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2 mos ago
Current I’ve been ridiculously sick but should have post out today or tomorrow.
3 mos ago
Anyone who ever feels like they wouldn't be missed and that no one cares. I promise you that I do and I'm not the only one. My PM box is always open for anyone who needs someone.
3 mos ago
Watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and I miss Callie.


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I'm looking for pretty much any romance RP. If doing a MxF pairing I would prefer to play the male character. I'll update this thread with ideas and/or fandoms that I am particularly interested in as the mood strikes. Please PM me if interested. If you ask me to PM you after reading that sentence you will be summarily ignored.

  • Marvel Universe (I'd like to play Steve Rogers)
  • Mass Effect
  • Oregon Trail
  • Resident Evil
I don't remember what my username was but I was on hear last about a year ago. -sighs- Oh how I've missed this place.

Hope to see new and familiar faces around.

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