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DM Post #2

  • German Reichstag dissolved - Ludendorff seizes direct rule.
    With the failure of negotiations between Germany and Japan, along with the chaotic state of Hungary, France and Russia, it was decided that the cabinet lumped together between German social democrats, conservatives and a small faction of liberals was dissolved in June in favour of direct rule from the office of the Chancellor, Erich Ludendorf. It seems unlikely a new cabinet will be convened before the end of the year.
  • Wilson's administration discredited, America calls for isolation!
    President Wilson, having reached the twilight years of his administration attempted to pass two hotly contested acts; the Bail Act and Prohibition Act. While Prohibition has gone into full effect and is adopted by 45 states, the Bail Act was cut down by Congress with only 44% support. Republican nominee Leonard Wood speeds ahead in the polls as his popularity on the platform of 'America, First and Only' skyrockets, his intent to cut down on Wall Street and the demands of bankrupt industrialists.
  • German-Japan-French talks cease; the war continues.
    Governor-General Sarraut of Indochina was evacuated by Australian troops along with his cabinet to neutral Dutch ports following a nationalist uprising in Saigon, as increasing demands from Siam and nationalist Indochinese elements for the Japanese army to leave saw lynchings of fleeing French and German settlers, and fights between various authorities.
  • British Liberal government vastly out of favour; Irish MPs walk.
    Asquith was met with stiff resistence in parliament as Sinn Fein and the Unionist Party were unable to come to a conclusion, and Bonar Law of the Conservatives, resulting in parliament being adjourned as the Irish parties both walked, and Conservatives secure a powerful bloc over the Old Liberal party, while Lloyd George is hastily gathering support for the elections of 1922. Asquith's stance on appeasing Germany and refusing to get involved as placed his party in a negative light as pro-War British politicians continue to push for sanctions and efforts made against Germany.
  • Red Army victorious in the Caucasus and Ukraine.
    In the battle of Tsaritsyn, the White Don Army was smashed, and in Kharkiv, Denikin is in full retreat. The Bolshevik government rapidly gathers support from foreign aid including the Ukranian Free Territory. The Russian Civil War is heavily in favour of the Reds in the West, while Kolchak continues his march in the - though the new civillian government established in Vladivostok to act as a caretaker in the absence of the Admiral-President's stance is dubious.
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Eagle's Wing - Summary

DM Post #1

Current year; 1919
  • Japan invades Indochina.
    Following failed negotiations in order to secure peace between the rising Japanese Empire and Germany, elements of the Japanese navy were spotted off the coast of Indochina, which was soon followed by a fully fledged naval invasion of Indochina by the Imperial Japanese Army. Much to the surprise of German officials stationed in Saigon, the former French governorate opened the gates to the Japanese, surrendering the strategic cities of Ha Noi and Saigon to the Japanese...
  • The Russian Civil War intensifies.
    The still young state of Ukraine has been set upon, as White Guard under the leadership of General Anton Denikin have seized the strategic island of Crimea, however Red sailors in Sevastopol have yet to surrender. The besieged sailors have set to scuttling the Russian Black Sea Fleet, denying an invaluable asset to ‘White Russia’. Along with this, a declaration of an anarchist free territory under the leadership of Nestor Makhno has further split the Ukrainian people. It appears that Ukraine is to be the site of some of the bloodiest fighting of the Russian Civil War.
  • The United States and Britain leading up to legislative elections.
    Despite holding dominance in parliament for nearly six years, H.H Asquith, PM, has confirmed that he will not be attempting to seek re-election in next year’s ballot. Popular reformer Lloyd George argued that ‘the old dog gave Europe to Germany’, and it seems a majority of parliament stands behind him, as there was a legitimate threat of walkout should no action be made to mediate the ‘Faroe Incident’ of 1915 between the Danish and German governments.
    The Republican caucus opened this week to great anticipation from the once-beleaguered party; with a wide range of candidates including former Chief of Staff Gen. Leonard Wood vying for the party’s nomination, many are not failing to discount outsiders such as Sen. Warren Harding of Ohio should the convention become gridlocked. With President Wilson’s cabinet increasingly frustrated by his inaccessibility and their own party’s waning popularity, the Democratic Caucus promises to be a test of WIlson’s ability to keep the party in check, with many delegates expected to choose between Wilson’s preferred candidate of his son-in-law Secretary of the Treasury William McAdoo and Ohio Governor James Cox.
  • Paris crippled by strikes.
    Workers from the National Arsenal that were dismissed last year have convened and called a strike in the Quartier de Javel munitions factory, which had been hastily converted into a warehouse following the end of the war with the support of Bourse du Travail. This has spiraled out of control as sympathy strikes have broken out across the city. Prime Minister Clemenceau is under pressure to address the strikers, who are demanding an easing of austerity measures and reduction in the ration programme. It’s said that SFIO leader Ludovic-Oscar Frossard will address the strikers and meet with Clemenceau in the coming months.
Final post here that'll be for no reason;
Discord channel for repository.
@durasteel derek Both territories are heavy 'bush', in the context of map markers and 1919 they won't majorly affect conflicts in Africa -- naturally this will change as the RP goes along.
@durasteel derek Inaccessible terrain, so deserts, thick jungles, Siberia, etc.
@durasteel derek Yep, I'll post them in bulk in the Discord channel. They're a lot more built up than the limited strength you'll get from a minor power, but will also add some flavour for opening player posts + the initial DM post.
@durasteel derek Nothing, basically everything is up for grabs.
@durasteel derek China is currently undergoing the height of it's Warlord period, and due to the scale regionalism went to I'd rather opt players to take on the role of bigger fish in the pond.
As for South America, aside from American intervention conflicts which are being mopped up as of 1919 in Eagle's Wing, I'd rather not have them playable to flesh out the big players first - the map will be updated to deal with this when I feel confident that the RP will take off.
I'll make a discord tonight probably.
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