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I am back and bumping le 1x1 thread owo
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I'm sorry, I'll catch up with my partners tomorrow


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@Beelz129 Sorry but already have an animal one!
Bump! I'm back!
I is still lookin uwu

Ready for some fun? :)

Since that's out of the way, I'm looking for a person that's willing to help me bring this plot into fruition. YOUR CHARACTER is the boss of a criminal organization in [INSERT REGION HERE]. He's quite feared by his enemies, and the police can never catch up to him. MY CHARACTER is the champion of that said region, and the star-child of the media outlets. She represents the region in its entirety and must keep up a strong and honorable charade in the face of society. However, your character and my character suffer from a dilemma; no matter how much they try, they're always pulled towards one another. A flame has started to crackle between them, and there's no hope in putting it out...
Thanks guys!

My name is Soothesayer! I'm 22 years old and a college student that's studying medicine. I've been roleplaying for about eight years now, and I really love it. I'm into a bunch of anime and video game fandoms and love writing romance! I hope I get to have a nice time here!
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