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Looking for another partner.
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Hello there! I'm Stringent, and I'm a lover of stories. I'm looking for an exceptional partner, and I'm hoping that's you. I love character driven plots. The time and place are not nearly as important as the people, and that's what I want to explore through our writing. Life, love, and relationships.

What I'm currently craving

I have recently finished watching A Handmaid’s Tale, and I find myself very inspired by the concept of a global epidemic that impacts fertility. That said, I would not consider my idea a fandom. I would like to create a story where those who are fertile are not enslaved, but exalted. They would be matched with partners of the opposite sex, and provided with comforts and luxuries that the public might struggle to obtain. There’s much more to it, but I will save that for my partner if I'm lucky enough to find one.

Who I'm looking for

Someone who can write on a very advanced level. I love beautiful words, and I don't want to be stumbling through run on sentences. Because of this, I am asking that you attach a writing sample to your pm.

Someone to play a male character, opposite a female of my own. I don't care what gender you are.

Someone who can create characters with depth, and flaws.

Someone who is 18+

Someone who is excited to be invested in the creation of our story, and active in moving the plot along. I'm not here to drag your lifeless body through a roleplay.

What's important to me

Communication is key. You will not offend me, so please be honest about your likes and dislikes. If the story has gone off course and you want to backtrack, tell me. If your muse is dead, tell me. If you're not actually going to be online when you said, tell me. If you hate my character, if you need a nap, if you want to take a week to rest, just let me know. I will do the same.

Mature content will be a part of this story. I do not fade to black, as I'm not a fan of leaving two characters alone and 'guessing' what happened after.

I love darker themes. I want to write something that's going to be full of feeling.

I will NOT partake in

Anything with incest.

Fandoms(aside from MAYBE Harry Potter)

Anything with furry implications.

Any potty play.

Again, anything with a tail. No.

Anything with a whiny, submissive male.

If you are interested, please send me a pm with a sample of your writing. If my idea doesn't interest you, feel free to contact me with your own current cravings.
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