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Alas, before it began.
Well, plans went by the wayside as they tend to do.

Tonight/early tomorrow is my current timeline to write out my character for this.
Just sorta waiting for the Shenanigans to begin, I've had Emerson on the backburner for awhile so I'm pretty eager to get started.
Waiting on confirmation that one of my roleplays I'm in now is dead. I'm expecting to get a character up this weekend if so, I'll probably PM you some details as I work on it.
Guh, the Great Game, one of my weaknesses. I'm hovering right around my RP limit, but I'll at least throw some interest in at the moment.
I don't consider having two trolls worse than having two humans or two elves. Have at it I say.
So far we got

Violent Mutant Goat Bruiser
Violent Cynical Human Ex-Knight
A former Harem Dancer Thiefling
Pintsized Mayhem in Gobbo Package
Old Surly Lumberjack Dwarf
Stinky Warlock Grull, whatever a Grull is.
A Troll, nuff said.
Dark Elf Thief.
High Elf Assassin.
A magic nerd without natural talents.
The Unremarkable Incredibly Forgettable One

Nah, Emerson will just do a double casting of "Give Blackheart noodle legs" and "Run the fuck away".
That may or may not be an issue for Emerson. Who knows?
But that is awfully grim and serious backstory you got there. You do realize this is a very lighthearted and humerous in tone rp, right?

But that is awfully grim and serious backstory you got there.

awfully grim

Y-yeah. What were you thinking?

Rewrites everything in Emerson's hidden chunks of bio.
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