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I wanted to be a writer but I ended up cooking as a living instead. That's okay, I enjoy writing endlessly. I'm very good with fandoms and relating to characters but I also love creating characters in different settings.

I try to respond as often as I can but life does get in the way so, sometimes, I disappear for a few days.

I write novels. I don't apologize.

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Hey. I'll get one up probably tomorrow. Sorry for the wait. I got busy at work and then really sick. So, since I'm staying home tomorrow too, I'll have time to get one up.
The Tardis was usually a beautiful creature itself: a box on the outside, yet inside, the environment was nothing like any other. At the heart, it pulsated a warm and glowing light, communicating with her owner through gestures and mannerisms that only he would understand. She and her owner had a bond that was inseparable. Calling the Tardis a spaceship was rather beneath the ol’ gal. She was much, much more than just a space ship. It did seem, however, that she had seen better days. It was nothing of neglect; only a result of combat and dismay. Who didn’t hate on the Tardis and her beloved? It seemed every creature on each planet would plot and kill the two at some point down the road. All he could do was run. Run, run, run. Was he ever tired of running? Yes, quite, and doing it all alone didn’t make anything better. His memory was filled of fuzziness as his current state was relatively new. He just...couldn’t remember. Normally after his regenerations, he could recall something..yet nothing came through.

The man crouched over a panel on the floorboard with half of his body deep into the depths of wires and pipes. “You took a good beating, eh, ol’ girl?” The man stated prior to the sound of buzzing, “Sorry I wasn’t able to stop your crashing. I wasn’t myself..or was I? Or at least I wasn’t my current self. Then again, the self before my current seems rather vague…” He couldn’t put a finger on why this generation was different than the past. What could be the reasoning? It baffled him. The man sighed softly as sparks flared and the buzzing of his screwdriver died. No good. The man sat back on the floor and pressed his back against the base of the control panel. “Well, looks like we’ll be here for a bit then,” the man stated somberly, “I must find myself something to do other than sit here and wait. Waiting never solves anything and you need to rest yourself up there.” The man patted the control console gently before pressing a few buttons to view on a computer screen. Where was he? Oh right, Earth. Such a peculiar place.

“Cardiff… Well isn't that slightly disappointing..I was craving sushi. I guess I’ll settle for some chips or curry...or curry chips. That sounds delightful,” the man spoke out quite volumesque to none other but himself. He was used to being alone, well, not all the time but some of the time. He couldn’t really recall his last companion.. Maybe it was Cass or Grace? Those names stuck out but he couldn’t recall. Oh well. The man grabbed his leather jacket off the floor and had it hug his tall figure with a purple shirt beneath. He appeared quite casual and most definitely - he thought - he could blend in with the natives. The only peculiar character upon his body were his ears. Something about those ears..

With the screwdriver in pocket, the man made his way towards the exit and punched in a few buttons on the side panel, “I’ll let you sleep. This area seems to be generating a lot of energy that should repair your damages. I assume a few days, more or less until you are back in tip top shape." Once outside the ship, the Tardis barely took up any space what so ever for, on the outside, it seemed to take on such an odd appearance - a blue police box. He probably should have rethought the model for, as he stood looking around, there was nothing but an alley and a few trash cans. After locking the door on his box with his key, he pressed a button on his screwdriver and instantly rendered the box invisible. He only hoped that he remembered where it was located later on. The tall lanky fellow smiled softly and made his way out into the public. What to do? What to do? The thought of chips did sound quite appealing so, off he went. The man scanned the streets of the dreary Cardiff and slowly removed a bit of the smile from his face.

“Who on Earth would want to live here? Then again Earthlings I assume,” he mumbled to himself as he began searching for a chip place. As he came to one local little chip shop that seemed it had been there for ages, he stopped a random boy passing by, “Excuse me, young man, would you recommend this restaurant for their chips?” The boy, no older than eleven, stopped with a slightly alarmed look upon his face and gave the man a once over. “...No, rather, I say the chips near the big school building are better than ‘ere,” the young boy stated as he removed his arm from his grasp with an exaggerated pull, “Here they are much too soggy and their catsup tastes weird..” The Doctor nodded with a smile. “Ah, thank you,” he said as he patted the boy on his head but, just before he could move on, the boy snagged his jacket to prevent him from moving. He met eyes once more with the young boy who, now, was holding out his hand.

“That’ll be three pounds, sir,” the lad stated. “Pounds? Pounds of what?” the Doctor stood with a baffled look on his face. “Money, sir. You asked for a recommendation of a restaurant, therefore, you should give a tip,” the boy glared at the large man before him, pushing his hand out further. The boy didn’t look extremely poor, but he assumed the alien was a tourist. “I’m afraid I have none,” the man stated as he dug into his pockets. The boy rolled his green eyes and dropped his hand with a scoff, “How do you think you’re going to afford some chips then wit’o money? Do you not have a job?” The Doctor, again, stood there with a confused expression on his face. “Job? Well I - er - no, I don’t believe I do,” the man scratched the back of his head as he tried to think of what a job was.

“You’re a weird one, you 'ere. Mum says I should stay away from people like you,” the boy said before he turned around and walked off, shaking his head. Job? What the heck was a job? The Doctor stood there for a minute before taking his direction towards the “big school building” that the boy spoke of. "And they say I'm the weird one.." the man mumbled. He, again, had to stop a few times asking people where exactly was the large school building. “Excuse me, miss?” the Doctor eventually stopped a woman, exiting a flower shop, that appeared dressed like a school teacher. Maybe he would get lucky... “Am I in the direction of the university?” The man learned the name for it half way through his conversations amongst the common folk. “Why yes,” the woman stated as she adjusted the flowers in her arms. Eureka! She was a very simple, yet pretty thing - very easy on the eyes. She smiled with her red painted lips and offered her hand towards the man, “I’m one of the principles, Ms. Glasslow. Are you here for the job interview?”

The Doctor grinned and took her hand. “Yes, I need a job.” The woman laughed softly and went back to embracing the flowers in her arms. “Please do accompany me to the campus. I can introduce you to the rest of our staff. I do hope you have all your papers with you,” the woman stated as she and the Doctor began walking in the direction of the university. The Doctor snuck a hand to his inner coat pocket and took hold of a small black book. In a matter of seconds, that book changed appearances and he pulled out a folded short stack of papers. “Of course I do. Come prepared, I always say. That and bananas are a great source of Potassium.” he said with a chuckle. “Yes you are correct and that is just splendid! Our physics professor had some sort of family emergency and had to leave without much of a notice. Quite bothersome, I must say, but what can you do?” the woman continued seemingly to have slight difficulty walking. The Doctor noticed her stumbling struggle yet made no effort to comment. Maybe the people from Earth walked awkwardly?

“Excuse me one moment, professor,” the woman stated and handed him the flowers, “Could you hold these for a moment?" The tall took a good whiff of the assortment, "Oh, these are lovely." The woman faintly smiled but then proceeded in taking off her red heels and switched them out with a pair of flats in her large Prada handbag. “"These shoes are quite painful...Oh, that’s much better,” she commented and then took the flowers back from the man, “These shoes are much more comfortable than those.” What an odd thing to say, the man thought. “Then why do you wear them if they hurt your feet so?” The Doctor asked, “Why would you waste your time working towards something that will evidently not cause you pleasure and only cause you pain? Appearances may not need to be everything. As lovely as they are, as are these flowers, the purpose of them is rather fruitless.” Ms. Glasslow remained mute for a moment, processing the words the man stated and counted most of the shoes she had in her closet that she couldn’t walk in. She only purchased them due to them being on sale and them being quite cute. “Well said, professor,” she finally agreed and looked up to him as she lost a few inches after removing her heels, “May I be bold to ask if you had dinner plans?”

“I would say no as I didn’t believe you needed plans to eat dinner. In most countries the instructions are simple as to using the utensils they provide,” the man said with a smile. The woman laughed softly and tapped the man on the shoulder in an affectionate manner, “Oh, my goodness, a sense of humor as well.” The smile faded as she laughed for he wasn’t really at all being funny. He was speaking the truth. What else did you need to eat dinner? Definitely, the man was quite confused. “Here we are,” the woman stated as they arrived at the large wrought iron university gates, “We have several departments and beyond the school there are dorms for the students to live in that is included in their tuition. We are one of the most affordable schools in Cardiff..if not one of the only schools, but, we strive to exceed our last year goals.”

“My it is a sight,” the man stated as they walked through the gates, yet, paused at a statue of the founder, “Don’t you suppose that statue is incorrect?" The Doctor pointed towards the statue of the Cardiff University founder, "Lord Aberdare collected his committee, however, it was the Viscount that actually pushed for the establishment to exist in 1883.” The woman stopped in her tracks, staring towards the Doctor with, now, a bewildered expression on her face, “Well now, you are well educated in the history of the university, aren’t you?” The Doctor laughed a little and shrugged, “Not really. Ed just told me over a game of cards.” The man then decided to wander off and explore the university a tad bit more, leaving the woman to trail after him in a slow pace. “Cards...right,” she mumbled to herself as she began to question his state of mind, slightly.

As the pair neared the entrance of the university, the Doctor pardoned himself for a moment outside to look at the landscape. He stood outside against a wall, narrowing his blue eyes as he scanned the vicinity. Something As if he was followed or something of the sort. He hadn’t picked up a trace of another race for a minute, yet, could it be possible someone else was living on this planet besides those of Earth? Fantastic.. The Doctor frowned and continued after Ms. Glasslow into the hall entrance, making his way towards the principal's office.
Do you do frames and whatnot for your posts? Some do, some don't.

It's been a minute since I've been on here. I used to come here a lot but life got in the way. I have two jobs so sometimes I get busy but I will let you know, I promise. I've been roleplaying since I've been 13 and I'm now almost 30. Yes, I'm a writer at heart. I'll eventually get that book out there, somehow. Anyway, I'm big into science fiction and I like taking complex characters from fandoms and trying to break them apart, get in their head, and write how they would be. I'm pretty good at that. I can create original characters but I'm not really big on that because it takes a bit of time for me. I'll list below the things that I'll be interested along with the pairings. I have sample posts if you don't believe that I write like a madman, especially when I get obsessed with a plot or idea.

I'm good at male or female but I do prefer the male role. I don't go deep into sex scenes. I can but I don't find it necessary so I usually keep everything PG13 or maybe a little more since I do write blood and gore in detail. I also prefer writing over here in PM or a personal thread. I am open to email and would like to communicate with you in messenger or on the side every once in a while, especially if we find ourselves stuck on an area or like to introduce something else into the plot. Brainstorming is wonderful and I enjoy it.

Anyway, I guess that sums up everything. Let me know if you are interested or even want me to look at a thread of yours. Again, these are my current cravings more or less but if you have something in mind let me know. I don't do anime. Well, I don't do most anime just because I'm tired of the repetitive plots. I will do a few of the older anime like Fushigi Yuugi just because it is based on feudal China and I do love me some Miyazaki.

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to it. PM me for inquiries.

Penny Dreadful
Vanessa Ives x Ethan Chandler

The Magicians
Quentin Coldwater x Alice Quinn

Doctor Who
9 x Rose Tyler
10 x Rose Tyler

Marvel Comics
Wolverine x (Your Choice but please have it make sense)
Gambit x Rogue, Gambit x OC
Tony Stark x Pepper Potts
Peter Quill x Gamora, Peter Quill x OC
Deadpool x OC, Deadpool x (Your choice)
(I am very knowledgeable with comics. If there's one you want to do that you don't see, ask.)

Malcolm Reynolds x Inara
Simon x Kaylee

Star Wars

Dean x OC
(I'm a little behind on the current but I can catch up)

The Vampire Chronicles
Lestat x Nicki (Yeah, bet you didn't see that coming)
Lestat x Your Choice

Video Games
Final Fantasy VII
Cloud x Tifa
Reno x Elena (Yes.)

Final Fantasy VIII
Squall x Rinoa
Irvine x Selphie

Final Fantasy

Alucard x OC
Reinhart x Rosa
(There are many other pairings. I just don't feel like listing them all)

Original Concepts/Time Periods/Interests
Western - Ideas like Django, The Magnificent Seven, etc. A western. Old timey setting with Native American conflicts, territory issues, deadly outlaws trying to cause turmoil to peaceful landfolk. We can discuss plots. These are just eras that I would be interested in playing. Maybe a man that was framed for killing someone and now he wanders around and hides or we can definitely play multiple people and have a little gang or something going on. We can even introduce the beginning of machines if it is the late old west as well.

Victorian - Like Downtown Abbey, Penny Dreaful (with or without gothic folklore). England, debutaunts, a person's namesake meant everything. Liars and cheaters of the world, or falling in love with someone out of social class. We can talk about it. The era is easy for me to describe since there's a lot of detail and the large estates that would also be beautiful to write about. We can even do something along the lines of Pride and Prejudice.

Space/Future - I would write this down but I only started watching it. Killjoys, Firefly, etc. Something in the future where we can create ideas of worlds and have a system of authority. I like the concept of the Killjoys so we can do OC pairings in that world. They are bounty hunters who go after each warrant but there's a system about it, or, we can be Scavengers going around the galaxy. I'm pretty open.

Feudal China/Feudal Japan - Pretty straight forward if you've seen some anime. I'm very big on the historical background of the Shinsengumi/Wolves of Mibu. We can play off of that or, like I said above, Ancient China and something along the lines of that. We can introduce western influences and conflicts, maybe, of an American falling for a Chinese woman or Japanese Geisha. Or, do a Mulan thing, where a Japanese woman tries to be a Ninja and hides her identity then ends up being found out by the clan leader and he protects her.

Again, if there's something you want to do and don't see. PM me. I'll let you know. Would really love The Magicians right now..btw...
Hi there. I used to be on here a long, long time ago..and I stopped for a few reasons but I'm back now.

I have some sample posts I PMed to you. I was interested in your "Downtown Abbey era" genre. I have seem to been watching many of those movie types lately, and also slightly stuck on Constantine reruns since that show got canceled.

Anyway, yes, so I guess let me know if you are interested. I like threads to keep track of them better, but, let me know what works best for you.
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