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6 mos ago
Little Mix is so underappreciated it hurts.
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6 mos ago
Gosh French homework is so much fun.
6 mos ago
Beginning to realize that the only thing I do is cry over Marvel characters. Whoops.
6 mos ago
I'm still so deep in that emo phase, it's getting sad.
6 mos ago
Can't afford to go to school until the school hands over my money. Okay bud


An English and film student with a love of roleplay that goes back to her preteen years.
Has plently of OCs for Marvel, DC, and Harry Potter.
Always looking for 1x1 roleplays with a good plot and cool characters.

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Twitter - hiddleland
YouTube - saphira xx
Instagram - hiddlesbabe
Snapchat - saphirastark
Quotev - spidersaph

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Edited to include Harry Potter.
I also do other book and television series.
Awesome! Do you wanna send me a PM?
Hello everyone! I have an abundance of OCs and am looking for someone who would want to do a good 1x1 roleplay. I double up and will happily do a ship if you don't want to do an OC for your side of the roleplay.
My style is third person, descriptive of about two and a half paragraphs per character. I have plenty of experience playing a lot of Marvel characters.

Here's a list of characters I have OCs for if you're interested! Just let me know through a PM or message here if you want to roleplay.

Harry Potter
Sirius Black (Marauders)
Albus Dumbledore (Fantastic Beasts)
Remus Lupin (Marauders)
Draco Malfoy (Golden Trio)
Lucius Malfoy (Marauders)
Harry Potter (Marauders)
Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts)
Fred Weasley (Golden Trio)

Mavel & DC
Bruce Banner // The Hulk
Bucky Barnes // The Winter Soldier
Clint Barton // Hawkeye
Eddie Brock // Venom
Lincoln Campbell
Richard “Dick Grayson // Robin or Nightwing
Jessica Jones
Michelle “MJ” Jones
Billy Kaplan // Wiccan
Loki Laufeyson
Ned Leeds
Erick Lehnsherr // Magneto
Garfield Logan // Beast Boy
Maximus from Inhumans
Peter Maximoff // Quicksilver
Wanda Maximoff // Scarlet Witch
Matt Murdock // Daredevil
Hela Odinsdottir
Thor Odinson
Peter Parker // Spider-Man
Jamie Reyes // Blue Beetle
Rachel Roth // Raven
Jemma Simmons
Chase Stein
Jason Todd // Red Hood
Bruce Wayne // Batman
Wade Wilson // Deadpool
Charles Xavier // Professor X
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Awesome, pm me?
Awesome! Wanna pm me?
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