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I spend all my time writing, watching 90's cartoons and pretending to be people I'm not.

Hit me up if you'd like to roleplay. Just have decent grammar, spelling and be 18+, as I'm almost twenty. Thanks! :)

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I'm looking for a literate roleplay partner, willing to write out a contemporary story with. We can come up with ideas together or I can list some of mine. Just as long as we're both adding to the story, I don't mind either way.

~Please be 18+. I can not stress this enough
~Be literate! I understand mistakes happen but I need someone who doesn't make a ton of grammatical errors and uses punctuation and correct spelling
~While mature themes (including smut) are likely to occur, they cannot and will not take over the rp. Chemistry needs to be built between the main characters before anything r-rated happens
~I do have other obligations, so I might only be able to get one post up a day. Please do not hound me over replying. Friendly reminders every two days are alright though
~This might be my biggest rule, so here goes: DON'T BE A CREEP!!! I've had some unpleasant rping experiences (especially with guys) and because of this, I will not answer super personal questions. Being friendly is fine but if it crosses a certain line and I get weird vibes from you, you'll be blocked

To let me know that you've read all my requirements, tell me your favorite book in your message. I rp on Discord or over Email. Here's my tag:

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