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Hey everyone.
I prefer to play Dabi
I'm still looking for people to RP Shigadabi with.

I'd like it if you could do multiple characters. (And I will too)

The topics I'm most open to is Next gen, where they raise a child together

And Hero AU
Where they go to UA Together
(My personal headcannon being Tenko gets adopted by Inko and is Izuku's older brother)

Please invite me to chat if you are interested
I've been on the sight for a bit now, and I've been craving a MxM role play plot.

I'm open to just about any kind if relationship, and I'm open to nearly all dark concepts there could be (drugs, violence, gang activity, etc)

The character I role play with the most is completely submissive, but can be coaxed to topping, so if you have a dominant character that would be great!

Some pairings I would enjoy include
Master/Mafia boss x slave
Angel x demon
Married man x lover
Vampire x innocent
Boss x secretary
A couple living together
Student x teacher
Photographer x model
Inmate x Inmate
Circus performer x Circus performer/Ring-leader
I'm Sparkle-Soda (they/them), I've been role-playing for about fear years now and I'm giving this website a try since all my other partners keep disappearing on me.

I really prefer to only do 1 on 1, and I'll do any genre

On characters, I am open to any relationship and any gender you prefer to use.
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