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Hi there, men and women of RPG. I am new here, but not new to roleplaying or roleplaying forums. Have been roleplaying for many years now. I enjoy it.

I tend to write 2-3 meaty paragraphs on average though I do post more when given a lot of content to work with. I dont enjoy someone who responds with one or two lines. Even in a dialogue interaction. Please try to add some substance or I will grow bored.

As you may have guessed, I do enjoy having smutty rp in my stories so please be over 18 and comfortable with that. I dont mind MxM or MxF. I can play either gender but typically I do play male. We can discuss kinks and limits in PM.

Now, on to my interests. Please keep in mind that although this thread is titled Fandoms, I do also enjoy Original stories and plots. So feel free to message me with ideas regarding those as well.

Marvel/DC verse
Game of Thrones
Powdermage Trilogy
Horizon Zero Dawn
Mass Effect
Star Wars
Harry Potter

Genres/Themes for Original Content:
Post Apocalypse
Slice of Life
Virtual Reality
Warfare (Modern, Future, or Medieval)

And yes, feel free to flirt ;p
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