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Chances are I'll submit my character tomorrow.
@RabidporcupineI've actually been waiting for you to join the Discord before answering you: But if they ever actually meet and decide to hold a conversation, I'm sure the two of them would probably be the most neutral relationship that's ever existed.

Also: Forgot to tag @TheWindel
… I have the day off.

He shouldn’t have even been having that thought. Luke didn’t dare look at his clock, but he knew with the amount of light streaming through the window that it was early yet. Too early to be awake on what was now a day off. Too early by far. And yet… It seemed his body had grown used to his new daily schedule, whether work was open or not. Worse yet, he wasn’t able to will himself back to sleep.

But I have the fuckin’ day off.

There was no justice in the world.

He was of course referring to his lack of sleep, not the missing mayor’s daughter. Even worse, his new workplace had decided to close up shop for the day- which was fine and dandy aside from the fact that it meant he would be losing a day’s pay. Luke didn’t have the luxury of keeping a well-stocked savings account: And that meant he’d need to eat a little cheaper for the rest of the month. Where was the justice in that? Absent.

Groaning, he finally gave up and dragged himself out of bed. A quick shower and change of clothes later- his usual “I don’t care how I dress but business casual is all I own” look- Lucas stepped out of his front door and into the unjust world. In spite of the protests of his bank account, his fridge really needed restocked. And his cabinets. And his bathroom. Surely there was at least one soulless corporate dollar store that was open in spite of the town’s recent tragedy.

* * * * *

Of course, there was. It was rare that Luke was thankful for corporate America, but every dog had its day. Still, he hadn’t yet bought all of the groceries he needed. For one, he wasn’t mentally prepared to make that level of purchase yet, and he may as well wait until he was ready to go home for the day anyway. Instead, he’d settled on a couple granola bars, a cheese stick, and a cheap little bottle of maybe-orange-juice. The breakfast of champions? No, but it was at least cheap. It’d be his lunch too in all likelihood, so he may as well try to enjoy it.

It was then, chewing on half a mouthful of granola, that fate intervened as he was trying to figure out what to do with the day. A familiar flash of red hair from down the street accompanied by a face he hadn’t seen in several months. He and Pepper had been coworkers for some time at his old job, but while the two had gotten along he’d been too embarrassed by his firing to visit the place in the months since. Not that the easy going Lucas ever admit that, but unfortunately facts never reworked themselves for his convenience. Still, running into her meant this day had a chance at being salvageable.

Hey Pep! Fancy-fucking-meeting you here!

Luke called at her from across the street with a wave from the hand that was holding his orange juice. Unbeknownst to him however, his greeting had caught the attention of another who looked on from the shadows. A creature that he was unfortunately familiar with, and seemed by this point would hound him until his dying days.


My flag is planted.

(I'll get my CS ported when it's not 3AM)
@Aleranicus To clarify: Is your second hider intended to be your public character sheet? It will need trimmed if so, but I like it overall. It's in a bit of an awkward position where it's too much info for what's expected from a public sheet, but too little for the private character sheet (Which should be PM'd to me. I realize I did not specify clearly and have edited the post.)

Overall: I dig it, I'll be asking for some clarifications once you have the private version in my inbox, but aside from length issues the character(s) will very likely be accepted more or less as-is.

Also, when I say too little for the private sheet, I'm not commenting on length so much as content. It should very much be where the GMs know her goals, history, and other info to help weave into the story.
We're working on a political map that gives a more clear indication of control, but for now: Yes that's a very possible scenario. For now: The strength of the Empire's control fluctuates depending on what region, but for what they control: Primarily the northern part of Zameen (Which is more specifically referring to the part of that map that is within the bowl of mountains) and the areas immediately around the lake throughout the center of the continent.

It's a messy border. Somewhat resembling the central picture here:
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