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Reverend Lloyd Townshend

Time: ??? Location: Some Alleyway


The street perhaps wasn’t the best place for Lloyd to try and put his life back together, but he didn’t have much choice in the matter considering it’s where he came to. Had nobody seen him? Or were they simply too used to the sight to care? Admittedly, he didn’t wake up in alleyways that often, so the first was more likely in a town as small as Millington. On the plus side, waking up on the streets was better than waking up in a stranger’s bed- at least he didn’t have to worry about getting tested for an STD this way. Not that his aching bones or head cared very much about that at the moment. If left up to his body to decide, it’d gladly sleep with every woman in town to avoid waking up on concrete. Probably the men too, if he was drunk enough.

With a groan and more than one cracking joint Lloyd did eventually manage to collect the willpower to stand- with the rush of blood causing yet another throb of pain dig into his skull. Why did he keep doing this to himself?

Nevermind- there were more important things to worry about.

It was… Saturday? No, Friday, unless his night was far more wild than he could remember- which was probably true. It was definitely daytime, and while he could check the time on his phone Lloyd had no desire to find out how long he had actually been on the streets. Problems, after all, went away if you ignored them, and he had a number of bigger issues to address. Like a shower, a change of clothes, and more important than either: food. The reverend felt like he was starving to death- and he had no desire to meet the God he preached about quite yet. So against the protest of his popping knees, the zombie-preacher began shuffling his way down the streets of Millington in search of food.

Thankfully, it didn’t take him long to recognize where he was. Fairly near to the heart of town, which meant the Orchid was nearby. Good food, good staff, good prices, a veritable godsend to a man with his needs. A quick check confirmed that he still had his wallet on him- and the money was even still inside- and Lloyd began moving with renewed purpose. The zombie almost became a man, one with a clear mission. The real question though was what he was going to order. Certainly coffee, his throbbing head wouldn’t forgive him if he let that opportunity slip by. As for the food itself: Eggs and bacon? A sandwich? Oh! He knew what would be perfect, a solid order of-


God is dead.

Only silence greeted his blaspheme.

Still, after a moment of frustration he noticed the additional note beneath:

We are very sorry for the inconvenience! With recent events, we have taken the day off. We'll be back tomorrow! See you then! Mention that you came by today and we'll give you a discount for the trouble!


Of course he knew about the troubles of the Reese family, who didn’t in this town? The mother died of… suicide? All the better, so she didn’t have to witness losing her husband and daughter these months later. Sure, there was a chance the two were unharmed- they hadn’t been missing for too long yet- but Lloyd found it hard to have much hope there. Perhaps he should try harder to have faith, given his role in the community, but it was difficult in today’s world.

Man, I really do suck at my job.

With a sigh he turned away from the door of the diner before depressing thoughts- depressing memories- could overtake him. Problems, after all, went away if you ignored them. Instead he tried to find a new destination, now that the zombie-man had been freshly slain by a closed sign. Thankfully for his stomach, it didn’t take long to find one. Right across the street from him was salvation itself, Oasi Pizza. He didn’t even like pizza all that much, but he wasn’t willing to be too picky at the moment.

As if washing his hands of their plight, Lloyd stepped away from the Reese’s diner and began making his way towards their competitor. He would, of course, help them how he could, but right now he suspected they needed more than words and empty comforts to soothe their souls. He didn’t know how likely it was that the cops would be able to give them a satisfying conclusion to the disappearances, but for now the reverend would put his faith in them. He would also, of course, have to take the Reese family up on their offer for a discounted meal.

He was a preacher, not a saint.

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Erinn Steiner


Utterly ridiculous.

Of course, it hadn't been the first time in the past day that a similar sentiment had entered Aaron's head. Or, one could say, Erinn, as it felt more appropriate to call the figure staring back at him in the mirror. Him? Her? The latter would have to do for now. The figure staring back at her was both a stranger and somehow familiar. If Aaron had ever grown up with a sister, it might have been how she'd look. Over the past twenty four hours she'd spent locked away in her room at the guild Erinn had mulled over the situation many times, and each time she couldn't help but laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

Though, it became less funny with every laugh.

Still, today was the day she finally had to leave this room and earn a living. It was both an exciting and nerve wracking prospect. She had debated endlessly whether to go out into the guild as her true self, or this new form- courtesy of a small amount of Adamant provided to her by the guild. In the end, like all things, it boiled down to risk and reward, and the former was far too great to get careless. In that sense, the... lackluster primary flare Erinn possessed was a blessing, if an uncomfortable and ridiculous one. The old man of course had found the entire thing hilarious, but she could hardly blame him for that. If their situations were reversed, Erinn would have kept laughing for days after finding out.

Hell, she still couldn't stop laughing at herself.

A final glance in the mirror showed that she would have to spend money from this first job on some new clothes- though the thought made her stomach churn. Aside from being clothed entirely in men's fashion from Nawade- A white doublet, black jerkin, and red hose- they were all clearly in poor condition. Patches covered the joint, the colors were fading, and it was clear in places that new holes were going to rip themselves into the clothing at the next opportunity. It wasn't just a matter of finding clothes that suited Erinn, but Aaron was also desperately in need of a new outfit. Still, that was something that could wait until the first job was done. She could tolerate looking ridiculous if it meant she could walk out in public without fear.

And she could, unlike Aaron.

With that thought lightening her step, Erinn went for the door and stepped outside outside her room for the first time in what felt like a year. The guild was of course impressive, but Erinn had seen it's equal or more over the course of her life, so she spent no time to stand and gawk at the magnificence of her new residence. She'd have danced in her good cheer if she could remember how, instead Erinn began making her way to feasting hall by doing the next best thing- footwork.

It was actually surprising how easy it came to her. The weight of her new body was distributed in an entirely different fashion from her true form, and yet it was as if this had been the one she'd trained with all her life. The movements flowed smoothly, and though she was self aware enough to keep the sword and dagger at her sides sheathed, the urge to draw them and carry on her exercises in full was palpable. Esquive, Lunge, Recovery, it could look like an odd kind of dance to the casual observer, though one that would clearly never catch on. She did worry that the movements might cause her clothing to tear in an unflattering way, but the embarrassment of such was a mole hill compared to the mountain of relief she was feeling at the moment.

On her way, she passed a group of women talking, but didn't slow to chat with them. Instead, she simply gave them a delighted smile, with a greeting of "Morning, ladies!" before carrying on her way. Still practicing, and still uncaring of how it might look to everyone else. She did, however, finally transition into a normal walk by the time she reached the feasting hall. The goal, after all, was to train with her new body, not look ridiculous to everybody she was to meet that day. Although it wasn't as if it mattered, none of these people knew Aaron, let alone Erinn.

Upon entering, she immediately began scanning the room for someone to begin bothering. The urge for Human interaction was gnawing at her with a startling veracity. The old man was well and good, but when you only effectively have one person to talk to for years it tended to breed loneliness. She scanned with her eyes and ears for a couple moments, a bit disappointed at how few people had arrived, before picking out;

"... I guess. I'm Gwen. Are you a newfound member as well?"

"I am!"

The words were out of Erinn's mouth so quickly it was almost reflex, an echoed a bit too loud in the barely filled hall. Where was this sociability in the hallway a few moments ago? The strength of her emotions today was both startling and worrying- she was going to be completely worn out by tomorrow. Still, she'd already cut into the conversation, so it was too late to back off now. It only took a couple steps to reach the two, but by the time she arrived there was already another new arrival.

Hey there, you two, here for breakfast are you? I can already smell it.

"Breakfast? I don't think I could eat now if I tried- The name's... Erinn. So you're new too?"

Her question was addressed to all three of them. As she stood there she allowed her gaze to follow the two who were originally talking, unsure of whether they admiring the sun, the glass, the stonework, or anything else about the place, so she continued with;

"They certainly seem to have a bit of money. It's promising for us really, washes away a bit of the uneasiness about getting into this line of work."

Aaron/Erinn Steiner

Age: 22

Sex: Male (Originally)/ Female (Often)

Appearance/Description: Aaron is a fit young man who, if not possessing the most strength out of everyone in the room, clearly leads a very active lifestyle. It's clear by the way he carries himself and speaks that he was raised in a comfortable life, though perhaps not nobility. When outside of his home he always travels in a thick traveler's cloak, regardless of the weather. The reasons for this are, unfortunately, difficult to pry from him. Other than that, his clothes seem reasonably expensive, but clearly worn, with handmade patches covering the occasional hole.

Erinn dresses similarly, for obvious reasons. For the moment, the two are forced to share a wardrobe. The two have identical levels of physical fitness, and come in at the same height (175cm). There are some differences of course. Aaron possesses wider shoulders, Erinn wider hips. Not to mention their clothing has to accommodate a chest that didn't previously exist. His wardrobe works for her, but is clearly not a great fit. Erinn, as a note, forgoes the cloak in public.

Flare: Shape-Changing, or at least that's what Aaron wishes it were. No, it is not something nearly so universally useful as that, or even moderately useful. Aaron can change his shape- into that of a woman. A specific woman whose appearance he can't further alter (Aside from the usual methods available to all women). It certainly isn't an ability that will complete any assignments on its own, but at the same time it takes only a small amount of Adamant to maintain and leaves plenty of room to operate his secondary Flare (Which he can put to exceptionally good use).

History: While tight lipped about his past to most, some things can be gathered about Aaron from cursory observation. His name and light accent place him as originating from the region around Nawade, though the latter also indicates he has been away from home for some time. Those who are experienced in the martial arts can further observe that his hands are marked by the tell-tale calluses of a swordsman, and that the blade he travels with isn't simply for show. Most, of course, have no way to tell that he can change his shape, and these observable traits carry on between both forms.

When asked about why he joined the guild, the usual reply is simply; "For money." before obviously trying to change the subject. Overall, it'd be more productive to spend ones time trying to squeeze water from a stone than answers from Aaron.

Personality: Aaron, in private, has the quiet self-assured confidence of someone who knows the extent of their own abilities- though not quite passing into arrogance. While tight lipped about himself, he's actually surprisingly talkative, willing to keep a conversation going for as long as the other party is willing to put up with it. He has a genuine curiosity when it comes to other people, and has no reservations about asking questions that he himself refuses to answer.

In public though this evaporates. He exhibits a surprising level of nervousness, and almost falls entirely from confident to timid. While he'll listen to others around him, any desire to make conversation himself vanishes, and he tries to almost literally hide away from the world. It's... a noticeable change to say the least, especially for those familiar with him in private.

Erinn seems to possess the former, confident, personality regardless of whether she's in public or private. That doesn't, however, mean she's any less tight lipped about herself. It seems as if the true meaning behind any of it will remain a mystery for the ages.

Actual details will be DM'd shortly.
Oh? Well that changes things slightly.

Although I think between a literal bloodhound and a shapechanger they'd both be aware of his arrival when it happens. Just have to change the timing.
Ignoring the double post, first post is up. Made on the assumption that @ShwiggityShwah Has only been on the preserve a short amount of time. If that's not actually the case then it can be changed.
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