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6 yrs ago
Current I'm certified, rested, and ready to get writing again.
6 yrs ago
Impromptu vacation, will return soon.
6 yrs ago
Studying for a big certification exam; I will be a little slow for a month.
6 yrs ago
Very absorbed right now with life; I am unable to take on any new projects at this time.
6 yrs ago
Personal issues afoot, posts coming tomorrow.


I am a female, I am over 25, I work full-time in research, I have several pets and a significant other. I have been actively roleplaying for 13 years and my love only grows as I find people who are equally passionate. I am very dedicated and I like to have one or two stories developing over a long period of time, versus having many. If I let you know I am no longer interested, do not take offense, I just prefer not to waste your time if I lose interest. I am looking for one or two partners to write with over an extended period of time. My best stories were with partners over a year or two in development. I enjoy becoming engulfed in a character and a plot, I enjoy sci-fi, romance, fantasy, gore and horror and I'm a sucker for a emotionally jarring plot.

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Considering one more long-term, advanced pairing.
Seems like it was a good time for other people to make a come back too. :) Good luck to you on getting back in the groove of things.
Let's create characters so developed we bond with them. Let's detail our environment until we can dream of it. Let's hunger for more and more, hunger for the ever deepening plot.

I am not very good at these, so I'm just going to be straight with my who I am, what I write and what I want. I am an adult and you must also be over 18. No exceptions. I do not want fly-by RPs that last a week or two. I prefer a well thought out RP idea that progresses over the course of months, if not years. I really cannot work with less than 2 paragraph posts, I have found that this leads to me starting to lose interest and dedication. I am very honest about my feelings and thoughts, and I ask for that in return. I really want to collaborate, not be the only one moving the story or have the entire plot for my character planned. I'm really a nice person, even if I sound like a bitch. ♥

I love dark writing; horror, gore, sadism, insanity, violence, etc. with a great plot. Please bear in mind if you want to do something that involves these elements, I can be very graphic. If you do not want all the grisly, gory, erotic and aggressive details- you should tell me. If you can likewise bring that to the table, I'll be your best friend ever. The creepier, the better.

General pairings:
► Water siren x fisherman
► Medical student x surgeon/serial killer
► Mental institution patient x physician *
► Woodelf x hunter
► New world Explorer x native
► Prisoner x journalist (1970s or earlier) *
► Various pairings at carnival/freakshow (1950s or earlier) *
► Various pairings during WWII or WWI
► Reanimated being x mortician (1960s or earlier)
► Apocalyptic/post apocalyptic survivors
► Oddity x Oddity "collector" *

I am very open to suggestions, don't be shy. * Denotes current extra interest.

Not Interested In:
◄ Anthros
◄ Cannons
◄ Unrealistic/generic
◄ Bestiality/pedophilia
◄ Weak plots / no plot planning
◄ Stories based solely on sexual content
Players or characters under 18
◄ Slice of life
◄ Anything under 1 paragraph per post

What I need in a partner:
► The ability to write 3+ paragraphs
► LONG-TERM - I really would like to work with someone more than a few months
► Dedication to work collaboratively on the story
► Detailed characters with emotions, histories, etc.
► Honesty; if you're bored, not actually interested or just don't have time- please tell me
► Maturity - on many levels
► Occasional OOC chatter

Send me a PM, let's chat.
Hello there, as you can see I am a new member here. You may call me Spook, SS, Shadow or whatever you please, really. I was here years ago, and have finally come to a place in my life where I can be devoted to creating a world with one or two others. I will leave who I was behind me once again.

I enjoy a challenge in most facets of my life, writing is no exception. I adore true horror, things that make your skin crawl and you to second guess humanity. I enjoy the dark. I love detail, character development and getting lost for hours at end in a made up world.

I am here again to find someone who can catch and hold my interest. Who can captivate me with their words and make my heart race. I am here for a creative high and a break away from my everyday life.

I'm a female. I work in the medical field. I live in the US. I have pets and a wonderful SO. I am happy to talk OOC but my primary goal is really getting into writing collaboratively with someone. I have been roleplaying now for over 15 years and plan for another 15 ahead.

So hello once more, roleplayerguild, let's get weird.

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