

I love you like the moon and stars,
when little kids get hit by cars,
girl you know it's true.
Darling, I love you.

I've been tryin' to move on,
since you left,
since you've been gone,
but it's so hard on me.

Talked to a girl in first hour,
bought her a CD,
bought her a flower,
but she's a stupid cunt.

But I'll take anything, and I'll take anyone.
I'll take an angry lesbian with a loaded gun.
I'll take a whore with syphilis and gonorrhea too.

But darling, I love you<3
lil pump oo lil pump yah
lil pump oo lil pump yah...
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I’m not new, I’ve been gone for years but I’m back because I am bored.
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