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Current I used to be on this site several years ago but left after Guildfall. Now I am back and hoping to find more people to write with.


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Bump for interest
I am looking for a partner to write with, and hope to find someone with whom I share a variety of interests. I am only looking to write with adults, so please no partners under 18. I do not write smut for smut's sake, so at the very least come prepared with a plot. I am available almost every day after 3pm central time, and will do my best to reply within 24 hours of receiving a post.

I am completely open to writing MxF, F// or M//. I prefer to write male characters when possible, but please do not introduce two dimensional female characters who are perfect but flawed and quiet and demure but strong when pushed. I don't write with mary sues.

As far as interests I will list them below but please feel free to introduce your own.


- ABO (I only write M// for this as it removes what can otherwise be an assured power imbalance and characters that I referenced above)
-Local x tourist
-period pieces
-epistolary pieces (letter based role plays)
-future/space based things
-forbidden romances
-vampires, werewolves and other supernatural themes
-age difference (older man, younger woman)
-something surrounding the olympics
- suggest

I'd be very interested in writing something like Bridgerton with our own twists, or something in that time period. This could be very interesting with two female characters as well.

Fandoms (OCs only)
Gone in 60 Seconds
Professional Sports (not really fandom, I know)
Flash Point
Emelan Universe by Tamora Pierce
Star Wars

Thank you for your time

Please send me a PM-- I may not see it here.
Hello all. I am coming back after being away for several years and am looking forward to writing with people again.
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