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I have been gone for quite some time, been on other websites roleplaying in order to get battles under my belt. Now here I am where I started way back in high school so long ago. I am looking for someone or multiple people (Multiple people in a royal rumble would be much more interesting.) that will allow me to try my newest creature created to have a personal shot at fighting one of you esteemed duelist or two maybe three who knows. I know that over the many years since the Multiverse was a thing on this site that I have become far more advanced in analyzation, description, and adaptation in order to challenge one of if not multiple players of this guild.

I will continually keep an eye for messages on this forums hit me up, I look forward to the blood to be spilled in hindsight.

(I am not using Niltsiar Erejam either for those the remember my old OC)
Name: Amotheus

Race: Slime

Eye Color: Unknown

Body build: Gelatinous/humanoid.

Weakness: One main weak point that floats around the main fluidic body it acts as the brain and central nervous system of the creature.

Description: Amotheus can range from a 1ft to 12ft tall abomination of fluidic metal that is his body. The liquid metal that composes Amotheus is a form of monofilament string that is so perfectly balanced that it can go from solid to liquid at a moments notice to protect its central heart/brain or whatever you want to call it. The "brain" is a large and only organ in Amotheus's body that which is consistently moving through the liquid like structure of its collection.

Ability Summarization: Amotheus can alter his form at a moments notice or otherwise. He can create most things that can appear to his imagination baring teleportations and anything that falls above tier 7 to tier 8 of the rule books. Liquid or solid does not affect his ability to alter the molecular structure of the metal/gas and liquid of the object the only thing that affects his ability to change the material is whether it is alive or not. Living objects are not affected; meanwhile, something like a rock made up of base minerals has the opportunity to be changed to more reflect the tensile strength of diamond but have the hardness of refined steel which can create devasting effects given the physics of how liquids and solids affect its terrain.

Name: Niltsiar Erejam

Age: Unknown

Title: Master of past, present and future.

Profession: Black Robe Archmage 20th level, Necromancer 20th level.

Description: Long white hair with yellow eyes and hourglass shaped pupils. Wears a black robe with runes on the edges of the hood and sleeves. Carries three books of Fistan and the staff of Magnus


Hearing: Acute hearing able to hear small mice moving through dried leaves easily or hear people moving by fluctuations in the air.

Smell: Working with various ingrediants for magical uses gives him very good sense of smell and palette in identifying the source.

Sight: Extreme level of vision, his hourglass eyes allows him to see one as if decay over their life span quickly decaying in his vision. Can spot subtle movements that someone makes via muscle spasms, twitching flexing, tensing.

Intelligence: Above genius level comprehension of tactics and strategy and understands, Physical, material, ethereal, and quantum level of subjects. Knows above average fighting comprehension due to watching his brother fight a lot.

Strength: Poor strength, relies on the magical capabilities he possesses or the beings he summons to aid him.

Magic: The epitome of a true master, can easily use the strongest spells and summon beings that would make most pale and run in fear of them.


Staff of Magnus: This staff is ancient possessing passive abilities that allow the user to float from extreme heights, reduce the recoil exponentially from an enemies attacks, cast light like a star over the terrain. Its best ability is to be able to cast when floated and traced by using it as a third prepatory weapon.

The three books of Fistan: The three books all hover over the users head, one over the left shoulder, one over his head, and finally one over his right shoulder. Each book has a defensive property that is specific to that book and can be used in accordance. Book 1 the devourer, this book absorbs projectiles into its pages of either physical or magical means if it absorbs to many the book will fizzle and burn away. Book 2 The disengage, The boom removes homing based attacks and causes them to turn from the target and fire up into the air. This book will burn and fizzle when used 4 times. (Four posts of the users.) Book 3 The leech, The final book absorbs magical properties of spells cast in its direction eventually gathering four charges of power. Once all four charges are gathered it will be able to cast Novafire then it will burn and fizzle.

NovaFire: This attack is only used when Book 3 The leech has gained all four stacks and can onlybe used one time. The Novafire is a massive fireball of blue scorching flames able to melt titanium in seconds upon contact. The fire ball is 100ft x 100ft with a circumference of 100ft. It burns at 3000 degree Fahrenheit and when it impacts the target location, it will detonate with an incredible AoE radius of 200ft and can be increased by Necrotic Miasma passive ability. After explosin it will leave an irradiated scorched area for 3 posts in the area of the blast doing severe burning/and radiation damage.

Black Robes of Tahkis: These robes immediatly start with 10 stacks of wards that can prevent damage from physical and magical abilities, 1-10 stacks can be destroyed depending on the caliber of attack. A new ward will shimmer into place every post of the user.

-----------Passive Abilities-----------

Mark Tahkis: User is immune to fears, and passive auras; IE: fear, burning, radiation, etc.

Master of undeath: Can subvert control of lower ranked undead and bend them to his own will. (If allowed by enemy.)

Aura of darkness: This aura burns enemy undead in a 100ft perimeter around user and boosts the abilities of users undead capabilities. Empowering their strength and overall magic damage.


Raise Skeletol Lords: Mana Cost 50, Charge cost: 1, Mana upkeep 15 per turn.

Summons three ancient kings of forgotten times each wielding their own unique weapons. Claymore, ShieldBearer, and Caster.

Claymore uses a large two handed weapon capable of cleaving tree in two and can lift and throw large boulders at foes.

Shieldbearer uses a large 2h great tower shield, capable of blocking magical and physical damage taking damage unto himself over the user he is protecting.

Caster can use moderate magical attacks like fireball, necrotic miasma, magic missle, skeletol hands, deep freeze, and rapid fire. Caster has 250 mana and a max of two charges.

Summon Dreadlord: Mana cost 100, 2 charge, and has upkeep of 25 mana. He is a pre-requisite summon in order for Death Knight, Lord Sot to be summoned. He can be dead or alive in order for Lord Sot to be summoned, if Lord Sot is summoned while Dreadlord is out Freadlord will be sacrificed with no mana cost for his summoning.

Dreadlord can use expert level magical abilities, and wields a kite a shield and one handed longsword of ancient design. He also wears heavy armor but is still very agile.

Reflects: Very reactive to quick movements and can counter, dodge and parry similar to an expert swordsmen.

Intelligence: Able to understand and speak our tongue and multiple others, can use the ability called 'understand language'. Can strategize and route opponents.

Strength: Very strong can pick up and throw massive weights easily and can take the blows of powerful attacks without flinching.


Reign of darkness: Casts a spell covering the area around the dread lord in utter darkness allowing him to move more freely.

ShadowBall: Fires a ball of pure darkness that has slight homing capabilities. The ball itself is 20ft x 20ft with a 20ft circumference. Upon impact explodes out a dark fire that scorches and melts the area in a 75ft area. Scorch lasts 2 turns.

Summon Skeletal horde: Summons 25 skeleton NPCs equipped with bows, spears, and shields.

Dark shower: Summons dark meteorites to fall from the sky generally targeting the area the target is in but also crashes about the area in a 25ft radius of target.

Siege forth: His 1handed sword becomes covered in a gaseous darkness that leaves behind a trail of dangerous dark gas everytime the weapon strikes. Buff lasts for two turns.

Bulwark: Takes up a defensive stance and a shell of complete darkness surrounds the dreadlord.

Summon DeathKnight, Lord Sot: Mana cost 300, 3 charge, upkeep 50 per turn.

DeathKnight, Lord Sot: This terrible summon of pure malice and darkness is the beginning of the end for most foes. Master level spells and master level swordsmen is capable of keeping complete focus and response of the target enemies. Able to dual task and cast deadly spells and conjure beings of power. Lord Sot is an extreme threat on the battlefield.

Undead Dragon: Mana cost 200, charge cost 3, upkeep 35 mana per turn. Undead dragon is a pre-requisite of the summoning Ancient wyrm undead black dragon.
Is it possible to recover old CS from the original RoleplayerGuild website? I would really love to get back some of my RPC's...
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