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Hello Everyone. My name is Sorkoda and I’ve been roleplaying for around four years now and I am new to the site. Obviously, I am looking to get some 1x1 roleplay going on for either forum posts or PM. I like darker themes, collaborating plot ideas, and having a naturally building romance. I prefer playing as females but I am also willing to double. I do primarily MxF but I am open to FxF. My roleplay style can be considered high casual/ advanced roleplaying. Below are some general ideas I am craving as well as settings/ genres I love. Got any ideas or something catching your eye? Reply below or PM for more details.

Roleplay Cravings
*Monster hunting in Victorian England
Something in the prison setting
*Advisors to a crazed King

Favourite Genres/ Settings
Political Intrigue
Historical Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Cold War Era America paranoia
My name is Sorkoda and it is a pleasure to meet you all. I am from Canada, love my German shepherd and bearded dragon, and love to roleplay (duh). I hope that during my time here I get to know everyone well. If you have any questions just ask away, I am an open book. :)
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