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2 yrs ago
Current Finally caught up with replies after another hectic week. Much love to my role play partners for their patience and understanding. <3
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2 yrs ago
To my role play partners: Will be replying this weekend if not before. Life has been extremely hectic this week so please forgive my tardiness.
2 yrs ago
Every single episode of Boy Meets World is on HULU? Is this real life!?
2 yrs ago
Waking up at four a.m. every day sure as hell messes with my schedule. I wanted to eat dinner at 3 in the afternoon. :/
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2 yrs ago
When you find out that Edymion and Serenity's entire love story is based on greek mythology. That certainly makes Sailor Moon 1000x cooler! #MamoruIsBae #SailorMoon


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