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15 days ago
Current I’ve been ridiculously sick but should have post out today or tomorrow.
19 days ago
Anyone who ever feels like they wouldn't be missed and that no one cares. I promise you that I do and I'm not the only one. My PM box is always open for anyone who needs someone.
20 days ago
Watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and I miss Callie.


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I'm looking for pretty much any romance RP. If doing a MxF pairing I would prefer to play the male character. I'll update this thread with ideas and/or fandoms that I am particularly interested in as the mood strikes. Please PM me if interested. If you ask me to PM you after reading that sentence you will be summarily ignored.

  • Marvel Universe (I'd like to play Steve Rogers)
  • Mass Effect
  • Oregon Trail
  • Resident Evil
I don't remember what my username was but I was on hear last about a year ago. -sighs- Oh how I've missed this place.

Hope to see new and familiar faces around.

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