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Ignoring the fact that guild issues forced the first post to be split into 2 smaller ones: The RP has officially begun.

Here's a link to the post timer: Essentially every two weeks of IRL time we'll advance the RP time by 1 week. If you're working on a post when the week changes over, just finish it and mention when it was taking place before moving on to your next one.

Also, here's some of our WIP NPCs. Once they have more actually written we'll migrate them over to their place in the Character tab.

You're aware, but I'll probably maybe make a second character.
Yes, we are, and probably won't close admissions unless we get an absolutely ridiculous number of players.

We'll probably start the RP sometime this weekend regardless of how many more characters get submitted.
All the currently accepted players should have Discord links to the server as of now.

While joining the server won't be strictly required, most people on RPGuild do use it, and you're likely to miss out on a lot of OOC interaction otherwise.
While I'll need to confirm with Las, due to the nature of the RP (pure Slice of Life) I can't see us having a player limit and will probably even allow two characters per person.

We'll look over your CS soon as she gets around to... getting around.
@MissCapnCrunch Just a reminder that you're accepted as well.
The lack of plot is not a bug, it's a feature, but we appreciate the intent of the offer.
@Lasrever Before you create the OOC and embarrass yourself, you need to think about a few locations before finishing the descriptions of the current ones.


The local Kilt tailor.

The Tartan dye shop.

The caber toss and shot-put field.

The local haggis merchant.

The local statue of William Wallace inscribed with "They may take our lives, but they will not take our FREEDOM!"

The stash of white flags kept so that if England ever marches north again the populous can surrender as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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